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[Club Catch] Bosch Hammer Impact Universal Drill 700 Watt $85 ($65 for Zip Pay New Users) + Delivery ($0 w Club Catch) @ Catch


Take your DIY work to the next level with Bosch
Lightweight and compact design for exceptionally easy drilling
Powerful 700 watt motor for outstanding performance
Quick and easy forward and reverse rotation
Speed pre-selection settings for efficient drilling
Effortlessly drills through concrete (14mm) and wood (30 mm)
The ideal tool for every job - even screw-driving!
Comes complete with auxiliary handle and depth stop for added functionality
Single sleeve keyless chuck for fast and easy bit changes
Rated power input: 701W
Output power (max.): 530W

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  • Good drill, I got an identical looking one for my dad almost 20 years ago and it's still going strong.
    However while I don't have a decent corded drill, I don't think I'll ever get one again. A good cordless one will be able to do 99% of what this one can and is just so much more convenient.

    But for anyone that's not fussed about cords or only uses the drill at the work bench, this is a great drill for the price!

  • Great drill, however, doesn't drill through reinforced concrete.

  • Ewwww, green.. do they do one for grown ups?

  • Noob diyer here looking for some recommendation…
    Looking to build garden bed with sleepers (50mm) and also want to drill brick to install video doorbell - what would be the best makita cordless drill for both these jobs?
    I don’t want to be getting multiple drills as these are one time jobs and I don’t have any other diy project for now but may do in the future.
    I have a makita hedge trimmer and line trimmer with a 18v 3.0ah battery and charger so prefer makita brand.
    Any recommendations? Price point is crucial as I want to get these done in minimal budget.

    • Hey mate, get a Makita hammer drill. They come with a switch on them that turn it from regular drill (for garden bed) to hammer drill (bricks). This is what I have and it works well, idk what model, any should be fine.

      Google how to drill brick/concrete before you take on the task, and be sure to have drill bits appropriate for the thing you are drilling. Very important.

      • Thanks mate, I am leaning towards a hammer drill, not sure on the model and if it should be a brushed / brushless one.
        Can I ask what bits to use for both these jobs?

        • Np. Yeah hammer drill is defs what you want if you're not looking to get multiple tools. It's an all rounder that does an OK job at everything.

          Don't overthink models and brushes etc… with powertools, you get what you pay for. I spent about $100 on a brushed makita drill ~70 piece set about 8 years ago and have put it through a lot of DIY work. Still going strong. Have broken and replaced drill bits, but that's to be expected with use.
          The first thing to consider is price, pick your price and then choose the best tool you can get for that.

          drill bits come in wood, metal, masonry. You use the right bit for the job, if you don't, you experience bad performance or the bit will break. Best to buy a mixed drill bit set to start, gives you everything you need. Replace + purchase more as needed over time.

        • And, you need to know what are you drilling

          If you are thinking if drilling through reinforced concrete, you need something with stronger impact energy instead of higher BPM.

          • @yao1993: I'm drilling through a bit of plaster trying to find the wood frames of the house if I'm lucky to put up shelves .

            After I want to remove a pool , either change to underground storage with some structure on the top or the cheapo way fill it in .
            The storage structure I look forward to some amateur airtasker quotes :)