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Lenovo C340-11 Chromebook + Lenovo Smart Clock $399 - JB Hi-Fi


I've been watching these on the Lenovo site.
Feb RRP $399
April RRP $406
June RRP $604

Just noticed that Lenovo has them on "special price" of $399 at the moment.

Looking at JB HiFi they have them on "special" for $399 plus a "free" Lenovo Smart Clock RRP $99.

Not a bad deal if you can make use of the Smart Clock or flog it to recoup some $$$ :)

Love mine and it meets 90% of my (meagre) needs. :)

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  • Basically at EOL due to new 2020 models (flex 5, lenovo 3) released in USA and the Duet here for $599.
    Will get far cheaper than this.

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      EOL but they'll have Chromeos support till June 2026.

      I was interested in the Duet when it was released but RRP $299USD to RRP $599 AUD was WAY too much of a jump for me.

      I'll be interested in the Flex 5 when it's released here but suspect again that I'll find it hard to justify when my $299 (effectively, bought with the $100 voucher deals in Feb)
      C340 unit does me fine.

      My dual boot Windows/Linux Mint E7270 does my 10% heavy lifting.

      • Do you think the duet is a good idea as an alternative to an android tablet? I have never had an android tablet, so I have no experience.

        • I have one and it replaced a Samsung Tab A 10 (2018).
          I felt that the Tab A was probably a tad snappier running android apps, but am enjoying the overall performance of the Duet. The included case and keyboard make it a winner for me and it runs really well, and you can run your android apps on it as well. I find it easy enough to use the web based versions of Netflix and Kayo rather than the apps since the apps can be a bit hit and miss in terms of scaling etc.

  • +1

    Looks like a decent Chromebook for the price, thanks for sharing OP.

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    Can it FullHD? 720p is junk! I buy 720p Dell 7240 for $180

    • +3

      Can't really compare a used 6 year old laptop to a new EOL Chromebook

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        They both 720p which is junk. I rather pay $180 for junbk thens $400. The emmc is also junk.

        • +2

          720p is fine for an 11-inch screen, stop exaggerating.

  • $400 is the normal price.. I bought one early in pandemic for normal price of $397

    Since then there was a discount at a lower price which I claimed on my price protection insurance.

  • I have recently put Chrome OS onto a few old windows laptop/tablet, including surface 4 pro.

    A few issues like webcam and mic but working fine.

    • I tried both Cloudready and Brunch on my E7270 and both had problems with the webcam and mic :(

      • I has Appleos on my 7240. Better than chromeos

    • Did you go Chromium OS route, if so could you please share me the link , I'm planning to dual boot a Pro 6, thanks

  • I got this at the beginning of the year and had it replaced because of a dead pixel and dodgy wifi connection out of the box. The store manager said he had never had a return on this model and was quite surprised. the replacement has a loose touchpad which apparently is a common issue for a lot of modern laptops but wasn't a problem on the first one. I'm a chrome os convert now and originally questioned buying it because of the screen res but it's a good price for an around the house media device. If it's for work or higher education I would get something better if you can afford it

  • On a PC, when I keep browser open, all the tabs stay loaded and waiting for me where they were. Same with applications.

    On a tablet or a phone, only the last couple of apps and browser tabs stay loaded; after a while, when you get back to an app or a tab, it reloads its contents.

    Is a chromebook more a PS or a tablet/phone disguised as a laptop?

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      I don't think it's as straightforward as is it a PC or a tablet/phone; but in general, this is more like a PC… but with limited RAM, I wouldn't be expecting miracles as tabs will not stay 'active'.

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