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[Switch] The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim $39.95 @ Nintendo eShop


This price back on switch eShop. Let’s see if Amazon will again price match in couple of days!

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  • Amazon have never price matched a digital sale…

  • Amazon have never ever matched a digital price

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    Amazon have never ever price matched a digital sale…

  • A digital price, Amazon have never ever matched.

  • Link to a review of this game on the switch


    • Don't trust this guy's opinion for much. He owns multiple Switch consoles, hundreds of games for the system (how would he get the time to give a valid opinion or critique of any of them) and worst of all, despite his clear economic stability, still keeps his P.O. box open for his "fans" to send him useless and expensive shit that he doesn't need during an economic crisis - all while using blatant reverse psychology to pretend he doesn't want anything more sent to him.

      • Btw… how is this game…is it worth? Currently I am finishing The Witcher and looking for good similar game ? Is it worth getting Digital copy ?

        • It won't live up to the same highs as Witcher in terms of story or world building, but will give you a fun open world to explore with more customisation options than Witcher. I'd also recommend physical over digital because of the game size, but that's preferential.

      • yeah, i loathe that guy too.
        he's super whiny and often overly negative.

  • Never ever have Amazon matched a digital price…

  • Not once could I recall that the online retailer Amazon has conducted a price match upon a digital price…

  • A price match, Amazon has not, in man's history, made for a digital price.

  • Digital price, Amazon, no no.

  • Forsooth! Yond, the online retail'r Amazon would nary compet'h with the merchant from Nintendo, in silv'r nor gold, nor digital price to beest hath found…

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    ever price matched digital price, amazon has not, hrrrrrrrrrrm.

  • Amazon damn well never has or ever will price match a digital sale.

  • Thanks for a free Grammar lesson on ozbargain! It's truly a bargain!

  • Also on a side note, personally I prefer digital as I don't sell games and as long as u have a decent SD card( I buy 128gb for about $24) you can carry your games wherever u go, that and you also get 5% back in e-shop money to spend in the future. Just my opinion.

  • digital price match = amazon no

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    I can't believe they try to sell this for $80, I wouldn't consider it unless it was 75% off and even then that's being generous. Don't get me wrong it's a great game but my god it's been out for so long…

    • There's two things about owning a switch… one, the nintendo tax

      two, the portability tax

      if you want a good sit down skyrim experience get it on pc

      if you want to play on the bus, then your choice is limited, its $40 on a switch or hit the bricks…

      • So, brickgames…remember when they were all we had…100 in 1 brickgames. Endless hours of fun!

  • Amazon digital price matching can be compared to International travel right now.. non-existent!

  • I've never had them price match a normal shop price. Last 3 times I tried they said Amazon doesn't price match physical stores.

    Any tips for how to get them to price match?

    • I think experts already advised above that amazon doesn’t price match digital estore….so decide wisely…anyway I have gone digital for this big size game 😊

  • Can anyone help…I've searched everywhere - Reddit, Google, whirlpool forums, deku deals…I even called jbhifi and EB games for assistance. No luck.

    I'm really stuck and dumbfounded on this and not sure if I should proceed with this deal. i urgently need to know this…

    Has Amazon ever price matched a digital sale?

    • What I know coincidently if there could be a similar price in past, but you may not be able to get the price match. So only option you have is to wait till 10th August if you get lucky with any Amazon deal, or wait till There would be any deal on this in future for physical game cartridge ….third consider this digital option on SD card 😊(I choose the last option)

  • Talking about flogging a dead horse. Will this game just die already.

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