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[VIC] Free Delivery for Orders Placed between 8pm and Midnight ($25 Min. Spend) @ Menulog (Melbourne)


Confirmed with Menulog online chat -

  • deal runs till 13 September
  • no $25 minimum spend

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Menulog has today announced that they will fund all delivery fees from Melbourne restaurants while the city is under curfew.

The offer is in place for all orders placed between 8 PM and midnight.

All Melbourne Menulog customers will find the free delivery code in the ‘For You’ section of the App.

Sending my thoughts to all Victorians. Hope this situation will be over for you soon.

Update: Requires $25 Minimum spend.

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Drivers/Couriers: random (14)

Referee gets $50 after completing 25 deliveries. Referrer gets $100. Courier/Driver Signup

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  • +5

    Jeez, that must hit their balance sheet pretty hard..

    • +22

      Considering they only pass on a smaller portion of delivery fees to drivers, and they would still be charging their ~30% to restaurants, Im sure it is within their regular promotion budgets for some free PR also.

      • +3

        Do drivers get $5 per trip or is it per KM? As I know a hack to delivery from non surrounding suburbs. I want to make sure I’m not ripping off the drivers.

        All good they get paid per distance. Phew.
        “Menulog – With Menulog, you receive a delivery fee based on driving time and distance. Your vehicle has to be a 1990 model or newer, fully registered and CTP insured and you must be aged 18 or over and have an open license. You have to provide commercial grade thermal bag or you can buy one from Menulog. With Menulog, you keep all the money you make as the company doesn’t take a commission on your fees.”

        • +3

          For ubereats I know they get both, around $3 for the pickup and roughly $1 per km for the distance, but it sounds like its even less now.

          When they pickup multiple orders under the $15 free delivery, they just get the $1 per km between the two addresses, whatever ubereats claims is the shortest possible route they could take.

          Technically they pay more, like $4.50 & $1.50/km, but then literally charge the driver at least 30% commission of what they pay them, to be able to label them as a job finder instead of employer.

          I looked it up a while back when the free delivery window started.

        • What's the hack brother as I live in Mickleham and get very few delivery options compared to CRAIGIEBURN which is the next suburb but has tons of options?

          • +6

            @kobescores: Just put a random address in near the restaurant and change it before you put your payment details

          • +2

            @kobescores: Just put a random address in near the restaurant and change it before you put your payment details (Check out).

      • +7

        Menulog has halved commission on all pick-up orders and has committed $3 million to a “restaurant marketing” package to promote local businesses.…

        Menulog reportedly charges around 10-15% commission.…

        • Good on them.

          • @bonezAU: They used to be 10% from back before drivers worked as open contractors and the restaurants would send their own driver, I imagine now they just have to be competitive like DoorDash, all fighting over limited marketshare.

    • Doubt it. Their balance sheet must be huge and market dominance now means making a fortune later. They should be borrowing money if necessary to keep giving out these deals and make their service become commonplace today. Soon enough drones and other robots will be delivering all our food and if Menulog is lucky they will have the money to buy the drones and the market dominance to put them to use, when the time comes.

  • +10

    great effort! as opposed to increasing the fee because we cant go out to collect takeaways.

  • -7

    Anyone got any tips regarding good restaurants that don't price-jack their items (or who price-jack only a little), and instead have huge delivery fees?

    • +45

      Think about it this way. These are small businesses who, to meet the growing demand of these food delivery services, and the lack of people who are willing to come and pick up their meals, are biting the bullet and opting into using Uber Eats, Menulog, Doordash etc.

      These companies take around 20-30% from the business just for the privilege of showing up on their apps.
      The small hospitality businesses already function on thin margins (Most people get into hospitality for the passion of providing people with a delicious and nourishing meal, not for profit) and this is PRE covid. Most of these businesses will be operating at a loss and just trying to weather this storm and get by in the hopes that they can make it through to the other side,

      In order to combat all of this they have to jack up their prices on these apps (Uber Eats being the worst offender), and pay someone a wage to deliver their food (menulog) just to keep existing for as long as they can.

      Instead of complaining about price jacking, look a little further beyond your plate and try to comprehend the bigger picture.

      If you want cheaper food and to support these local businesses, call them up and pick it up.
      You're paying for convenience, so don't talk shit about the hand that feeds you.

      • +2

        Well said,

        many people dont understand the magnitude of the fees taken by these companies,
        sure it is the choice of the venue to participate, so lets not get into the debate of whether these companies are evil or not

        you order a $40 meal, $13 goes to these companies, that multiplied by every order in the country, is a license to print money for them,
        30% is often more than the profit the restaurant makes after expenses, so many places even if they had 1,000 uber orders + 0 non uber orders make zero profit and probably would have been cheaper to not open that day

        as said by #sporange, if you really want to support the business, pickup the phone, call them, order and pick it up,

        if you are too lazy or think the 20-30% price hike plus delivery fee is worth it for you, then thats your choice and the price you pay for convenience

        • +1

          "30% is often more than the profit the restaurant makes after expenses, so many places even if they had 1,000 uber orders + 0 non uber orders make zero profit and probably would have been cheaper to not open that day"

          Why would they list on there if the marginal cost of the order was more than the revenue?

          • @witsa: everyone has their reasons but some of them are
            - because they feel if they dont, they are falling behind their competitors/market
            - to keep the staff occupied (especially during covid)
            - advertising
            - some products have higher markup than others so might be able to make a small profit if the customer orders them

            but there are heaps of potential negatives too,

          • @witsa: I was told that Pre-Covid it was a great way to minimise wastage due to the increased turnover.

      • +3

        I've known people to order the absolute bare minimum from their restaurant of choice via UE/Menulog, then call the store direct and add to the order and pay for the balance over the phone.

        • thats actually super smart!

    • +2

      Compare prices against their original menu's which you can usually find online. Usually just need to compare 1-2 items to get a sense of what their mark up is and whether its a percentage or just a dollar increase.

    • +1

      Depends on the area?

      With restaurants I'm familiar with I can see:
      - the prices on Menulog are their regular menu prices
      - some places also have been offering discounts for takeaways/pick-ups since COVID
      - some places are also offering discounts on Menulog to reflect the aforementioned discounts
      - some places are offering 'bulk packs' which are not offered in Menulog

      I haven't found any in my area that significantly price-jack their menu items on Menulog, to be honest. Interestingly there are some restaurants in my area that have closed their physical shopfront but seems to still be operating on Menulog.

    • +2

      Anyone got any tips regarding good restaurants that don't price-jack their items (or who price-jack only a little), and instead have huge delivery fees?

      Call restaurant directly and make order over the phone, then go down and pickup the food when it's ready. No price jacking with this method, works great for me can save $10 on some bigger orders and also get the food in 15min instead of 45min+

  • Restaurants can open after the curfew? I thought the staff have to be home by 8pm.

    • +10

      That's a curfew for non-work activities.

    • -3

      I believe food was one of the few reasons a single member of the house is allowed to leave? Within 5k of course.
      Not in VIC, so certainly correct me if I'm wrong.

      • +9

        Not after 8pm, only can leave for work.

          • +1

            @AussieZed: I think chemists shut down by 8 or 9pm.
            They would be flexible with emergencies I assume. Eg. don’t need to wear a mask in an emergency situation.

            • -1

              @Jumpup: There's a chemist near me that's open until midnight. Or at least was.

          • +7

            @AussieZed: Yep, I'm very glad they thought of that!

            "You may leave your home between 8pm and 5am for reasons including work, and essential health, care or safety reasons. You may also leave your home in an emergency."

            • -8

              @MasterScythe: Getting sick or cutting one self is not necessarily an emergency. "An emergency is a situation that poses an immediate risk to health" - getting a case of nausea or a bad headache is not an immediate threat to health, nor is a small cut to one's finger. I think when they made the exemption for "emergencies" they meant real ones.

              • +3

                @AussieZed: If you're injured and you need something from a pharmacy… that's essential health.

              • @AussieZed: No, those would fall under 'Care'

                As in Self Care.

          • @AussieZed: lol. love the sarcasm..

          • @AussieZed: Go to your ED.
            If it's for a minor cut, a nurse (triage nurse if not too busy, or if busy they will delegate appropriately) will bandage it up for you and if you're nice, they might give you spares for a night. You can go to the chemist the next day.
            Don't be a dick about it, we're all in this together.

  • +1

    'paid actor'

  • I think it is a win-win for restaurants, people & delivery business.

  • +3

    Late lunch 4-6 followed by hsp at 10pm every day. Nice :)

  • Malaysia has Grab Food, looking at their menu some prices are identical in store if not raised by only 5-10% and delivery fees are similar but can even be 2rm (70c aud if it's close by).

    • +5

      Yeah and the minimum wage there is also RM5/hr (AUD $1.7/hr)…

      • +1

        My point was the delivery fee reflects the pay to the driver and it's independent of how much you order. You pay for the service of delivery. With a markup on food, the more I want to order, the less incentive I have to use Uber and it's not as if the driver gets more unless I'm wrong. I think a lot of people agree in the sense that I'd rather a higher delivery fee than large mark ups on food

    • +1

      Malaysia also has minimum pay of rm5 or 1.60 aud. Quite a useless comparison don't you think.

      • +1

        Well I guess that depends on how much of these mark ups are going to the driver. Since it's mark up on food, the amount they make depends on how much I order. So if I order $100 worth of food, that's $30 and $5 delivery fee vs $20 worth of food for the same delivery fee. The profits are very different and I doubt the drivers pay for that order is dependent on how much I buy.

  • +17

    Snoop has managed to do something you rarely see in the real world.
    And, I'd imagine, is even rarer and harder to do in the "Rap Scene";
    He's managed to be taken completely seriously and mostly respected, while still being able to have a laugh at himself and do silly campaigns.

    He's also one of the few rappers I respect (as a non-rap fan) after seeing a behind-the-scenes thing, and seeing him refuse to be called a 'musician'; he then introduced his composer, who is his 'musician' he then explained that this guy 'writes the beats I tell my stories over top of'.
    Mad respect for that attitude.

  • +5

    It's a very nice gesture of support; I'm in Vic and am weighing the options of food/groceries, etc these days so it's a nice deal to have.
    Stay safe everyone; let's beat this virus!

    • +8

      I'm amazed how far groceries go if you serve them 'asian style'; on a small bowl full of rice, with a central serving plate (even if only for 1).
      You get a LITTLE rice with each scoop, helping fill you up, and since you have to re-fill your bowl many times, it makes you slow down your eating.
      Rice; gotta love it.

  • +1

    Good work MenuLog. I think they charge less commissions than Uber too.

    None of this targeted promotion code rubbish that Uber likes to spew.

  • +2

    I am sydney and I think this a great inititiave from Menulog. Well done!

  • -8

    Don't let these delivery services ruin Australia's takeaway industry. They take exorbitant fees and cause restaurants to cut back on staff as a result.

    Just ring up the restaurant and place an order the old fashioned way. You'll be passing on more money to the owners and they'll be grateful for it.

    • -1

      So you're saying there's nothing wrong with this deal, you just don't like their business?

      • There's a problem with the deal because there's alternatives available. I'm 100% sure you can ring up, say 'can you deliver for free like Menulog?' and all of them will say yes.

        • No 'all' will not deliver if they get a phone order. Many Menulog restaurants use Menulog drivers.

          With out menulog or what ever, these places would need to set up their own drivers, website, payment gateways, security, PCI compliance, hosting, blah blah blah. If it didn't work for them, then they wouldn't be using it. They aren't forced to sign up.

          It's actually a huge competitive advantage to use these services.

          • -2


            drivers, website, payment gateways, security, PCI compliance, hosting

            A restaurant will already have all of these things. Eftpos machines are portable, websites are cheap, store-hired drivers are common for most restaurants, PCI compliance is a non-issue.

            You say they aren't forced to use it, but they do sign up under the pretext that it will boost their sales. Eventually when everyone uses it, they are basically handing 15-30% of their profits to these companies. With the shoestring budgets in restaurants, it can eat away at profits and growth.

        • +1

          Many of them don't even deliver, much less for free.

        • So we should make the restaurants pay for the delivery? How does that help them?

          • +4

            @ransworld: The point they're making is that you ARE making the restaurants pay for delivery by using Menulog etc. - they're paying out a commission. Many small restaurants are using their existing staff to drop off deliveries for effectively free (you don't need to hire a driver when you have a handful of staff hanging around doing nothing while their wages are paid by Jobkeeper), so they are completely correct by stating you'd be helping them out by calling directly.

    • So don't let these services broden all the profits away from the restaurants?

    • It's not possible to ring a lot of places up anymore. Nandos, for example, no longer lists phone numbers for each store, they just have a general 1300 number. When you ring it, it says that you can't order directly by ringing the store anymore - it has to be online only.

      • +3

        I think it's beyond obvious that they aren't talking about huge chains!

      • Is this a recent change? I ordered Nando's on the phone a couple of months back

  • +5

    $25 min spend

  • +2

    Good work menulog. Loving to use you so far.

  • +24

    As a Restaurant Owner,

    I can confirm Menulog has the worst commission rates and all of the delivery drivers complain to us that they make the worst income. In regards to Promotions they actually charge us a marketing fee on top of the regular commission.

    Deliveroo is not much better.

    Ubereats was the only company that reduced our commission fee and on top reimburses our marketing fee.

    Menulog even with the reboot from eatnow Menulog is getting worse and worse as Menulog gets their drivers to do multiple deliveries leaving our customers food cold. Deliveroo does the same.

    As a restaurant owner I encourage people to call us for pick ups it just means we get to keep the extra 30% at this time. As we pay taxes and they don't. Even though they deduct the GST from Us.

    As far As I can say Ubereats has been kind and has Australian support Manager who actually answer your call and have overall better support and order priority over other deliver companies.

    Hope the Above helps a better insight from the restaurant end.

    • +5

      That's really interesting because it contradicts the general consensus on Ubereats and Menulog that I've been reading on OzBargain!

      Ubereats has always been associated with charging exorbitant commissions and underpaying drivers here.

      • +2

        Looks like they just rob different people

      • +5

        Yes they Initially started with 35% but have lowered our fees and furthermore have provided marketing fee (reimbursed), happy to send screenshots. Call any restaurant and ask them who they prefer you will get Ubereats. For us reimbursing marketing fee is great as we can offer free deliveries to our customers without occurring fees. Where as Menulog and Deliveroo dont. and we end up paying for marketing fees happy send screenshots. I urge all restaurant owners to call their Restaurant support managers who are local for further reimbursements they will be surprised by the support.

        Best is to call your local restaurant and ask them who they prefer, but you will be surprised to find that Ubereats looks after most.

        During this time as restaurant owner we found out which delivery partners care and which try to capitalize.

        • I'd be interested in these screenshots. Not because I don't trust you, but having evidence is always good.

    • This article says Menulog charge 10-15%

      How much are food service delivery commissions?

      During COVID-19 there has been a strong push to support local businesses and eateries that are still operating.

      An easy way to do this is through food delivery service apps, but what you might not know is the cut each service takes out of the bill, on top of the delivery fee.

      Many delivery services have since taken to reducing their commission during the crisis.

      Two weeks ago, UberEats temporarily dropped its commission from 35% to 30%.

      At the same time, Deliveroo dropped its commission to a flat 5% on some orders, while Menulog reportedly charges around 10-15%.

      Are they incorrect in their claims?

      • +5

        I wish they charged that, Ask your local restaurant. The above low rate is probably what they charge to Mc Donalds or other big enterprises.

        We had menulog when they absorbed eatnow. Their support dropped and they promised the world and delivered nothing. We were told they had new ownerc etc etc. But same old same old.

        Deliveroo’s is the same thats why they promote Mc Donalds over us little restaurants while charging them 15%.

        Like I said can send screenshots of the marketing fees they charge just advertise us under the big business. When I asked them they pretty much said that Mc Donalds on board is more important. Furthermore when orders go cold to customers because of order stacking they deduct from us. Atleast Ubereats absorbs the fee.

        I will reiterate once again call your local restaurant and ask if you like to support them.

        • Thanks for your response!

          I’m curious to see the screenshots now, now that you’ve mentioned it a couple of times.

          • @hashtagbargain: happy to send menulog ones but i cant attach images to this forum if you could suggest a way i can upload for your perusal.

            • @ethanlemarc: I'm curious if there are monthly sales targets involved for the restaurants that participate in Menulog.
              I feel guilty ordering from Menulog rather than phoning the restaurant directly, but, the restaurant never tries to prompt me to order this way. So I'm thinking that being on Menulog does increase customers and sales; and being on Menulog is better than those restaurants that are not.

              • @Crownie: Unfortunately These “delivery partners” say that offer us more market however in reality its only the ones that have the more market share of customers. Ie ubereats as they have more access to more customers. We have found that our customers switch from companies for the promotions but from the orders and the names they are just the same customers stirred within the same pool. We encourage our customers to phone in for take away and pickups. The only benefit to us with a average 30% commission is that they offer delivery deivers. however Ubereats has advised us that they are now working on restaurants own delivery driver option. Will update once it rolls out. they also mentioned that this option will have a very low commission which is good news for a change during this time.

          • +1


            Attached for your perusal.
            Marketing fee
            and amount earned.

          • +1


            Attached for your perusal.
            Marketing fee
            and amount earned

            do the math and you will come to the conclusion the restaurants don’t make much but at this time but we have no choice.

            • @ethanlemarc: Holly sheet you're paying for top placement ad every week?

              • @michaelTito: yes otherwise you dont get noticed they place you at the bottom. and on top you pay 30%.

                Ubereat does not charge this, they place you based on your rating and if you are new they promote you in all categories to get you going.

                Have been with all the delivery platforms since inception.

      • Nah you heard wrong.

        Ubereats 30%. Menulog 25-30%. Deliveroo 30%. Door dash 28%

    • +6

      I'm a menulog driver and I'm not sure it is only where i live but i can confirm that we make heaps more than uber eats drivers and far more than a driver deserves really

      • Thats depends but we have noticed most of our menulog drivers switch over to uber due to volume. we were surprised as they are pretty friendly people, and have it tough during this time. Some ares are still Menulog dominated as they Absorbed Eatnow.

    • Great to know, thanks for the advice

  • +5

    My coupon says min $25 spend.

  • Everything is ridiculously priced.

    • Because Menulog charge 30% commission.

  • Wouldn’t the store be closed by 8 due to curfew?

    • +1

      Deliveries only after 8, but we can still serve takeaway/pick up to essentials workers who are exempt from the curfew.

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