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Tenda 4G+ Cat 6 AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router $170 Shipped @ Switch-Hub eBay


New Tenda 4G+ Cat 6 AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router

BDI B936 N300 4G LTE with VoiP $128.

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  • Does it come with Mountain Dew and Hunny Mussy?

  • $166 shipped at this eBay seller:


  • some notes to consider before purchasing this. This is only a router, you need a modem as well if you don't have one already. A modem could be your network connection device, network termination device (Nbn modems). It only has one lan port on the back of the router for wired connections. its got a sim card slot which is great. Not a very know brand, so the ISP consultant that you speak to might have a little difficult configuring your router, depending on the competency of the consultant that you speak to.

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      This is main use for 3G/4G, not many people to use wireless router mode.

      Also, the setup and all the function is similar as TP-Link MR600, Gigabit Ports with Cat 6.

      This is a new 4G+ Cat 6 for Tenda. If you do not know the brand, you can see there hero product mesh mw3, mw6.

    • Wait i'm a bit confused now. So this Tenda Router can you just simply insert a SIM card in and power it on, and you have internet simple as that? Or is there something else that you need which you mentioned a 'modem' as well?

      IIRC, there's the Huawei B818 a 2 in 1 Router/Modem combo built in and i'm assuming that is simple plug and play for 4G internet connectivity? Trying to decide whether to choose this as it's much cheaper than the Huawei B818.

    • Technically, it is a modem as it has a 4G radio in it.
      It will also work just fine for FTTC and FTTP as you mentioned, just not DSL or FTTN

  • For this price, I prefer an Optus Huawei B818

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