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[VIC, TAS] Downtown Single Vineyard Pinot Noir $5/Bottle + Delivery ($0 with $150 Spend) @ First Choice Liquor


Looks like clearance stock, 2015 vintage according to website. Usually $24.99/bottle. Comes down to $4.75/bottle across any 6. Don’t forget cashback. Select delivery and not click collect to add to cart.

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First Choice Liquor
First Choice Liquor


  • Annnnnd it’s gone.

  • Removed product Downtown Single Vineyard Pinot Noir 750mL in VIC as it is no longer in stock.

  • Decent wine?

  • ordered a dozen, ty!

  • TY sir! Late nite pinot purchasing never goes astray!

  • thanks to this was able to find a great red bundle!

  • Thanks, ordered 6 and combined with 2000pts flybuys offer & 3% SB

  • Thanks - almost through the dozen I bought direct from another OzB deal, so ordered 18.

    Stacked with 2000 FB points and Cashrewards…

    (Is it wrong to order wine at 4AM in the morning, after blearily checking your phone following a trip to the loo?)

  • Just picked up a case delivered to Hobart.
    Thanks op

  • Is the 2,000 flybuys offer targeted?
    Don't see it

  • Thanks. Picked up a case for delivery.

    Should help get me through lockdown 2.0

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 6 for delivery in Vic.
    Felt weird buying wine at 7AM on a sunday but crazy times we live in!

  • Great price for a decent red. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP. Just got a dozen delivered in VIC.

  • Great find OP; sadly looking out of stock in Vic. Well done to those getting in early

  • Thanks, I grabbed a dozen for delivery in Vic.

  • Thanks OP, mega deal. Managed to order a modest 4 bottles, we’ll see if FCL manage to fulfil all the orders. Their online ordering system is known to be shit house and I doubt they’ve got the stock

  • Can't add to cart anymore..

  • thanks op….but with people buying a dozen or more at a time i doubt many of our orders are going to be fulfilled 😐

  • Grabbed a dozen!

  • Great drop. I may have ordered too many hopefully get some delivered

  • …so when do we get our cancellations? tomorrow am?

  • All gone in VIC?

  • Regrettably, we are unable to fulfill your order as Downtown Single Vineyard Pinot Noir 750mL is a part of our clearance line, and has now sold out.

    Anyone else got knocked back? Curious to see how many ended up getting fulfilled. Ordered mine on Sunday morning.

    • …not surprised. users just need to chill out when these pop up and not buy in dozen lots…none of us end up with any

  • …anyone else get a cancel email? i havent received either a confirmation or cancellation…
    ordered 2 Aug 2020 10:53:12 AEST

    • I ordered at 10pm on August the 1st and haven’t received a confirmation or a cancellation. Fingers crossed

  • no update yet, ordered 8:45 sunday morning

    FYI - Last time I ordered from FCL my order went ignored for 14 days - a couple of emails and FB messages over the 14 days were not repsonded to, so I ended up calling them and they then called the store responsible for fulfilment. Turns out they only had 3 out of 4 products available to deliver, so they put those 3 bottles in a box and just left it. The person on the phone didnt really know what their plan was, but I guess it would have been left there indefinitely? They ended up calling the store back and replacing the single unavailable bottle of wine with a different bottle, but fk me these people dont have any process. And that was BEFORE COVID lockdowns. Good luck everyone.

  • what a shitty website…wont let me log in no matter how many times ive tried, try to reset password - doesnt send me thru an email….tried multiple times.
    its not in my gmails junk or trash folders either…
    …but their system knows my email as i received the order confirmation…so cant log in, cant see order status?! /rant 😤

    • FCL do not have order tracking - they'll notify you once its shipped, then tracking is with the shipment provider. So we just sit here with no idea until we maybe get a shipment email. FCL suck

  • anyone else received any tracking/cancellation yet?

    • nope, radio silence since the initial order receipt email…

    • Nothing. Order doesn't even appear in my account when I log in on the First Choice website. I have the order confirmation in my email though, and the money is gone from Paypal. Says estimated delivery by tomorrow in the email order receipt.

  • …at least you can log in!
    initial order said eta 7.8.20 too….same boat as you; no emails apart from order confirmation, paypal & bank shows money taken out
    guess we dont have to wait long to find out at least!

  • got a response from FCL - knew it would happen

    "Thank you for your recent order with us.

    Regrettably, we are unable to fulfill your order as product is deleted is a part of our clearance line, and has now sold out.

    We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused, as we certainly understand how frustrating it is when a product ordered is unavailable.

    As there is no suitable replacement for this product, we have to cancel and process a full refund for this order.

    If you wish to cancel the order, Please respond and We look forward to hearing from your further.

    If you would like to discuss this further please contact our team 1300 308 833."

    • Bugger. Still no email for me yet…

      • I replied to my order confirmation email and got a response, they didnt update me unprompted

    • Nothing here either, will call them tomorrow to see what’s going on and update. Sorry your order didn’t go through, not liking my chances.

      • Sorry to hear that. My order arrived yesterday at lunch time (metro Melbourne).

        • @mfazackerley

          Sorry to hear that. My order arrived yesterday at lunch time (metro Melbourne).



          Yeh I just ordered some (well, heaps actually….)

          yeh sure you are mate….you cleaned out the deal for the rest of us. cheers

        • How much did you order? Interesting they told @vegimate there was never any stock to begin with, and yet you received a delivery…

          • @bovrilburger: I wouldn’t consider a case (12) being greedy? Its how most people order wine? I also added other items to the order to get the whole thing to $150 to get free postage. Order was placed 2 minutes after this deal was posted so I was probably first in as well.

  • ….anyone one who ordered over half a dozen is a mug. no point in sharing booze bargains here if people are just going to broden the bloody lot

  • I rang FCL this morning, no stock of the downtown and they replaced for a case of Brancott estate pinot noir at no extra cost

    • …bit of a price point difference ($25 per bottle versus $10) but good on you for managing that…and also just buying 1 case of 6 bottles 👍

      • They said no stock of the downtown to begin with and also a price error, I tried to get another case of a $25 pinot instead….

        happy with the outcome

    • Just got off the call and same information received, it was a pricing error but in this instance can’t amend the order and will issue refund.

  • Rang to cancel this morning…

    • What was their story? Pretty disgraceful that we all have to contact them if it's true that there was never any stock. Were they just going to take the money and dust their hands?

  • Call centre is overseas

  • Just got a text message: "Hi <name>, Due to an overwhelming demand, we are unable to fulfil your recent order <number> for the Downtown Single Vineyard Pinot Noir. We apologise for any inconvenience. Please use this code for $10 off your next online order <code>. Cheers from First Choise Liquor Market".

    Order has been refunded on Paypal as well :-(

  • ….so did the OP even manage to get any?

  • My whole order was cancelled not just this wine, very frustrating.

  • Just used my coupon to order the Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir Pack (stacking with a Flybuys offer and CR should get it down to about $100). Let's hope they have this in stock…

  • +1 vote

    I wonder when I'll get my notification. I followed up on the email and no response as well. Still haven't received any refund.

  • Got a call from someone saying order is being shipped tomorrow. Be surprising if I get it

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