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[Android, iOS] Prino Pro (Price Tracking/History) $0.99 (Was $5.99) @ Google Play / Apple App Store


Hi all,

Prino is a price tracking app which helps you to find what you want at the lowest possible price. By adding alerts for your favourites, you'll get notified when the price drops to a certain threshold. It is really helpful for:
- Frequently buy products, only top-up when the price is at the lowest
- Price comparison
- Price matching and bargaining at stores
- … and many other cases

Comparing to Prino (free version), Prino Pro has no ads, no daily limit on favourites, up to 6 months of price history for more than 2 million products from 130+ stores.

Links to download:

A couple of highlighted features in the latest release 1.5:

  • Interactive price chart
  • Dark mode
  • Improved home screen for a much better experience

This deal is not as good as the freebie deal last time https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/546063. However, it will help us in the further development of Prino.

Thank you for your support!

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  • Still $5.99 in play store

  • How often do you add stores?

  • Different app with completely different functionality but better for my purposes of price tracking if anyone is interested. Best I've found so far and dev is keen to improve with suggestions:


    • There were 8212 clicks for the app when it was free. Seems a fair contribution (@$5.99 ea) to this community for its input then.
      338 upvotes & no negs.

      App has improved. Now 99c for those who missed the last Deal.

      You say you received it free in last Deal, you downloaded, but you are complaining it's only a $5 discount in this Deal??
      It's free to reinstall - just tried on Android.

  • I got this last time and criticized the inability to click on the historical price info, and the inability to set a price threshold for alerts. Both have been fixed now. Looking promising. Please add Uniqlo as a store.

    • Noticed your suggestion in last Deal & that they listened! Used the app - a good improvement!

    • +6 votes

      Thank you very much. Your feedback helps to shape the further development of the app. We are currently under 4-6 week development cycles for new releases. We've noted Uniqlo to add :).

  • Great app. Just as good as price hipster but different stores.

    I was having a bug yesterday on iOS where it appeared I couldn’t add favourites and set a price threshold. If I crashed and restarted the app the items were in my favourites but without a threshold.

  • What is the difference between this and the one below?

    • +1 vote

      Comparing to Prino (free version), Prino Pro has no ads, no daily limit on favourites, up to 6 months of price history. Hope that helps :).

      • up to 6 months of price history.

        So what historical timeframe for non-pro? soz am cheap shoulda seen this in Jan


          The free app gives you 3 months of price history. However the top and bottom line on the price chart are always the highest and lowest ever respectively.

  • Just signed up. Really good app!

  • App sounds great. Purchased

  • Thanks OP, bought it without really doing any research… Has good reviews, looking forward to using it

  • ozbargain is all you need.

    • But where to find bargains to post on Ozbargain…? Without Bargains - it's just Oz!

      Some already come from other sites like price hipster, so expect some will be found on this app in future.

    • Seriously, OzBargain should consider teaming up with or invest/ buy this app and put as many stores and products on it as quickly as possible, then us shoppers would be able to find every bargain available.
      Mission Accomplished

  • Got it, looked up “Sonos” and the results look like price hipster but just in an app.
    Not going to let myself have an option off a full 60seconds of use but straight up noticed that it didn’t (well doesn’t appear to) pull prices from Amazon and that was surprising.
    I’ll give it another go at some stage.


      Glad that you gave it a try. We notice some stores that many people would love to see on Prino including Amazon. Hope to see you again at a later stage when it's more completed 🤗.

      • When will you be adding amazon?

        • +1 vote

          Hi @Tilite. It is something we have to design and execute quite carefully given the number of products on Amazon is tremendous. At this current stage, I cannot give the exact ETA.

  • Up to 6 months price history is too short, well for me anyway. I would’ve expected 1 year

    • +4 votes

      Prino is quite a young app (only 6 months old). We'll definitely increase the price history to 1 year in 3-6 months. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Thanks OP happy to support a local Dev

  • Great app. I hope you grow bigger and bigger. Some feedback. Adding ability to filter on categories within a store or otherwise would be great. This helps because currently if i select Big W it shows 1000 different items but i am not interested in most of them (cosmetics, for example)

    • +1 vote

      I really appreciate it 🤗. Filtering on categories globally is in our development pipeline for the next release of the app. At the current stage, you only can filter by category when searching within a particular store. E.g. Press on the search button at the top right corner, select Big W, then filter by category at the top left under the search bar.

      • Ah nice. I did not realize i can do that. It is kinda hidden. But now it makes a lot of sense. Thank you!

  • I've spent a few minutes looking at your web browser version. It's clearly got potential, but it's a pity it looks so similar to Pricehipster :/ and seems to use the same data feeds… so I guess there'll be the same problems as Pricehipster. (You could at least try to be more open than Pricehipster about when data is patchy/unreliable/incomplete. I'm sick of Pricehipster not disclosing that its dataset is incomplete — when all of Woolworths is unavailable for a few days, or the fact that Priceline's feed is never complete, or when price alerts vanish because a product has been recoded on the retailer's site.)


      Hi @bloomer. Thank you for trying it out. Our web version is really out of date and not being maintained. At this stage, the mobile app is much richer in term of features and easier to use. We are aware of those weaknesses and will tackle them one by one.

  • I use this app every day since it was given as a freebie on OZBargain here. I have seen it evolving and becoming better by the day. Developers of the app are making real effort to ingest the feedback and improve the app. I’m personally very happy with the App and would buy to save a lot more on my future purchases.
    Yes there is a scope of improvement but we have to support the app to get there.


      Thank you @naru6705. With the support from our community we'll definitely get there and beyond :).

  • Thanks OP, love the app!

  • Great app. Bargain at 99c. Support these guys so they can keep development and support going.


      Thanks @MadMaxBargainRoad. We'll keep going firmly and strongly thanks to all your support 💪.

  • Some feedback:

    • No coles? This is a key requirements for me but doesn't seem to be there.
    • Barcode scanning didn't work (for a any of the items in the cupboard i tried).

    Nevertheless I'll keep the purchase to support you guys, but please try add coles!

    • It's a great app but definitely needs Coles and Amazon

    • +1 vote

      Hi @atymic. Coles and Amazon are definitely at the top of our priority to support. Regarding to barcode scanning, not all products we track the price have barcode information, unfortunately.

  • I’ve spent a few minutes messing with the app I found I actually really like it it’s really good if I’m after something to buy where a lot of websites are really slow and search sucks etc.

  • I like your attitude and willingness to take on feedback. Purchased

  • Thanks , just bought the app to support development!

  • +1 vote

    I read it as "Porno Pro"

  • Got it! Thank you OP.
    Any chance you could add appliancesonline and amazon?



      Thanks @Amaris. We'll definitely work on those. At this current stage, unfortunately, I cannot give a certain ETA.

  • Hi Op,
    My Prino pro keeps showing duplicated items, is it a bug that will be address in the new patch?

    • +1 vote

      Hi @sushiyasha. We are aware of this issue. Those are the same product with different sizes (especially in the clothing category). We have identified a way to fix this properly but it will need a data fresh which might lead to a small window of downtime. We'll plan to execute it in the next couple of weeks.

  • Any experience of using this one vs PriceHipster? I can't seem to find which stores are supported


      Hi @Hansi. Sorry for my late response to your question. I was hoping that someone who uses both Prino and PriceHipster to give a fair comparison. Regarding the supported stores on Prino, you can press on the menu button, top left of the home screen to see the full list. Cheers.

  • Nice app,with the new update it takes a while for the app to open up(Android). Keep up the good work.


      Thank you @Ausbargain007 for the feedback. There are a couple of performance improvements we could do in the next release of the app.

  • Purchased, thanks. It's great to see how invested you are. Keep up the great work.

  • Not sure I really need it, but I'm on Ozbargain so bought it anyway!

  • Bought. +1 for taking feedback from the users. Full steam ahead OP.


      Thank you very much! I promise that you won't be disappointed 😁.

      • If you buy it using android and later you switch to iPhone can you use the same account or you need to buy the app again from Apple store or vice versa


          Hi @cisco. As of now you’ll need to buy again if using different stores. We’ll consider doing something to make the purchase attached to the registered account in the future.

  • Bought it, now i have to explore it ;)

  • Is cross grade allowed?

  • +1 vote

    We've just identified an issue which makes signed in users have to sign in again when using the app the second time. We've put out a fix to ensure that it won't happen again after the second time using the app. Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause.

    And thank you for all your support 🙇‍♂️!


    We also noticed an increased error rate which might lead to sometimes (low chance) not being able to add some products to your favourites after signing in. We are investigating the root cause and will push out a fix when it's ready. In the meantime, you could either restart the app or sign out and in again if it happens. Sorry about that.


      I'm glad to let you know that the issue mentioned above have been fixed. If you see it still persists, please close and open the app again and it won't happen again.

  • OP - Nice one. Bought your app thinking it might come in handy sometime down the track, and have already found a passport wallet on clearance that I have been looking for for months! The app has already paid for itself.

    Suggestion - Introduce a home screen/popular tab which shows the most clicked on links. Aspiration - analyse the clicking behaviours of individuals and introduce a 'most relevant' filter.


      That’s a great suggestion. We’ll definitely think about it and find a way to do it as efficient as possible. Thank you so much.


      And by the way I would love to hear more stories like this using Prino. I personally use my own creation and saved quite a bit. By showing a price history while shopping at Harvey Norman for a new fridge, I managed to get a great deal (really close to the lowest price in the last 6 months) even if the fridge was not on sale at Harvey Norman. I saved more than $200 there plus $150 on LG cash back program.

  • Is itmw who can't find Coles store or its not there? Woolworths is there.

  • Great app. Automotive stores like Supercheap, Autobarn, Repco etc would be a great addition!

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