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Menulog (Delivery): $5 Cashback Bonus (Min Spend $10) + 25% New Users / 10% Existing | iHerb: 20% | Catch: up to 10% @ ShopBack


Some new cashback flash deals from Shopback.

  • 4pm - iHerb - 20%
  • 6pm to 11.59pm- Menulog - $5 bonus plus 10% cashback (existing Menulog customers) or 25% (new Menulog customers).

    Receive a $5 bonus when you spend $10 or more from 6pm to 11.59pm AEST on 4 August. Bonus to be adding as Pending to your account by 30 September. Max one bonus per customer.
    -Only Delivery orders are eligible for cashback. Pick Up orders and orders paid for with cash are not eligible.
    -Cashback is capped at $30 per transaction
    -Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras
    -Cashback for Menulog is available for ShopBack App version 2.19.0 and above.

  • 8pm - Catch - up to 10%

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  • +2 votes

    Yo yo yo did some body say menu log!

  • Shopback is so easy to lose track of the click…. I've been responded with the following email twice this year now.

    Thank you for submitting a missing cashback claim.

    We have investigated and found that the merchant has deemed ShopBack ineligible to earn commissions on this transaction which results in us being unable to pass the cashback along to you.

    There are quite a few reasons why these orders may not be attributed to ShopBack. This includes:

    1. If a user clicks on a Honey, Cashrewards or another chrome extension after clicking from ShopBack
    2. If other web pages (including search sites, social media, store sites, promotional/discount sites) or web browsers are opened after clicking through ShopBack
    3. Clicking through to another page from a banner, pop-up, or advertisement on the store’s webpage whilst shopping
    4. Antivirus/Cleanup or Adblocker applications block or disrupt cashback tracking (Tracking cookies are required to track transaction)

    We want you to earn cashback on every transaction! We’ve listed some pro tips to follow when using a cashback site:

    1. Don’t click on any other extensions such as Honey, Cashrewards or Qantas
    2. Start with an empty shopping cart before you click through to ShopBack
    3. Use an incognito window (This would prevent the storing of corrupted cookies)
    4. Only use discount/promo codes listed on ShopBack
    5. Do not purchase items under the exclusion list

    ShopBack awards cashback on your transactions on the basis that the merchant attributes your order to ShopBack and pays us a commission, they are the deciding party on a sale being attributed to ShopBack.

    We hope these tips and tricks will help you in getting your next (and subsequent) Cashback tracked successfully. Feel free to reach out to us at any time should you have any further questions.

    • Did you do any of those things?

      • I've been using CR and SB for years now but only had tracking problems with SB lately. Some of my claims had been positively solved though.

    • Using the app on mobile has been reliable. Desktop has been fine too with new private window. Only found one merchant didn't track, which was the same merchant CR didn't track with previously either.

      • I dont think it's about which merchant as my case was adidas.

      • This was my strategy until a recent transaction that has been declined at cellar masters. Used the SB app from my iPhone on 4g with no other apps open. Up to about day 9 of the 14 they have said it will take to investigate.

    • Once for me and it was a big purchase :(

      Cashreward hasn't failed me so far yet, even for hotel bookings which I paid for with physical cash

      • Odd. CR has consistently let me down with paying out on big purchases with feeble excuses. Yet they have no shame including the discount in the advertisement as a given.

        SB has been much more reliable,with maybe 2 non tracked purchases eventually being payed out.

  • shopback tracking is very disappointing late. latest victim fall on purchase via groupon did not tracked, then a week later submit a missing report got rejected on the claim just three days after. hit and miss really

  • Do Shopback acknowledge the daily $5 voucher codes?

    • Doubt they would, plus that's only valid 4-6pm

    • This one is only valid after, from 6pm. For small order, that daily $5 is better, no need to rely on tracking. For bigger order, this might be good option

      • Also only works with Delivery order so imo totally not worth it compared to the $5 daily that I and my wife have been having for a few weeks or so.

      • I'm going to preorder just before 6pm using the $5 off, then again after 6pm for the $5 + 10% cashback and schedule the deliveries for the same time

        Few places offering free delivery and no min spend too (looking at you El Jannah)

  • Hungry Dog got eat !!!

  • I've had less problems with Shopback tracking in comparison to cash rewards. Hopefully this will work!

  • For those having issues with Shopback tracking, it could be your VPN. Every time I've had an issue it's been because I forgot to turn my VPN off.

  • menulog was better while eatnow was around.

  • just double checking there is no limit on cashback for iherb?

  • Does the cash back stack with the 12% sitewide discount on iherb?

  • Can we please have a list with the casback amount for all the categories included in the Catchoftheday promo that will run after 8pm? Thanks.

  • My restaurant did not confirm order - I am a new customer.
    Can I put in another order and get 25% cashback or has this process been ruined by the restaurant?

    • The restaurant cancelled my first order and I got an email saying menulog will refund.

      Can I still go through and restart the process and get 25% + $5 with a new restaurant?

    • Unfortunately subsequent orders would be treated as existing customer orders (10% cashback) regardless of the status of the first one.

      • I got the cashback notification for a cancelled order. Will that stay along with the $5 bonus?

        • I got my order cancelled twice. Absolutely pathetic!

        • If your order is cancelled, your cashback will be rejected and the bonus will be void. You can still order again (assuming the order will be completed/fulfilled) if you want the bonus still.

          Here are the T&Cs for reference:

          Terms and Conditions - Menulog $5 Bonus Offer (4 August, 6-11.59pm AEST):

          • To qualify for the $5 cashback bonus, you must make a transaction of $10 or greater (excluding delivery fees) at Menulog between 6:00 PM-11:59 PM AEST on 4 August 2020 through ShopBack.
          • Limited to one bonus per qualifying customer.
          • You will earn the usual cashback rate on your purchase at Menulog, plus have the additional $5 bonus credited into your account later.
          • The cashback bonus will be added separately as “Pending” into your ShopBack account by 30 September 2020.
          • Standard store terms and conditions apply. Cancelled/refunded/incomplete orders will void your eligibility for the bonus. Cash on delivery and pickup orders will also void your eligibility for the bonus.
          • If your tracked cashback at Menulog is rejected, your bonus will be voided.
          • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with food delivery bonus offer for new ShopBack customers
          • ShopBack reserves the right to dishonour bonuses for members who have participated in this offer in a fraudulent manner (ie. using multiple accounts). Such members may be banned and any cashback on their accounts forfeited.
          • @gotyourback: Rep, would you try again after having orders cancelled twice?

            Or would you go to cashrewards and get Ubereats to look after it?

            • +1 vote

              @YOTR: It's up to you - did you make the 2 orders at the same restaurant? And why is it getting cancelled - is it because of the restaurant(s) themselves or Menulog? If a restaurant doesn't accept your order it eventually times out and gets cancelled.

              If the restaurant you've chosen doesn't accept your order on Menulog, we'd think it's unlikely they'll do the same for Uber Eats subsequently.

              CR only offers cashback for new Uber Eats customers, and based on your comment here (indicating you're not a new user) you wouldn't earn cashback on subsequent orders there but you can still get 5% through us as an existing Uber Eats customer.

          • @gotyourback: How can the cashback or bonus be rejected after it is successfuly tracked? Isn't it all automated

            • +1 vote

              @sub102: Successful tracking puts the cashback in as "Pending" - this can later be "Rejected" or "Confirmed" and is all automated.

              The bonuses are a manual step, hence

              The cashback bonus will be added separately as “Pending” into your ShopBack account by 30 September 2020.

  • As of 6pm 36 of the 38 restaurants in my order are now 'closed' on Menulog. Looks a bit weird when wanting to use the SB Menulog offer….

    Edit: Could this happen when no delivery drivers are available?

    • Yeah they manage the restaurant availability depending on couriers and order volumes plus restaurant may also turn themselves off if busy

  • Just stacked this with the GYG burritto offer. Burrito delivered for $5, no complaints here!! :)

  • Hey @dealbot an order from a new account got cancelled. Will it count as first order/new customer if i place another one?

  • Made a order almost an hour ago and haven't got a shopback notification for my menulog order… Has anyone else got their cashback notification yet from Shopback? If not, that's a waste, going to start using Cash rewards more often now.

  • i thought the iHerb deal ran until 11:59 pm :-( Back to 7% now. I should have read the fine print.

    • Same here, I'm about to purchase something from iHerb now, knowing it will last until 11:59 :(

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