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[VIC] Free Delivery for Orders Placed between 8pm and Midnight ($25 Min. Spend) @ Menulog (Melbourne)


Confirmed with Menulog online chat -

  • deal runs till 13 September
  • no $25 minimum spend

Source -

Menulog has today announced that they will fund all delivery fees from Melbourne restaurants while the city is under curfew.

The offer is in place for all orders placed between 8 PM and midnight.

All Melbourne Menulog customers will find the free delivery code in the ‘For You’ section of the App.

Sending my thoughts to all Victorians. Hope this situation will be over for you soon.

Update: Requires $25 Minimum spend.

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  • +1

    Hopefully this means I can order a coffee after 8pm for delivery the next morning with free delivery.

  • How do you change an account's address?

  • +3

    Definitely $25 minimum spend.

  • Does it automatically apply the free shipping after this time?

  • I wonder if it will work for ordering next day dinner

  • +5

    minimum $25 order value

  • I got no coupon? because im in dandenong? not city? lame..

    • Check now, I have got the code but from Eastern suburbs, not from Dandenong though

  • minimum $25 spend please update OP

  • Has it shown up for anyone?

  • 8:10pm and no code yet

  • +2

    so much for no minimum spend, have to spend at least $25

  • +1

    The trick is to make your address in the city, go to the "For You", copy the code, change back to your address, proceed to the final step then apply the code then come back here and give me an upvote.

    Yes, can confirm - it's min $25 spend.

    Edit: I used 5 Swanston Street as my address if that helps.

    • Where and how do you change account address?

  • how do you actually get free delivery - I can't get it to work - I'm using >$25+ at restaurants.

    • You need a code from the "For You" section. You can only get the code if your address is in the city it seems. See my comment above for how I did it.

      • I'm melbourne cbd.

        • That's unusual. I used 5 Swanston St as my address and it appeared after not appearing before.

          • @oodian: Thanks, tried that address, clicked search then went to 'for you' and it is empty. The same result across two phones. Bugger!

          • +1

            @oodian: This is great… i live at 5 Swanston Street - keep the free food coming team :)

      • Works for me in outer suburbs. You have to be logged in.

    • There is no free delivery code in the ‘For You’ section of the App.

  • Not coming up, ever after setting CBD adress

  • -1

    No code. Waste of time

  • Is this the usual "Free Delivery" which is generally just $5 off? Or do they cover the whole delivery fee?

  • I've got the code in my "For You" section.

  • +1

    Set CBD address,Log out of existing account and log in via FB or new account . It'll come up in For you section

    • thank you, work for me

  • That’s nice if the food arrives. I ordered on Menulog a couple of nights ago, before the curfew started, and waited for over an hour with a couple of calls to Menulog to check where my food was and there were no drivers available. I’m in inner south east so you’d think there should be plenty available. Perhaps all work for UberEats and Deliveroos instead.

  • -1

    My code also isn't appearing. App address interface is terrible.

  • Never get the code

  • -1

    Did somebody says shilllog, install a useless app and charge me for delivery.

    • LOL

  • I tried this at this exact time for KFC 2 weeks ago, and I got charged delivery.

    Upon complaining to them, I got the following reply;

    "Thank you for contacting us. I'm very sorry but I've been checking your order and can confirm that the reason for the discount not to apply is that your address is not part of the Metropolitan Melbourne area."

    …I live in Ringwood… :/

  • Merged from Menulog spinning lies on free delivery in VIC

    TL;DR: Menulog are lying about the free delivery in VIC between 8pm-Midnight and are weasels.

    As many of you know, https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/556310 was posted and it was supposed to be "[VIC] Free Delivery for Orders Placed between 8pm and Midnight ($25 Min. Spend) @ Menulog (Melbourne)"

    Now, I am not blaming the OP of that post. Not in the slightest. They weren't to know Menulog are weasels.

    Unlike the success people have had, I have been left with a $10 voucher because of the following arguments;

    I know I might be splitting hairs over $8.95 delivery from KFC but, neither of these arguments are valid, and I wanted to get stories from other people.

    • +1

      Ringwood is in metropolitan Melbourne? I've seriously had nothing but poor experiences with Menulog this year and have complained to them multiple times. I've deleted the app and unsubscribed from their crap.

      • +1

        It's only 25~ minutes from the city!
        Metro Melbourne is like 10,000 km2

        • +1

          Exactly - my question was agreeing with you. I'm in outer suburbs and they like to pull that rubbish too. If you're on the metro train line, I consider it metropolitan Melbourne.

          • @spersephone: That's basically what the State Government considers Metro Melbourne too!

            Yeah, this experience has definitely soured my view on Menulog, and it's made worse that it took them 12 days and a follow up email to even get that first stupid response.

            Still waiting on a response to the second bs answer as I snapped back at them yesterday.

    • Never had an issue with Menulog - but in saying that, I am too cheap to order from a restaurant that uses Menulog delivery drivers. Therefore im much less likely to encounter issues like this.

    • +1

      I completely agree. I live in the CBD and still can't get free delivery. I've raised this complaint with their team but they haven't gotten back to me. Utterly disappointed.

      • PM me and I will send you the details of the person who finally fixed my issue

  • Can't get this offer to come up.. Bugger.

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