Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 256GB 4G LTE Smartphone Mirror Purple $1483.95 Delivered (HK) @ Becextech


gd price for a foldable. new fold is due in a week. hope it helps few.

Credit to pricehipster

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  • This is grey import just be aware. Most of popular grey importers have this at sub $1400 at the moment.

  • 7-8 years back when these guys sent me a used Canon 5d m2.
    Their explanation was, the bid you won this camera at was too low for a new one.
    just browsed through my email, they were known as ewardream on eBay.
    "yes, it is correct. but you won at ridiculous price :(

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    On 06/11/2012, at 8:12 PM, "eBay Member: s.p*****" <sp*****[email protected]> wrote:

    Dear ewardream,

    Are the bank details you have provided on ebay correct? I just want to make sure they go in the right account. Thanks."

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      Yeah can we just block this merchant from OzBargain?

    • Curious at what price you won it at

      • I paid $1081.00 + $18.99 shipping in Nov 2012.
        The Aussie dollar was quite strong back then and these cameras were normally around $1600(ebay grey market)
        The camera that arrived had 66k shutter clicks and the body was covered in scratches. At first the seller acted as if there is no way this is true but lucky I had video of me accepting the delivery, openning the box…. If it wasn't for this I would have never had my refund. The seller (ewardream on eBay or also known as Becextech, exactly same postal adresses for both sellers and contact details) then blamed it on his "supplier". Terrible company if they can be named as one, I would never ever buy anything from them even if $1000 cheaper than local stock. Actually I've had more bad experience than good with other grey import sellers also, all the hassle you might go through is simply not worth the savings you make. You can say good bye to warranty claims and a very high probability you are getting a factory second.

    • Hopefully you get more up votes than the OP.

  • what if the screen crack after few months later, where do i send it to fix it?
    i heard it can crack…..
    do i need to pay from my own pocket when the screen crack?

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