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Reayou 8K HDMI Cable 1M $15.26 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Sparks Au via Amazon


8k High Speed HDMI Copper Cord [email protected] [email protected] Cable with CE &ROHS Certification

1:Standard HDMI-A Type,HDMI 2.1 Real 8K Ultra HD Signal Transmission,No Signal Loss,Ultra HD Visual Experience
2:The cable works just like a conventional HDMI cable, no external power or special setup required
3:Easily connects your Apple TV or HDTV to the PC, Laptop, PlayStation 4 Pro, PS5/PS4/PS3,Set top box,Blu-ray Player, and more HDMI sources.


Compliant with HDMI 2.1
The highest bandwidth 48Gbps (single channel 12Gbps )
Ultra High Definition support [email protected],[email protected]
Connector gold plated
Ready to install and use; plug and play.
Certification: with CE & ROHS Certification.

Important Notes:

1:This is Ordinary HDMI Copper Cord Cable,not Optical Fiber Cable,no connection direction when you use this cable from your input source to your display
2:If you would like to output 8K Resolution through your Display,please make sure your Source end have 8K to Input and Your display is real 8K


★please make sure your device support 8K

Package and Warranty:
1x 8K HDMI Cable-1M"

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  • Always wanted to futureproof my HDMI cable…

  • Almost all of these cheap generic HDMI cables would not be able to do 8K and meet the 48Gbs bandwidth claim. You would be disappointed if you are purchasing these with the hope of using with 8k content (one day) when 8K Tvs and media would be widely available. This cable would be perfectly fine for FHD and even 4K but for 8K I highly doubt it.

    If you really want to future-proof your cables today then find a cable with the UHS certification and QR Code. Genuine certified cables aren't that common place or cheap either.

    • These kind of comments are what we need more of to help our fellow Ozbargainers out <3

    • Are you able to recommend anywhere that sells legit 2.1 cables at affordable prices? I need a couple more my new system and don’t want to spend stupid prices for them. But also don’t want to buy cables that can’t actually handle 4k/120.

      • Belkin would be certified 8K but being Belkin it is super expensive
        I'm not sure if Alogic would be certified but being a known brand I would have more faith in their claims and specs and theirs is a lot cheaper than Belkin.

        Right now a lot of known and unknown brands seem to claim their cables are 8k and HDMI 2.1 supported but unfortunately there is no way of substantiating these claims and it is extremely hard to find genuine certified cabled in Australia so best thing to do is to stick with a known brand as they at least have a reputation to keep.

  • Negging due to there being no bargain here only advertising!
    This is more expensive than the everyday normal prices listed below, and they are the exact same products!

    Exact same HDMI cable here $11.89 (includes GST) delivered here, or $11.35 with cashback from Shopback, Cashrewards!
    I bought this 3m HDMI cable in January for $18.01 (including GST, excluding cashback) delivered.

    I found the cable on AliExpress by searching for "8k HDMI cable". The one that I listed was the 3rd top result, took less than a minute too!
    You could no doubt find a cheaper price than I did by searching AliExpress, eBay, DHgate, wish etc. or any of the other Chinese sites!

    99.99% of all these reps and associates posting "deals" aren't deals aren't at all, the products are all ridiculously overpriced.

    Drop shipping is out. The new way is buying from AliExpress, Alibaba, DHgate etc. The products then arrive in Australia, and they are then advertised for a ridiculous markup on Ozbargain

    • Cool rant, bro!

      The seller has paid to get the stock to Australia and for Amazon to fulfill the orders and, in doing so, provide some buyer protection.

      So, I can either buy the cable today and….

      have it delivered in less than two days as a fully-tracked Amazon AU delivery, for $15.26


      have it delivered in 6-8 weeks from now via China Post small parcel service, for $4 less.

      Can you at least consider the whole value proposition before you deal out a neg?

      • You excluded the delivery fee for the reps "deal", or where you assuming that everyone has Amazon Prime, or spending at least $39?

        The delivery for me is $5.99, this brings the total to $21.25

        Remember you are comparing this "special price" to the every day normal price for the cable I listed, and as mentioned before you excluded the delivery cost for those that don't have Prime, or are spending less than $39.

        6-8 weeks is worse case, and it is an assumption, though that may be a quite a possibility due to COVID. However my last purchase from Aliexpress was on the 10th of July and arrived on the 31st of July.
        Even if it does take 6-8 weeks to arrive that hasn't stopped OzBargainers from shopping at Aliexpress to save money by buying a real "bargain", or should I say every day normal prices.

        Why should I spend $15.26 - $21.25 more, 28.3% - 78.7% more?
        We're not supporting Aussie jobs. Op and so many other reps are just buying stuff from China, and on selling it at a marked up prices that's advertised as a "sale", a "bargain" etc.
        These el'cheapo cables are mass produced in China, how do we even know they will support 8K, as they may not have the bandwidth. If you've just shelled out the money for an 8K TV wouldn't you be buying a certified 8K cable? Why would you take a gamble on the reps cable being 8K?

        You seem very eager to support the rep champ.

  • Can it do 16K though? ;)

    • Just change the 8k in the product image to 16K and done! That is what most of these cable sellers seem to do anyway.

  • From one of my usual rants:

    The HDMI Forum (the group who regulates all this stuff) states:

    You cannot use version numbers by themselves to define your product or component capabilities or the functionality of the HDMI interface.
    And please note that NO use of version numbers is allowed in the labeling, packaging, or promotion of any cable product.

    As of now, there are <i>no</i> ultra premium certified HDMI cables out there. Maybe someone has one somewhere, but it will be rare, and it certainly won't be a cheapy import. Lots of <i>premium</i> certified cables, but that's for the 2.0b spec.

    Now, this particular cable may well pass [email protected] or [email protected] I can guarantee though that there are 0.0001% of Ozbargainers that have equipment that would use it. In other words, unless you have an 8K TV and the bandwidth to stream one of the few 8K videos from YT, then you are not part of that 0.0001% and any regular HDMI cable will do. Until then, wait until you have both a source and sink that can send and receive [email protected] or [email protected] and then look for a genuine ultra premium certified cable.

    • You cannot use version numbers by themselves to define your product or component capabilities or the functionality of the HDMI interface.
      And please note that NO use of version numbers is allowed in the labeling, packaging, or promotion of any cable product.

      Hahaha, they must be staffed by some of the same geniuses from the USB Standards Forum 😆

      The mind boggles that they think eliminating version numbers is LESS confusing than using "high speed, full speed, ultra speed" !!!!

      • The problem is that the version numbers, when referring to cables, are fairly meaningless. A cable rated for the 1.3 spec will still work in 2.1 devices, you just may not get any of the additional features a 2.1 device may offer. On the other hand, the connector and wiring are the same across the versions, so your "1.3" cable may well work perfectly as a "2.1" cable!

        Assuming you have a source and display device that <i>both</i> support some of the 2.1 spec like the higher resolutions and refresh rates, then an Ultra High Speed certified cable is one that has been tested and found to deliver the performance required in the 2.1 spec, and you'll get the full performance out of your devices. The requirements around cable performance mostly revolve around controlling interference to achieve the higher data bandwidth, not about any additional pins or wiring.

        That's why, according to the HDMI Forum, there is no such thing as a "1.3 cable" or "2.1 cable" or whatever; but rather, what level of testing has the cable passed? If you buy an Ultra High Speed cable, then regardless of when or where it was built, you know that it will perform up to 2.1 spec. Until then, you can try any old HDMI cable and if was well constructed then it may well work.

  • looks like same design recent teac

  • We don’t even know for certain if the PS5 will have HDMI out