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Nokia 5.3 4GB/64GB $289 (C&C / + Delivery) @ Big W


This is still selling $349 at Jb HiFi. Another 5% off if you are buying with e-gift card or pricematched with officeworks ?

I did check the demo phone instore, this does have an NFC (despite it wasn't listed anywhere)

Device screen size (inches) 6.55
Resolution (Pixels) 720 x 1600
Display type IPS LCD
Touchscreen Yes
Internal memory 64GB
Expandable memory up to 512
Expandable memory format Micro SD card
Battery capacity (mAh) 4000
Processor Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 665
RAM (GB) 4
Rear Cameras (MP) 13MP (wide) + 5MP (ultra wide) + 2MP (macro) + 2MP (depth)
Front camera (MP) 8MP
Headphone output (3.5mm) Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth v4.2

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    Band 2…oh, what is it, again?

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    better off with Oppo A52: fullHD display + stereo speakers + fast charging + pre-installed screen protector + free case and more importantly ——cheaper :)

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      2 years of software updates and Android one with this though. I'd rate that as more important than all of the above combined. Not sure how the camera compares.


        I agree. Throw away the phone when you stop being able to update.


          It's a throw away phone with shitty specs anyway


          Out of curiousity, why is that? Security updates? My old GSM tablet with Jelly Bean still works pretty well.

          *PS. Nokia phone owner, USB port died (charging still works though) ..seems par for the course for Nokia.


            @tunzafun001: I'm not worried about USB on the newer ones;
            It wasn't just a community known failure; it was recognized by the company, so likely taken up with the manufacturer.

            And yeah, no idea why people are so concerned about updates; most of the 'risk' is around unknown apps; so long as you're only using things that are proven and secure, I don't see much of an issue.

            I'll be using my Blackberry KeyTwo for a few more years yet.


              @MasterScythe: Don't suppose you have a link to the 'failure recognized by the company" ? I'm looking to warranty this phone, but after being stuffed around by their appointed courier, I replaced the USB port myself. It went from being totally dead, to being able to charge at least. But the data throughput still doesn't work. So something else is fried 'up stream'.


        Nokia 5.1+ - Android 10 arrived 4 months after it arrived on my Mi 9T Pro. And needed a new USB port under warranty.

        Color OS7 / Android 10 wasn't far behind on the Reno Z in our house.

        The Oppo A52 is the best phone under $400. Source - one in our household, and our youngest has the. N5.1.

        Edit - the A52 has SD665, so GCam for serious camera action.


          What is GCam and why is it good on A52 or SD665?


            @arctan: GCam is the Google pixel camera app which can be ported to Snapdragon based phones.


              @Must Buy More: Can't seem to fnd this app in play store. I can only see GCam Tool and Google lens.


                @arctan: It's not in the app store. I think it's installed via custom APKs. You would need to search the net to learn how to do this.

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      I think the Nokia comes with a case too. Also Android one and great support makes this one a better option I'd say.


        Just looked at the Nokia website- comes with a case. Just wondering if it is dual sim ? Wouldn't think so at this price.


          Oh yeah the one I was playing with was dual sim. Not sure if they have multiple models however.

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    That's some low resolution for 2020

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      I was playing with one of these in person the other day and the screen looks great. I mean if you really get up close you can see the pixels, but it's still a pretty looking screen.

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        It really depends on the resolution of the phone you're coming from. If you've got a phone with 400+ppi then go to the 5.3 with only 268ppi then the difference is very noticeable. Especially if you like to set your display size to small to maximise screen real-estate.

        Personally, I would find the 268ppi a deal breaker.


          yep, I've been spoiled by FHD+120hz or QHD+60hz

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    With the 6.3, 7.3 and Google 4a just around the corner, probably not the best time to grab a phone with such low end specs for anyone looking for long term OS support.

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      Will the phones you mention cost less than $300?


    What's the difference between the Android 10 on the Oppo 52 and Android One on this Nokia?

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      But seriously, Android 10 is the OS. Both phones have Android 10. Android One is the purest form of Android, untainted by whatever manufacturers put over the top of it or with it. Basically. stock Android.

      Android One is a Google-devised programme for hardware manufacturers making smartphones. Being part of Android One - and labelled as such on the rear of the phone - brings with it a guarantee that it's a solid and stable version of Android that's not loaded with other apps, services and bloatware.

      Essentially, it's a stock Android experience.

      Android One comes without any of the stuff that manufacturers like to bundle in - no skins, no duplicate apps, no additional services. That means no pre-loading Microsoft Office or Facebook app, no additional news apps and no changing the keyboard.