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[PC, Prime] 5 Games - Shaq Fu, Warsaw, Treachery in Beatdown City, Blazing Chrome, Chroma Squad, Free on @ Twitch


5 new games to add to your collection;

  • Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn
  • Treachery in Beatdown City
  • Blazing Chrome
  • Chroma Squad

Twitch Prime members, add them for free to your accounts.

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  • Was going to buy blazing Chrome on xbox. I guess I don't have to now!

    • Thoroughly enjoyed it when it was available on Gamepass. Managed to finish it so no hurry to replay it anytime soon but glad to have a copy accessible. Old school in many ways…including difficulty!

  • You'll pay for that, you fat-fingered vulgarian.

  • Had Blazing Chrome in my wishlist for a while so this is appreciated. And Shaq Fu is novelty I wouldn't pay for but will have a bash for a few minutes if its included in my Prime sub. Chroma Squad is a great game too for fans of XCOM and Power Rangers.

  • "Sign up to play this laughably bad Genesis game"?

  • Hi Guys
    Ive had prime membership for almost 2 years but i haven't really explored what twitch is.
    Can somebody please share a little info about this and how you access/play there games?

    • Twitch is a live streaming platform mostly centred on gamers and is owned by Amazon. Simply sign up for an account on there, link your Amazon Prime to your Twitch account, then click the icon in the top right on the Twitch website to bring down a menu. There you can click "claim offer" to add the games to your account. Then simply download the Amazon games app on your PC (it's like Steam, Epic, Uplay, etc) and install any games you claimed.