Lenovo Smart Display 7 with the Google Assistant $99 (Save $30) @ Harvey Norman


Lenovo Smart Display 7 with the Google Assistant

A handy must-have for your automated home, the Lenovo Smart Display 7 with the Google Assistant packs a host of convenient features, like video calling, music playback in a chic, compact footprint. With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily pair your smart device to check your schedule, manage tasks, and stream your favourite music wirelessly.

Previously $129

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman


  • it's basically a tablet almost right? what's the difference - cut down Android on it?

    • Pretty much, I thinks it's OS is Google assistant, lacks some functionality of Android like being able to install apps

    • Yep it's useful for duo calls and the usual Google assistant stuff

    • This is not like a tablet. Yes it has touch interface. But you can't install apps on it, you can't play games on it etc.

      It is an assistant device more than anything. More of a home automation and media control hub. Lenovo version of Google Hub.

  • Looks to be the same price at Officeworks and JBHifi

  • Can you pair it with a Bluetooth speaker like a Nest Mini?

  • Why would I get this over a Google Nest Hub?

  • The only annoying thing with this is being able to get it to recognise different voices for personalised stuff like setting up appointments etc.

    Also the speakers are quite basic.

  • Fyi the Netflix capability that hit the google ones last week is not available on these (yet?)

    • Why would that be useful? It doesn't have a battery so it's not portable and the display is 7" with basic sound.

      • Would be very useful. One permanently in the kitchen that you could zip through an episode of tiger king while cooking would be great

      • Possibly just to keep watching a show in the kitchen while you make dinner???

      • Exactly as the others said. Now the googles can do netlix, we put one in the office so we can watch while working, and one in the kitchen for watching while cooking.

        The lenovo got retired to the bedroom since we never used the video call function while it was in the kitchen, and we have a tv in the bedroom if we want to watch anything. Lenovo is basically a clock and voice assistant now.

    • Not yet unfortunately not sure if it ever will either. Took them 2 years to get cast to google display, so I won't hold my breath

  • Thanks OP. Pretty good price at the moment. It was a decent upgrade from my previous Google home mini. The display really makes things more convenient (eg ask it to tell you news, and you’ll get a short 3 min video ABC news update plus other audio ones). I got one for $69 from a TGG’s intro price deal last year.

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