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[PC] Free - Quake 1, 2 & 3 When You Login into Bethesda.net Launcher during and after Quakecon @ Bethesda


Edit - $16.5K has been raised so Quake 2 will be free after Quakecon.
Edit - $20K has been raised so Quake 3 will be free after Quakecon
Edit - Quake 2 & 3 claim windows are yet to be decided, probably Thursday morning in Australia Quake 2 available 13/8 2am for 72 hours. Quake 3 available 18/8 2am for 72 hours. Source.


Basically log into Bethesda.net Launcher during the 60 hour window to claim the game for free.

Source -

Throughout the duration of the show, players will be able to login into Bethesda.net Launcher and claim a free copy of the original Quake on the Bethesda launcher. If charitable donations reach $10,000, players will also be given a free copy of Quake II.

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  • +15

    Still have the original Quake and Quake II on CD here somewhere. Ahhh… the nostalgia.

    • +9

      I used to take the CD out once loaded and instead load up Toni Braxton- unbreak my heart while fragging monsters

      • +2

        I used to do the same thing but put in a Stone Temple Pilots CD. For the longest time, I thought that it was the soundtrack. The NIN soundtrack is great, but the Stone Temple Pilots album was just better.

      • +6

        Haha I went the opposite way. Quake was what got the 14 year old me into nine inch nails in the first place!

      • This made me laugh cause I used to listen to that on Quake II multiplayer…

      • +3

        I got the Wipeout 2097 soundtrack when I subscribed to Hyper magazine back in the day so that was my go to soundtrack for all the pirated PC games friends gave me incl Quake 1.

      • While fragging monsters and rocket jumping with quad damage?

    • +16

      I can't find my Quake & Quake ][ boxes anymore, but I still have my Quake III Arena metal tin box when they released the Linux version back in the days. My wife is now using it as her sewing box, but I just checked on eBay and someone is trying to sell that original tin box for 200 bucks. Now I just need to explain to my wife why she has to find a new box for all her needles and threads…

      • +5

        Moon cake boxes but then you'll need to wait two more months.

        • Yep, moon cake boxes are great for sewing gear. Perfect size.

      • Oh damn I remember that metal box!

    • +4

      It will be fun to play q2dm1 again.

  • +8

    So many great games being legitimately given away these days. All the pirates must be bummed their hard work is going to waste!

    • +64

      So true. Rather than pirate quake all they had to do was wait 24 years then login to Bethesda launcher during this 60hr window. :p

      • He probably meant EPIC giveaways. None the less, what you say is also true. But then again, if one is earning, there is no need to pirate games at all. The authors definitely deserve our money so that they can develop better games in the future.

        • +1

          Agreed, just look at all the great games bethesda has made in recent years with the billions they have.

        • +2

          Not having a dig, just having a laugh. I do agree, more free games is always good. Have claimed so many recently, one day I might even play some of them!

          • +2

            @timdotexe: Damn its been 23 years since that game was released. It feels just like a decade! Time flies :(

    • +3

      meh its still way easier to pirate than sign up and login to their system

      quake live was good when it was free, but i guess it made no economic sense for them, now they charge for it and player numbers are wayyy down, last time i checked there were only 2 games with players in aus and they were both full lol…

      i guess they got quake champions now but that just seems way too complicated to get in to with all the abilities and all…

  • +3

    Not sure why I need a Bethesda account for quake…

    Cbf I think!

  • +9

    Quake, the best multiplayer game of all time. Played this game online all the way until it's online death, which was surprisingly late like 2006 ish. People still play it from time to time online i think but very sporadically (usually duals or team deathmatch). There are some amazing mods for this game that keep it fresh, check them out.

    • +10

      Unreal Tournament would like a word.

      • +1

        Slow man's Quake :p

    • +2

      there’s a semi active online scene still in australia, there’s been a bit of a resurgence through COVID

      • interesting

      • COVID Quake?

    • FYI Apex Legends is built off the Quake code branch… just as much fun imo

  • +3

    Quake 2 with fully ray traced graphics is pretty cool

  • +5

    QWTF… those were the days.

    • +4

      There’s still an active TF scene in australia! Might be the last one in the world

    • +4

      +1 best time of our lives

    • clan [TE] (third eye), [PnP], [aP], [Lab], etc, etc

      Good ole days

  • +5

    quake multplayer was the best days !!

  • Can't wait to hear about this on the next Joe Rogan podcast

  • I actually launched Q3TA couldn't get it to work at 1440p, and QC is dead couldn't find a game

    • +1

      I think Quake Live would be a better bet than Q3TA. There's still a bit of a community playing that here, I think. Prepare to have your arse absolutely smoked by the hardcores though.

    • Try ioquake3, a Quake 3 engine designed for the year 2019!


  • +1

    Quake 2 is the one that got me on to online shooters (albeit LAN). Quake 2 with railgun only + grappling hook mods was the pogchamp

  • +5

    Everyone replying to this thread must be at least 40

    • +11

      I wish I was still 40.

    • Nearly there

    • represent

    • Almost there.

    • another 8 years for me… ;)

    • +1

      Nope, not yet. Introduced to the quake 2 demo (also c&c) in primary school through those pc mag with cds they had at the local library.

    • Almost…..

  • +2

    Anyone remember the Weapons of Destruction mod for quake 2?

  • +3

    how do we actually get the free game? I've made an account and have logged in but don't know where to go after this.

    • +4

      at the top of the games list on the left click the >>, scroll down to quake and click install seemed to work for me

      • +1

        Nope, not seeing anything. The games list (after clicking the top left hamburger icon at https://quakecon.bethesda.net/en, has no arrows). Went to "All Games" above the "Mods" of that menu page, just took me to the store page at https://bethesda.net/en/store/catalog, but no arrows there either, and searching for Quake just gave me its discounted page.

        More precise instructions please, with a starting point perhaps?

        • i did it in the Bethesda.net launcher i think that's whats missing, hope that helps. Sorry i kinda figured most people were trying to get the game from there launcher not the website

        • +3

          these instructions are for the Bethesda Launcher. Once you've downloaded and installed the launcher you will see the >> at the top left of the window, which expands a pane with a list of games and you scroll down until you see quake and you can install it. if you read the source it states 'Throughout the duration of the show, players will be able to login into Bethesda.net and claim a free copy of the original Quake on the Bethesda launcher'

          • @racheleg: thanks for clarifying.

  • +5

    Not another game client

  • +1

    And claimed!

  • +2

    Quake 2 not yet free…

  • "Create Account" > "Something went wrong, please try again"
    Anyone else?

    • +1

      Seems like it was happening because I was using PIA VPN. Logging out of VPN fixed it… weird

    • edit- glad you fixed it

  • +3

    Instructions are pretty poor, so you need to use the launcher to get the game not just loging to bethesda from the link. Also If its only through the launcher does that mean it installs it for free or is the game then linked to your account for free and you can install it whenever you want even after the period is up?

    • -3

      You should ask for a refund.

    • +5

      Go here to see if it's been added to your account.


      I logged into the launcher and clicked install. I didn't actually install though. Not sure if you even need to click install or just log in to the launcher.

      • Yeah I wasn’t sure if you need to install either but I did anyway, I noticed once you log in it already seems available

        • Yeah, which probably means it's added as soon as you log in to the launcher, but at the time I didn't know how to check if it was added to your account.

          • @Miss B: Can confirm, it’s in my transaction history and I didn’t install the game, just logged into the launcher

  • Anyone actually tried it? The bethesda launcher starts winquake, which appears to be the CPU-rendered version. There's glquake in the install directory but it doesn't work for me.

    • Also it seems you still need to do +mlook in the console to get mouse aiming.

    • +1

      My kids watched me play a bit of it and they both (independently) asked, is this like minecraft? Hah…

      • +1

        haha..my daughter said the same thing…

    • +2

      rename/delete the opengl32.dll in the game folder

      • Nice, thanks! 640x480 will have to do, without more effort, apparently.

      • Ahh this is so much better!
        I can't believe no one else had liked your post.
        GLQuake is the best way to play and with your instructions now we can run it!

  • Didn't realise I had a Bethesda account - no idea what password is so tried to reset it. Never received a reset password email.

    It's been 15 minutes. I should have got the email by now right?

    • My account activation email came through almost immediately. Your mileage may vary.

    • +1

      I had the same experience then realised it was needing a username and not my email address. Use the “help find my account” rather than forgot password - worked for me anyway, email came straight away

      • That worked - thanks

    • I had to use find my username - it was super slow. The username email came through about 10-15 minutes later

  • +2

    They’re up to $11k donations raised so far so Q2 should be unlocked imminently

    • +1

      no q2 yet :(

      • +1

        Had the same question, not sure where q2 is

  • +1

    I can just see original Quake free on the launcher - anything else? Need that Quake 3 Arena goodness

  • Anyone know how to get the launcher to run glquake rather than winquake?

    • Someone replied above with these details :

      "rename/delete the opengl32.dll in the game folder"

      I tried it but cant launch the glquake still.

      • I renamed opengl32.dll to "opengl32.dll.bad" then hit the "play" button in the launcher and it loaded fine. Are you trying to run the .exe directly or something?

        Once the game has launched you still need to go into Options-> Video Options and select the resolution you want.

    • I dunno about via the launcher, but you can just run the glquake.exe from the install dir. Just make sure you rename the opengl32.dll as @hazzad said below.

      • yea weirdly enough i tried that, still wont open!

        • Hm not sure, sorry. It worked for me but only in 640x480 res. I can only suggest googling how to get it to work.

        • Download Quakspasm as advised below. Fixed my issue. Now runs full 1600x900 in opengl. Very fast to.

  • +5

    Quakespasm works with the Bethesda version!
    1920x1080 and soundtrack.
    Download, install to Quake dir, run quakespasm-sdl12.exe, happy times for all!

    • I had to download and install this to get it working.

    • Thanks for this had to install and run this patch to be able to change the game resolution to my monitors native resolution. Otherwise after renamed opengl32.dll in game folder\ and running glquake the game would be stuck at a low 640x400.

  • +2

    Donations have hit above $10,000 *(currently at 11k)… so Quake 2 should be free at end of Quakecon

    • Cheers for the heads up!

      Really hoping that Q3A + TA will be a freebie next year. Q3A along with UT have always been my go to deathmatch games. Really wished it was given out for free at the start of COVID19 lockdowns… may have been the stimulus needed to grow the community again.

      • Huh! Didn't realise Q3A will be free if $20k… keep donating ppl! lol

  • +3

    Here's a link to the launcher download for anyone else as blind as I am.