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Fiskars Axe & Xtract Saw Pack, $89, Online Only - Click and Collect @ Mitre 10 or Home Timber and Hardware


Fiskars are a high quality brand and make a great axe!

The X25 Axe in this deal sells for $120 to $160 individually. You also get the Xtract saw ($40ish value) included in this deal which makes it incredible value.

Best for large logs with diameter of more than 30 cm
Thick blade gives extra momentum to split even the thickest logs
Perfect balance between the head and shaft
Ultralight and durable FiberComp™ shaft minimises fatigue and makes the axe virtually unbreakable
New optimal anti-shock 3D surface and hooked end of the handle ensures a comfortable, firm grip preventing the shaft from slipping out of the hand
The axe comes with a plastic sheath for easy carrying and storage.

Click and Collect at your nearest Mitre 10. This is listed as an Online only 48 hour special but I can't see when the deal start / ends.
It seems Home Timber & Hardware (Also owned by Metcash) is also in on the deal if there is a store closer to you: https://www.homehardware.com.au/fiskars-axe--xtract-saw-pack...

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  • Paypal checkout seems to be glitched on Mitre 10's website :(

    • I just tried it but I can't tell for sure whether the transaction went through. I guess I'll wait and see if an e-mail comes through.

  • +4 votes

    I've got an X25. Quality splitting axe. Cuts green wood like butter.

    Very nice price on this special.

  • Can anyone make out what pruning saw it is? Can't make out the model number on the packet when enlarging the picture

  • Thanks OP. Think I'll grab one. I can't see what size the Axe is? Do you know if it is XL? Cheers.

  • Trying to find a use for the axe. Definitely have a use for the saw.

    Wood fire can't be good for your health, right?

  • +7 votes

    When Rona morphs into Zombie Plague, this will be a highly sought after piece of equipment.

    I reckon buy 3 just in case.

    • Reckon u r correct.

    • I'm trying to decide whether I should purchase an axe for this scenario.
      I already bought a chainsaw (deal) which is a somewhat traditional tool to use.
      However I also bought a pole-saw, which although possibly more unwieldy, I feel the distance it provides from handle to tool-head offers much more of a safety margin.

  • Man i wish the X5 hatchet was on sale.

  • Here's Johnny

  • Nice Axe!

  • Can this cut zombies?

  • That's a great axe. I bought it from Bunnings a few months ago for $119 and I use it all the time to split Jarrah blocks and it eats them for breakfast. Some may find the longer X27 splitter may be a better fit for them - you really need to try both.

    I imagine the saw is pretty good but a better option is an 18V reciprocating saw with a pruning blade. I have a Makita M18 Fuel recipro and I use Diablo blades - a very productive combination

    • I've got an x27 for splitting because when checking the length of an x25 there's the potential to swing it past the ground and into my legs.. Something to consider for peeps..

  • Is this an axe or maul? I ask because I have the X27 maul (ie. wood splitting axe) and have been wanting to get a matching axe (for felling trees). In the picture, this appears to be a splitter.

  • Thanks. i have the pruning saw already (good kit) and i have an x7 as well. this is a nice splitter :)

  • Damn, no postage and no store within 5km.

  • Awesome! Was just looking at one the other day. Glad I held out.

  • What kind of axe do i need for a fricking huge diameter stump?

    I don't understand if it's a splitter or other type i need

    • Dynamite.

    • You could potentially use an axe be be prepared for hours or even days of backbreaking work. You need to hire a stump grinder.

    • a normal axe is for cutting stuff down, a splitter is for breaking up large pieces into smaller chunks, generally breaking down dry firewood into manageable pieces.

      For a tree stump, i'd suggest a shovel and a lot of free time. (unless you just want to hack at it and cover it over?)

      • This thing probably has a taproot that I'll never get out. The last chunk of root I got out had a diameter as big as my hand for as long as my car. The stump is probably a metre diameter. I'd never get a shovel under it nor would it survive the leverage.

        So yes I'm thinking of taking chunks out of it, at least enough to properly kill it. Drilling and dumping undiluted blackberry killer in the holes didn't do it.

        • I've done something like this:

          • Use chainsaw or axe or whatever you want to cut the stump up down to ground level

          • You can use the shovel to clear the dirt away around the stump (to below ground level) to minimize blunting the chainsaw blade..

          • Use a sledgehammer to them smash the stump to remove all the bits..

          Once you have basically got the tree stump below ground level, you can apply lime over the top and cover it and leave for however long you can (a few days.. a couple of weeks.. etc)

          This should decompose the top layer further..

          At this point - you could simply fill in what is now a 'hole' rather than a stump.

          Over the next few years you'll see a gradual drop in the soil level.. just keep topping it up.. (so it doesn't become a trip hazard)..

  • Will not accept any payments

  • Is there another piece of equipment that's comparable to this (and has delivery)? And how much (don't want to spend over $300) besides those pole saw things? I'd buy this if there was delivery because of…lockdown.

    I've never used a chainsaw and they looked scary and complicated to use-not to mention heavy.

  • I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok.

  • Store within 6km. Yep, I'll take it.

  • Just ordered one. Thanks OP.
    Didn't get an order confirmation email though, anyone else not get a confirmation after ordering?

  • Needed a new splitter, the Jackson and Spear one I currently have looks like the shaft has stretched and wants to break! The Mitre 10 website is kind of broken on my android phone and PayPal kept failing on any device… Thanks OP!

  • Looks like it's sold out now.

  • Stores with stock not matching online price!

  • Where do dem batteries go? ;)

  • Is click and collect allowed at hardware storesi for non-tradies in Melbourne after today?

  • Anyone been contacted for collection yet?

  • I got called to collect yesterday which i did.
    The axe actually go blunt near the top corner from first use.. not sure how as i only had clean hits which was amazing. But I'm more impressed with the xtract saw. I can't stop cutting branches as it works amazingly!!

  • Got a call. Mine is expected in Tassie store end August.

  • Got the call yesterday. Ready for pickup!

    I'll get in there over the weekend.

  • Picked it up this morning and while I was there purchased the axe sharpener too.

    Gave it a couple of swings and wow this is a thing of beauty. Love it!

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