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[eBay Plus] Kodak Gold 200 35mm 24exp X 3 Pack $18.66 @ digiDIRECT eBay


Not everyone cup of tea, since we are now living in digital world, but I've seen the deal here about film camera earlier and i think it a good deal to stock up some films.


Indoor + Outdoor
ISO 200
C-41 Process
3x Rolls x 24 Exposures

+8% discount for 2 packs,
+10% discount for 3 packs.

Original Coupon Deal

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  • My have to get my Pentax K1000 out of the cupboard.
    Have not used it for years.

    • I have the same camera, havnt touch for 10 years😆. Where u gonna process the photo? Your own dark room?

  • Always good to keep some film (or was that 'fillum'?)

  • A few of these for my old Nikon, or a new memory card for my Lumix G9? Hmm

    Of course, for both these options I would need to be allowed to go out and take photos:(

  • I find it oddly comforting that this stuff is still for sale.

    • Yet, in a digital world, what are the use-cases? Nostalgia?

      • Ask those people that buy music on vinyl. (Actually, film's artifacts do provide a specially characteristic viewing experience, but I don't think filmographers have ever aspired to be "hi-fi" in the same way audio production has.)

  • Ironic that someone who probably hasn't caught up with the digital age is expected to buy it online LOL

  • someone suggest me a good vintage camera

    • yea i'm looking for one too haha

    • I've actually been planning to get one too to complement my mirrorless. Mainly been looking at the pentax k1000 and spotmatic

    • Some of my favs

      Yashica electro 35
      Canonet G-III Ql
      Canon AE1
      Olympus om10

      Good luck finding them at decent prices and good condition tho

      Bonus recommendations if you wanna get fancy and go medium format:
      Yashica 124g
      Holga (BONUS points if you integrate the coloured flashes!)

    • seconding Pentax K1000 or Spotmatic for value. Minolta SRTs are pretty good too.

      most of Nikon, Canon and Olympus' old SLR cameras are very good, but they're much more collectable - and while I think they can still be a good investment, as a beginner you're no worse off with something a bit easier to come by.

      avoid old zoom lenses too. Most likely you'll find these bodies coming with a 50mm prime which is a nice way to start.

  • Goodness, that brings back memories of my Olympus OM-10. I fancied myself becoming a photographer at one stage and took a lot of photos back then. I quickly realised the cost wasn’t just in the camera gear, it was in film and processing. I did have a lot of fun trying out different film stocks and types, and playing around with lenses and what kind of shots I could do with them. I had and awesome Sigma 50mm prime lens that took magnificent short depth of field photos; it went down to a nice low f-stop (I want to say f/1.4 but can’t recall) so it was perfect for framing a subject and capturing it without everything else around. I also had 2 x telephoto stock lenses that did a decent job but were more fun than anything. My dream was to get a macro lens so I do some super close-up work. This was all before auto-focus was mainstream, too, and motorised lenses were something only pros or the really wealthy could afford, so all the work of focus and field depth was done manually. Ah, memories!

    Anyway, that turned out a lot longer than I expected. Sorry to hijack your post, OP, but thanks for sharing!

  • How much does it cost for developing and printing these days?

  • For those of you in Melb who can get to their vending machine otherwise need to pay for shipping (no walk in at the moment), it's $6 a roll here: https://filmneverdie.com/products/kodak-gold-200-35mm-24-exp. Develop & scan is $13 for colour film

  • The two things that really drew me to film was the expense and the inconvenience :)

  • Ta OP. Grabbed for my old F60.

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