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Free 3 Months YouTube Premium (Trial), Google One, Google Play Pass (Trial) with Purchase of Google Pixel 4a $599 @ Google


Free 3 Months YouTube Premium, Google One, Google Play Pass with the $599 Pixel 4a
New users only.

Specification for pixel 4a
Takes good photo via 12.2 MP camera processed by Google AI software
5.8-inch 2340x1080 OLED display, hole punch 8MP camera
Snapdragon 730G
6GB RAM and 128GB storage
dual stereo speakers
3.5mm headphone jack
rear-mounted fingerprint sensor
supports 18W fast-charging via a USB type-C port
3140mAh battery
144 gram

  • YouTube Premium Promotion Terms

This YouTube Premium 3 month free trial promotion is open to participants in Australia who purchase and activate a Pixel 4a before 30th April 2021 at 11:59pm US PST. Offer only available to customers who are not current YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium or Google Play Music subscribers, have not been YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, YouTube Red, or Google Play Music subscribers nor participated in a YouTube Premium, YouTube Music Premium, Google Play Music, or YouTube Red trial before. Offer must be redeemed by 15th May 2021 at 11:59pm US PST.

  • Google Play Pass Promotion Terms

This Google Play Pass three-month free trial promotion is open to participants in Australia who purchase and activate a Pixel 4a by 30 April 2021 at 11.59 p.m. GMT-7. Offer is only available to users who are not current or previous Play Pass subscribers, and have not previously participated in a Play Pass trial. Offer must be redeemed by 15 May 2021 at 11.59 p.m. GMT-7.

  • Google One Promotion Terms

The offer
This Google One membership offer (“Offer”) provides you with subscription benefits at no charge for a period of 3 months from the day you redeem the Offer (the “Offer Period”). The Google One Terms of Service apply to your subscription during the Offer period. The Google Privacy Policy describes how personal data is handled in this service.

Offer expires and must be redeemed by May 15, 2021 11:59pm PST.

Requirements & eligibility

This Offer is limited to new users to Google One in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States, who purchased the following device(s): Pixel 4a between August 1, 2020 and April 30, 2021 11:59 pm PST, and may not be combined with other Google One offers. Google will use your device identifier to determine Offer eligibility and to prevent abuse.

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  • +10

    only if it was $350

    • +28

      It is.
      Not in AUD tho.

    • +6

      Haha or the actual conversion being just less than $500. We got ripped off

      • +6

        Don’t forget to add GST. Once this is added, and allowing for US state taxes the pricing is much closer.

        • Yep and far less competitive

        • +11

          Don't forget ACCC warranty

        • +8

          It's still off by $60 though. Launching at $549 would have been great.

        • +2

          In Germany the price will be 340 euro which is around 560 AUD, normally the prices in Europe are higher. 549 AUD would be a better price

        • +1

          On top of GST, Australian model gets a pair of earbuds in the box (the only other country that gets the earbuds is France).
          The US version doesn't have them included.

      • +5

        Yes we did, even if you add 10% GST it's 540 au$.

        • Yes but here you get 2 years warranty as well.

          • @Trishool: Don't they get 2 years warranty in US as well?

            • +3

              @TheLeboFromTheHood: No its 1 year afaik.

              They also get (profanity) on little things we get because on ACL.

              • +1

                @Jofzar: Kinda feels like we're turning into a mini USA, so hopefully corporations don't lobby a government to erode our rights to fair treatment.

        • Don't forget to add US state tax.

        • You didn't gross up the US price for tax

    • Extra $100 on top of the conversation is a hit to the picket

  • +1

    Dual sim?
    Nah just found out: esim plus single sim

  • +4

    Waste of the Year

  • +2

    If it had a 90hz screen and a bigger battery. Would be a true flagship killer. But still a great phone for the price.

    • +34

      Its a budget phone, not exactly aimed at flagship killing.

      • -28

        Yet Apple's budget phone not only has a flagship CPU, it still has the fastest CPU in any mobile.

        Besides from the camera or some need to use Android (and the short software support that comes with it), I see zero reason to buy this over an SE 2020.

        • +36

          Zero reason other than 2,000 mAh battery in the iPhone, the tiny screen and bezels that wouldn't look out of place on a phone 10 years older.

          There are so, so many reasons why the Pixel would be purchased before the SE.

          • -31


            other than 2,000 mAh battery


            the tiny screen

            2020 model isn’t that small.

            bezels that wouldn't look out of place

            Good thing about being in your 30s is no longer giving a shit what people think.

            • @PainToad: Accurate. As if the look of the thing that sits in your pocket matters to most….

          • -5

            @Fabio08: 5 years vs 3… Even Samsung gives 4.

            • +1

              @onlinepred: You want 5 year updates for a $600 phone? Isn't one of the main selling points of a mid-range that you're not tied down to holding it for so long?

              • -10

                @Fabio08: The other good thing about being in your 30s is understanding the importance of money and that paying down a mortgage is more important than continually buying a new phone.

                $600 is a lot of money and should get long support.

                • +16

                  @PainToad: I'm in my 30's, so you can cut the condescending tone. If you're looking at a $600 phone as a big investment that requires a 5 year useful life to make sense, I'd say you are in the absolute of minority of people that comment on a mobile phone thread. Heaven forbid you break the phone after a year if your finances are that tight.

                  • -9


                    I'd say you are in the absolute of minority of people that comment on a mobile phone thread.

                    Probably one of the reasons us millennials struggle with home ownership. Our parents generation didn't have so many expensive "must have items" that "must" be updated every few years.

                    • -1

                      @PainToad: I own a home, and hey, I also upgrade my phone every few years. If you want to follow your parents footsteps, don't buy a phone at all.

                    • -1

                      @PainToad: My immigrant parents had to pay 17% interest on their mortgage, so get off whatever you're smoking. I'm quite sure they'd trade that for 3% interest and being able to buy nice expensive things or do other things with that money like helping their kids financially or travel. Kids these days.

                      • +6

                        @Trishool: GTFO mate.

                        Yes they did have it hard and I don't want to down play that. But you know what? The average family then worked 5 days a week. They survived.

                        Whilst millenials families work an average 8-10 days just to cope with rates not beyond 7% (although current rates are lower, in the last few years banks use a higher value when determining lending). And for their money they get a small piece of land far away that adds family stress due to time lost in a commute. If 17% rates hit within the next 20 years or so then there will be comparatively more millennials defaulting too.

                        Not only that, but the mining boom gave wage boosts. Anyone with a pre-boom mortgage suddenly has much greater capacity to pay it off. Since the mining boom the generation your parents are from is now usually asset rich. With the wage rise they are now usually cash rich (relative to what they used to be) too.

                        To top it off, job security (possibly not for your parents being immigrants) is lower than it's ever been.

                        It's scary how many people I know who have been made redundant, even pre-covid. Or could never get permanent (instead of casual) work.

                        Life is now WAY harder. Yes in this generation there are some nice distractions that assist to forget how hard things are. Yes phones are way too expensive and anyone trying to get ahead can do better than spending $$$ on phones. But financially life is worse.

                        I'm a post boom doing well, I consider myself VERY lucky, but I've overcome disadvantage by nature, nurture and effort. I feel for other young people, I really do. Because it's frustrating to need to be a couple comprising two engineers to buy a house that was once able to be bought by a painter and housewife.

                        What I can't deal with that our parents did though, is war. That's fkd up. I hope we never have to know what it's like. That's their true hardship. And immigration experiences vary but can be in the same vein.

                        • -6


                          What I can't deal with that our parents did though, is war. That's fkd up. I hope we never have to know what it's like. That's their true hardship. And immigration experiences vary but can be in the same vein.


                          GTFO mate.

                          Yes they did have it hard and I don't want to down play that.

                          Yep perhaps you should also stop smoking whatever you're on. Your comment only came back full circle.

                          OMG I cant afford the latest phones, I must have Netflix, Spotify and branded clothes and shoes. Jeez mate. Seriously. If only we were so lucky back in the day. My parents both worked hard, probably much more harder than the sobby arsed snobs these days who feel so entitled to everything. Being immigrants and not looking or sounding like the rest, and having english as a second language made it all the more tougher to land a job in itself. With low paying jobs, everything from paying bills, schooling, and medical costs, along with just general cost of living wasn't just a stretch, it was an every day struggle. I wouldn't assume that just because you've paid off a mortgage at 17% that you're asset rich as a 1st gen immigrant. These are major assumptions of yours, which is easy to have if you're white with all that privilege. Yes war and after that immigration (and the racism that came with it) made life horrible, not better, especially financially. But that's easy to overlook if your skin is pale.

              • @Fabio08: I would like 4 at least. So the whole selling point of a mid range phone is that I have to buy multiple phones in the span of a single flagship? So I would need to buy 2 of these phones over 4 years at $1200?

                • +2

                  @onlinepred: That would still end up cheaper than a flagship, not no. You could buy a $200 Samsung if you wish and run it to death. My point remains that for the majority of people buying phones, having 5 years of updates is probably the lowest priority on their list. If you need to get 5 years out of it, and your finances are that tight, I'd question why you're spending more than $200 on a phone anyway.

                  • +1

                    @Fabio08: Only if you buy phones RRP, this is OZB mate. I got my current s10e for $700, specs are far beyond the 4a.

            • @onlinepred: Since when does Samsung get 4 years…. They only get 2 major OS upgrades which is 2 years.

              • @rupp1e: 2 years major and 4 years security. I believe from S20 onwards? Not sure if they include s10 in the new changes. It's to push it for business, and also with the new partnership with Microsoft. S7 is still getting security updates, only quarterly though.

        • +1

          The iPhone SE starts at $749, so the pixel is $150 less

          • +1

            @rupp1e: Yep, if you factor in performance, features, support, it's a hard sell. I doubt the plastic 4a with Gorilla Glass 3 will last 3 years, even the CPU is laggy right now as reviewers have pointed out, compare that to the SE with currently the best mobile CPU on the market, and actual quality materials and build with longer and better support. I wouldn't buy either as they are way too basic for me, but I definitely wouldn't touch the 4a at this price, I would 100% consider at $500 as a budget phone. I think those that would buy the 4a only want a phone for 1-2 years, and would rather spend more in the long run, but less in the short term.

        • +1

          I agree that the iphone SE is in every way a better phone except for the screen, the battery and the camera (for photos, not video; iphone SE’s video is far superior to anything from Google).
          The thing is, the tiny size of the screen on the iphone SE is a real dealbreaker. It’s just too small. Literally no manufacturer is offering screen sizes this small in 2020. I’ve owned the iPhone 7 for the past 4 years, and the size of the screen is my only major complaint. So I’d buy the 4A over the SE any day, regardless of specs. Otherwise I would have upgraded to the SE months ago.

        • +1

          The SE 2020 looks like the now ancient relic the iPhone 8. Also the camera from what I recall lacked night mode? While the A13 is an impressive SoC to have, I found even the snapdragon 670 opens most apps in a fraction of a second. Really I would prefer having a 2020 design over that SoC. Each to their own. :)

    • +3

      This comment is about as relevant as saying if the new Samsung or Apple dropped to $500 they'd be a killer of the opposition.

      The literal point of the 'a' markets for Google with the 3a and now 4a is creating a budget to mid-tier level.

      • I been using the Nexus 1/S - 5X and Pixel and currently on Pixel 2 Walleye.
        The move to flagship has raised the prices but I am glad there now a mid tier model line.

        Hence, I've been watching Pixel 3a prices and waiting for them to drop. I hope the launch next month drops the price to around $300-400 mark.

    • -2

      And wireless charging and water proof and a bright display and multiple cameras etc etc. This is such a rip off

      • +3

        This phone isn't for me, but for anybody looking, it's hardly "such a rip off" and our prices are hardly being ripped off on the conversion like you suggest.

        It's $349($490) +local tax… Say it's California's 7.74% tax, it comes to $376 ($527aud). Unlike the US, we are getting earphones in the box so the branded earphones for ~$50 is quite justified.

        • So it has $73 earbuds..

        • It comes with ear buds? Is that a first for Google? I'm quite sure the Nexus line never came with ear buds, not sure about the Pixel range though.

          • @Trishool: Pixel 1 and pixel 2 definitely came with earbuds but bundled separately.

    • +2

      Agreed, brilliant phone for an every day user. Superb camera, good battery life, good performance, great interface and a stylish design.

      I'm a heavy user so always move towards phones with bigger batteries, but even I can appreciate this for what it is. This should be high on the list for anyone that isn't interested in flagships but wants a great performing android.

      Huge credit to Google for actually making an attractive design and not rolling out a style from 5 years ago. If only all brands could do the same instead of putting a Ferrari engine inside a Holden Barina body.

      • The basic design is similar to an LG G2 from 2015. I mean it's a slab with a screen on it.

        • +1

          So, just like every other phone, aye?

          • @Trishool: Literally haha. Except this one has a big camera bump from the pixel 4, but without extra sensors.

        • +1

          I mean yeah, that could be said about anything. How else do you want a phone to look? With that mindset, all humans look the same. Everyone has eyes, a nose, a mouth etc.

          • @18: 100% agree, I was just commenting on "Huge credit to Google for actually making an attractive design and not rolling out a style from 5 years ago", because it's basically the same thing as the Pixel 2, which is mostly the same as 2014 Motorollas

            • +2

              @onlinepred: This looks nothing like a phone from 5 years ago. No capacitive buttons and minimal bezels. Compare that to what you get with the SE and it's laughable… But wait, you don't care about design.

              • @Fabio08: SE has a metal frame, quality build, flagship internals and features. You win some and you lose some either way you go. IMO the SE is a classic design, and most android phones can't even hit that design peak. I wouldn't get it as it's too small for me, but objectively speaking it still looks and feels premium as. I mean pixels had the biggest bezels and notches every year.

                Yes I care about design, and the design of this phone is bland, and unimaginative. They kept a huge square camera lens that houses 3 sensors and a flash, then just put a flash and a single sensor in it. I mean the just reused design. I'm keen to see what pixel 5 will be like, but this one is a wash for me.

                Also while you are at it, google LG G2. Slim bezels, button on the back, single camera. 2013

                • +1

                  @onlinepred: Just google'd it, you are right. Both phones are rectangular, black, with a screen on the front and a camera on the back. Matter of fact, looks like the SE must have copied the LG G2 as well!

    • +1

      A flagship killer that the OS lags at release? Terrific.

      • But it's not a flagship killer?

        It's a mid range device.

      • How do you know the OS is lagging at release? I didnt know the phone has actually released yet? Some of the reviewers get their hands on an early version of it that doesnt have the finalised software (which is why many new phones have a software update waiting for them the moment they connect to a network) on it, and those performance issues are generally resolved before the phone lands in the hands of the general public.

      • +1

        "Flagship killer" is an excellent way to demonstrate that you have zero idea about this phone.

  • +15

    So what's the deal here? I'd literally rather 1% cashback or a pencil rather then three months of free crap. Is this pre release price cheaper than the release price will be?

    • +1


    • +1

      The fact that they skimped out on a physical freebie is probably enough to stop you from pre-ordering but tbh I don't remember the last time a pre-order was significantly cheaper than retail release

  • +1

    Great specs for the price and guaranteed Google updates for a few years.

    • One year less than Samsung. Also this price is $100 less than what I paid for my s10e over a year ago, which has better specs.

      • +1

        Samsung gives 2 years of android updates, you only get security updates after that and at a reduced rate for the final year.

  • How are they squeezing out 24hr battery life?

    • Looks like software optimisation - something about the ability to reduce strain on battery from stuff running in the background.

    • They stop anything running in the background

    • +1

      … by having the phone off for 23hrs?

  • +7

    Or just sign up via Indian VPN and get it for few bucks a months forever.

    • +1

      He's not talking about the phone sadly

    • any ideas how long that deal will last?

      • get it for few bucks a months forever.

        But I personally doubt this timeframe LOL

  • +1

    Mi 9T with SD730 last sold at JB for $399. Pros and cons of both about equal IMHO.

    • +1

      Lowe battery capacity of the Pixel kills it though. It's not Apple where they can get away with it. Android chews thru battery

    • -1

      The only reason to go with Google is software updates and maybe the camera (will wait for reviews on that one).

      Google already slipped into their press release that the 5 is coming later this year (the 4a release was done via a blog post, no fancy online launch, nothing), so I think even Google isn't putting a lot of stock in the 4a.

      • The 3A was their best selling phone by a mile, and they'd be silly not to release an updated version. The Pixel 5 was always coming (as expected), it's just that the 4A was delayed by a few months due to Covid19.

        Camera reviews I've seen say it's as good as flagship phones twice the price, and way better than anything else you can buy new in this price range.

        • And yet, no 4a XL. It makes sense but Google is treating it like a redheaded stepchild.

          Camera is exactly the same as the 3a and 4 camera, so considering the 3a has been significantly cheaper than $700 and the much faster 4 has been around $700, plus the 5 is around the corner with, presumably, the first actual camera update Google has done in a while, I'm not sure this has quite the appeal as the 3a had the first time around.

          The Redmi K30 Pro is in this price range and has a flagship SoC and a really well reviewed camera. $700 ain't exactly cheap, especially when you consider year old flagships usually sit in this price range.

          • +1

            @freefall101: I agree that $700 isn't cheap - the 4A is substantially, meaningfully cheap at $600.

            Google is simplifying their product line to make the 4A as cheap as possible. A single SKU (colour, capacity, size) makes supply chains etc really simple and that single mid-size (in between the 4 and 4XL) is intended to be a good compromise. I think they've managed to hit the right price with the emphasis on the right features.

            Google is still happy to sell you a Pixel 4 (now at a discounted price) if you'd prefer the more compact size and the faster CPU. Or you can wait for the Pixel 5, which will be substantially cheaper and quite likely have a better camera array. Any of these choices are okay with Google, and to be honest.

            There's no way I'd recommend anyone buy a Redmi over a Pixel. It simply doesn't have the warranty, the longevity of updates and updated features, or the software experience, that a Pixel does.

            • -1

              @klaw81: So basically you're telling me the reason to go with Google is software updates and maybe the camera? Never would have thought it! :p

              Also typo on the price. The k30 pro has also been around $600.

              • @freefall101: Don't kid yourself, the camera on any chinese phone other than flagship huawei will never compete with anything google put out. Yes the camera has been the same as the one released in late 2018 but it still consistently beat any manufacturer with image quality. Having the top of the line SoC also isn't an accurate representation of it will perform day to day not to mention the bloat thats preinstalled on the phone.

    • +3

      Comparing the hardware is only half the story. Mi 9T isn't even close when it comes to smooth operation, battery efficiency, software refinement and camera performance.

      There are plenty of Chinese manufacturers slapping together random hardware combinations, half-arse a few drivers to make it work, give it a shiny paint-job and ship it. There's no real 'design,' very little optimization, no firmware updates to fix issues. That's why they're so cheap. OnePlus and Huawei are some of the very few Chinese makers that bother to spend time and money making their devices run nicely, and actually update their software to patch issues.

      The real value is the user experience you can get from less than premium hardware by writing good code. Pixel phones have always been a bit better than their parts list would suggest because of the excellent software and optimization.

      This phone is an easy recommend for non-tech family and friends - so many people just want "a nice phone with a decent camera and battery life" and this hits all the right spots.

  • +1

    the phone itself looks decent for the price. hopefully they come out with an XL version, a slightly bigger screen would be nice :)

  • +1

    I’ll stick to my pixel 3 xl for now.

  • +4

    I want a deal. not 3 months craps causing another payments after.

  • +7

    349/0.71? AUD price should be $499, OZs are ripped off by Trump.

    • +8

      plus GST makes it $550, so just $50 Australia tax.

      • +2

        iphone se USD 399 and AUD 749.
        399/0.71 AUD 562 +10% GST = AUD 618..

        Oi Trump!!!!

      • Extra year warranty, stronger consumer protection laws. Probably the price was also decided when the Aud was much weaker too, since its recently seen an increase in value. Do we revaluate when the dollar slips back to 65 cents against the US dollar?

    • Edgy.

  • +1

    Why is this a deal? RRP but you get a trial of YouTube premium for the months……

    Who would release a phone right now that you can't wash easily…..

  • -3

    Desperate much, Google?

  • What is the comparable Samsung phone to this? I understand it doesn't compare to a Chinese brand, but having a look at similar Samsung's is probably more relevant….
    A51 or something? Seems similar pricing and specs..?

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