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[PC] Free - Quake (& Possibly Quake 2) When You Login into Bethesda.net during Quakecon @ Bethesda


Basically log into Bethesda during the 60 hour window to claim the game for free.

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Throughout the duration of the show, players will be able to login into Bethesda.net and claim a free copy of the original Quake on the Bethesda launcher. If charitable donations reach $10,000, players will also be given a free copy of Quake II.

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  • Still have the original Quake and Quake II on CD here somewhere. Ahhh… the nostalgia.

    • I used to take the CD out once loaded and instead load up Toni Braxton- unbreak my heart while fragging monsters

    • I can't find my Quake & Quake ][ boxes anymore, but I still have my Quake III Arena metal tin box when they released the Linux version back in the days. My wife is now using it as her sewing box, but I just checked on eBay and someone is trying to sell that original tin box for 200 bucks. Now I just need to explain to my wife why she has to find a new box for all her needles and threads…

    • It will be fun to play q2dm1 again.

  • So many great games being legitimately given away these days. All the pirates must be bummed their hard work is going to waste!

    • So true. Rather than pirate quake all they had to do was wait 24 years then login to Bethesda launcher during this 60hr window. :p

      • He probably meant EPIC giveaways. None the less, what you say is also true. But then again, if one is earning, there is no need to pirate games at all. The authors definitely deserve our money so that they can develop better games in the future.

        • Agreed, just look at all the great games bethesda has made in recent years with the billions they have.

        • Not having a dig, just having a laugh. I do agree, more free games is always good. Have claimed so many recently, one day I might even play some of them!

    • meh its still way easier to pirate than sign up and login to their system

      quake live was good when it was free, but i guess it made no economic sense for them, now they charge for it and player numbers are wayyy down, last time i checked there were only 2 games with players in aus and they were both full lol…

      i guess they got quake champions now but that just seems way too complicated to get in to with all the abilities and all…

  • Not sure why I need a Bethesda account for quake…

    Cbf I think!

  • Quake, the best multiplayer game of all time. Played this game online all the way until it's online death, which was surprisingly late like 2006 ish. People still play it from time to time online i think but very sporadically (usually duals or team deathmatch). There are some amazing mods for this game that keep it fresh, check them out.

  • Quake 2 with fully ray traced graphics is pretty cool

  • QWTF… those were the days.

  • quake multplayer was the best days !!

  • Can't wait to hear about this on the next Joe Rogan podcast

  • I actually launched Q3TA couldn't get it to work at 1440p, and QC is dead couldn't find a game


  • Quake 2 is the one that got me on to online shooters (albeit LAN). Quake 2 with railgun only + grappling hook mods was the pogchamp

  • Everyone replying to this thread must be at least 40

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