Humble Double Fine Bundle from $1.42- $13 ($11.28 BTA)


We’re toasting to 20 years of Double Fine! There’s two decades of games packed into this bundle like RAD, Psychonauts, Everything, and more! Plus, your purchase will support SpecialEffect, Girls Make Games, and a charity of your choice!

Note as per Lysander: Except for Headlander, RAD, Mountain, and Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin the games also come as DRM-free in your HB library.

Tier 1: $1.42

Tier 2: $11.28 (BTA)

Tier 3: $13


  • 1 Month Free of Humble Choice for New Subscribers (Must purchase the highest tier to receive coupon!)
  • Everything Soundtrack
  • Escape Goat 2 Soundtrack
  • Gang Beasts Soundtrack
  • Grim Fandango Remastered Soundtrack

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  • You had me at "Everything".

  • Nice deal, but I already have almost all of it

  • Just out of curiosity, anyone recommend any of these games in particular? I haven't played many double fine games.

    • I can definitely recommend Psychonauts for $1.40. Many Tier 2 & 3 games have either been in multiple Humble Bundles (at a lower price), or given away for free in the past.

      If you do end up playing Psychonauts, my advice would be to not stress over all the collectibles in the game - it hampered my experience.

      • I actually picked up psychonauts when it went free a few years ago, but I haven't touched it. Cheers for the recommendation, I'll have to give it a go.

    • Many people hated it due to the bait and switch, but I loved Brutal Legend. It starts off as a hack and slash, but 80% of the game is actually a third person RTS.

      I love RTS games so didn't mind it, but it was heavily advertised as a heavy metal god of war. Even the demo was the first two levels before the RTS elements were introduced

      • Brutal legend is the single greatest game in the history of time; agreed about the RTS stuff; but the soundtrack and lore of the game are outstanding.

      • So kinda like Spore?

        • Was still hack and slash, but while running along the battlefield, you had to summon troops and give them commands.

      • That strategy minigame really let me down. Was hoping the entire game would be action adventure

      • Brutal Legend was easily one of the biggest disappointments for me. It started out so strong and entertaining, and then suddenly became this horribly broken game out of nowhere.

    • If you haven't played Day of the Tentacle or Full Throttle they were 2 great games back in the day.

    • Day of the Tentacle - Brilliant, just brilliant! Best adventure puzzles ever! You will laugh. You will cry. You'll never see the American flag the same, ever again. Don't play if you love hamsters.
      Grim Fandango - Another excellent adventure game. More so for the story, characters, and the wonderful noir style.
      Massive Chalice - Very solid turn based strategy game. Good fun.
      Brutal Legend - I'm not much into heavy metal, but I was still rockin' the soundtrack to this. Nothing like it out there. A great game, even if it felt a bit rushed towards the end.

      and, of course, Psychonauts. The most wacky, crazy, cool, and unique level designs ever done in a game. It's kinda fun, too. Really looking forward to Psychonauts 2 next year.

  • Oh did Schafer managed to get his Lucas Arts games back? Nice. Didn't know games like Grim are sold under his banner now.

    • +2 votes

      They bought the rights back. I just wish he and Gilbert could do something similar for Monkey Island but if it hasn't happened by now it probably won't.

      • That's why I'm surprised they managed to get grim back. Lucas Art and Disney isn't exactly known for being negotiable with their IP.

      • Maybe Disney wants to use some more monkey island development data in future movies, or they want to protect their Pirates of the Caribbean IP.

        You guys know that the Monkey Island movie script is financially the best video game to movie production, right?
        Lucas arts spent millions on development before…

        1) George Lucas ran into lots of problems with star wars including not being able to find director/s for the prequals (steven Spielberg had been pencilled in for at least one until he hit a home run with Jurassic park, decided to do the sequel too and start his own production companies, etc. "Ron Howard confirmed that he, Robert Zemeckis, and Steven Spielberg were approached by Lucas to direct The Phantom Menace. All three approached directors told Lucas that he should direct the film, as they each found the project "too daunting."". Lucas bought a bunch of 1996 and 1998 advertising that he was refused postpone/refund options on, that got redirected to books and games as his Star Wars remasters and first prequal movie was a year late.

        2) cutthroat island flopped and flopped historically bad "…one of the highest losses when adjusted for inflation in film history at $147 million"

        soo George shut down production and the script writers were given rights to their scripts as George Lucas didn't exercise the option after a certain amount of time.

        The writer of the (at that point) final script then changed all the monkey island copywrited stuff (guybrush, LeChuck, monkey island) to generic and shopped it around Hollywood, Disney bought it and added Pirates of the Caribbean ride IP. Johnny Depp sign on but thought at 35 he was too old to be the young bumbling pirate wanna be and he preferred to be the drunken old pirate guide so they split and merged characters around.

        so that is why the Monkey Island IP is important to Disney.

        • Yep. I mean ultimately though, both PotC and MI exist. They couldn't really muddy the water by allowing the fans of MI to have Gilbert's vision of the game back. It's just easier for them not to bother with it and possibly a bridge to far for him to really dig in and get it back, assuming he'd want to.

        • That was a great read, thanks. Can't believe a game I played as a kid for the funny quips has so much going on with it…

          • @freefall101: Would still be nice if we got more Monkey island games though some how, apparently if George Lucas gets interested in something he can get mountains to move, he works well and is loyal with friends, he has a alot of pull with Disney and they did sell him on the "Let the Star Wars IP not die but move on with each new generation" so if anyone can sell Disney on a "free the Monkey Island IP for a new generation" it would be George. Anyone know if Ron Gilbert and George Lucas are friendly?
            Looks like there has been a petition going for a few years:

      • I think monkey island, like a bunch of those older games, had the actual rights agreements lost so multiple companies claim ownership but noone is 100% certain who own it & noone can prove ownership

  • Can anyone recommend what games are good to choose from the Humble Choice Subscription this month, given the $13 bundle gives you one free month subscription?

  • Anyone know if any of these titles are great split screen games? Looking for some more to play on the projector!

    • Don't know about splitscreen, but gang beasts can be a pretty hilarious multiplayer experience

  • Ask me about Grim Fandango.

  • Geez… I played Grim Fandango back in… ???… I don't even remember… Downloading 3.74GB… :)