Second Freezer for VIC Stage 4 Lockdown

Now that Stage 4 lockdown is in effect in Victoria, I am thinking of getting a freezer (in addition to the existing fridge) so that I can buy more from each trip and travel less frequently to the supermarket. I hope to get some advice from the group.

1) What is the reasonable size of the freezer for a family of 6?

2) Any recommended brand(s)?

3) Is it advisable to purchase online? Things to look out for?




  • Here we go. Freezer sell out. If you have the room get one of those larger freezer chests.

    Or larger.

    You do realise the supermarkets will still be open and you can go out at least once a day to do so.


      Well going out less is better, even if you can go out every day to do shopping.

      Since OP has a family of 6, I can imagine having extra freezer space would be pretty useful.

      • Since OP has a family of 6, I can imagine having extra freezer space would be pretty useful.

        Yes for products which are not quota controlled.

        Didn't people learn from all the practice rounds before?

      • Yes, hence why I did suggest going for a large chest freezer. But I don't see any need to panic buy. You can still go out to get groceries. Just limit your trips out.


    I suspect chest freezer would be best bet.

    What is your current freezer size and how much more space relative to that would you like/need.

  • I think everyone past the freezer and TP now !

  • I have a 320l Hisense.

    I keep it outdoors under cover.

    It is a bit large for most people if it is just for your costco trip. I reckon half that would be sufficient to freeze a fortnight of meat.

  • Freezers are good, just be careful to ensure someone can’t turn them off easily. It’s happened to me twice. Plus keep in the back of your mind blackouts are a possibility.

    • Should be fine if you don't open the freezer every 5 seconds.

      The best thing about chest freezers is they keep the vast majority of the cold air in even if you operate it without opening the door (hence why it was a popular layout even in supermarkets up until a few years ago).

  • Chest freezer! We put it in our garden. Back in March when everyone was panic buying chest freezers, we were a bit late, and it was sold out everywhere in NSW. Went to the good guys in-store, they promised an expected arrival date at our doorstep. True enough, 10 days later we got the chest freezer delivered to us. Highly recommend good guys!

    Edit: it was a 145L hisense freezer for around $320 with delivery. Bought this brand because of the great reviews online and it was the fastest brand of freezer that will arrive in Australia.

  • Are planning to freeze toilet paper?

  • Please don't panic buy or purchase excessive amounts of frozen goods. Thank you.

  • I dislike Frieza. We don't need a second

  • Get one big enough to hibernate in so we can defrost once covid is over.

  • We have a fridge size upright freezer for our 6 person family, and I’d have to be at the shops daily without it.
    Offers huge scope for savings when you find meat discounted at end of life, freezes bread, vegetables, home made stuff. I would recommend a chest freezer for best energy savings, but the upright in our kitchen is very convenient.
    It certainly more than pays for itself in savings, but was heartbreaking when a breaker tripped while we were on holidays and it sat unpowered for a week or so.


      that would really suck. To lose a freezer worth of food. :(

    • Agreed on the energy savings, but it's a lot easier to find stuff in an upright! We keep a 280L Hisense freezer in our garage and it's extremely useful for a stocking up when things are discounted.

  • /WhyTF?!

  • Buy freezer. Put children in it. Shop less. Winning.

  • I think the cost of such appliance is going to cancel out whatever benefit you had in mind. You may as well use that money to invest in some PPE if you were concerned about catching corona from a supermarket trip.
    Plus you'll always have to go for those perishables like milk.

    (yes there's long life milk, but uhh, I'm not that desparate)

    The only use I see is stocking up your favourite ice-cream when it goes on special :P

  • For our large family, we have a Beko 290L upright (vertical freezer & auto-defrost), and we really like it as it has multiple shelves which just means it's easier to organise things, and retrieve things without having to rummage through too many things, taking lots of things out to get to the back/bottom etc. Just be aware that chest freezers in majority of cases will require manual defrosting. In terms of purchasing online, I've heard good things about Appliances Online.

    • Appliances Online is great. Bought a few things from them before. Never had bad experience

  • I got a Heller CFH100 months ago. It's not huge but large enough for my requirements.