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[Back Order] Ionmax Dehumidifier ION612 $369 Delivered @ Appliances Online


I had this on watch on eBay and saw the price drop from $469 to $369 but no delivery to my area via eBay. Went direct to the website and same price and do deliver to my area.

This unit is capable of up to 7L of moisture extraction per day, ideal for daily use to keep your humidity levels optimum. It covers large areas from 20 to 30m2 and provides expansive room coverage with its automatic louvre and three-directional adjustment. The controls at the top of the unit are easy to use, including setting the convenient 8-hour timer. There’s also a laundry function which helps to dry your laundry.

In addition to being an effective dehumidifier, it features an air purifier with silver nano technology. This technology prevents the growth of bacteria on the filter, improving the quality of air in your home.

Mod Update: Estimated delivery 19th November 2020

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  • Good for survival gear, if it produces up to 7L of water per day.

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      At the expense of electricity, lol.

    • An Ozbargainer would drink one's own urine for survival.

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      A good deal. Kogan (and the dick) * smith are way over their normal price for these - currently @ $ 469. They are normally a bit over $300 plus delivery. In june 2019 I got one for $299 delivered.
      I recently did even better and thought it was still available, but the loophole has shut. Kogan's latest dick style acquisition is Matt Blatt, who had the ION610 (which is a slightly smaller version everything else pretty much the same) advertised for two different prices. Understandably I picked the lower price, and got one for $255. Unfortunately they have now realised the two prices, and only have it for $349 + delivery.

      These critters are useful in a few ways - the dessicant principle means just about all the power used ends up as hot air, so they make handy low output heaters in an enclosed room while doing their thing. And while I wouldn't expect too many ozbargainers to use distilled water in their irons (who irons their clothes/ hankies/jocks?), the "waste water" which is distilled water, costs about $1 a litre at the supermarket, and is good for topping up batteries, filling/ topping up vehicle radiators (depending on your cooling system) and in my case maintaining water levels of ever hungry huge old deep cycle batteries for off grid power.
      Remember that dessicant dehumidifiers thrive at lower room temperatures, where compressor dehumidifiers are better in warmer humid/ tropical conditions
      Oh… and power consumption is pretty low - cuppla hundred watts average… noice in winter to take the edge of the cold in the bedroom or summat

  • Was actually wanting to buy this for a small room but went with this instead from Amazon. My wallet gave in to the price tag.

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      That thing is tiny and will struggle with anything larger than a wardrobe. Gets good reviews, but note one says got an inch of water after 72 hours! Feeble.

      I have the Ionmax 612 and can highly recommend it (out of stock now though).

      • Yeah, I half regret buying a $70 peltier model from Amazon. I was hoping it would do a bedroom, which it might - if the door was closed and there were no people in it.
        It just manages to keep the small ensuite dry overnight.

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          Cancelled my order with Amazon and decided to get this instead.

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    I have both a Ionmax 610 and 632 (different models to this deal) to deal with moisture and mould issues in an apartment and it's a life saver. I paid probably $100 more years ago. This price is a steal!

    If you have any moisture issues that lead to mould this will save you money and headaches instantly.

    I use my 610 which is similar to this 612 model, in my bathroom and gets full in about 4-5 days.

    I use my other 632 in the living room and has a much larger capacity and tank and takes much longer to fill up.

  • Sorry in advance if this wrong question or totally different thing

    I use DampRid for 3 bathrooms in my home. Cost about $17 for refill and it works for good 2-3 months for all 3 bathrooms.

    Is this dehumidifier sounds better than using DampRid

    • damprid will really only do a specific location, unless you're also going to run a fan to circulate air.
      And if you're going to do that, you'd have to buy new refills every few days.

    • This is an appliance that you plug into an outlet. For this particular model, it's a "desiccant" type dehumidifier. It will suck in air, and run it through a moisture absorbing material, which will be heated and dry air pushed out into the room. The water will be collected into a vessel in the machine and you can dispose of that regularly (or some models have a drain hose option".

      • Hey how do you know this is a dessicant dehumidifier? Unless I'm blind or something.
        Just been in the market for one, and if this is true dessicant I'll probably buy 3 to run in all my rooms.

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          virtually every website that sells these except appliances online list it as Ionmax 7L Desiccant Dehumidifier (ION612) copied from Kogan

        • @diazepam
          Looks like @iand already answered your question, but to further support that, in the Appliance Central link, there's a user manual, which refers to it as Desiccant:

          If you're after a beefy desiccant one, have a look at these also:

          There's 2 Ausclimate models and as far as I have gathered, the 'premium' one performs the same (10L per day) as the non-premium (also 10L), but it doesn't weigh as much.
          The Ionmax ION632 also does 10L per day.
          From everything I've gathered, domestic desiccant dehumidifiers seem to top out at 10L on the upper end, so I'm guessing those three models should run about the same. One thing to be conscious of is that the 10L models there will use fractionally more electricity than the 7L model in OP's listing.

          If you haven't already, have a look at this, which compares compressor vs desiccant. Depending on your climate and needs, you could be better off with one or the other or either.

          • @mudkipz: I’d get the 632 if there’s a chance you want to do big areas, or smaller ones fast. Yes at full power it uses more power and is louder, but of course you can always run it on low. Just more expensive to buy. The 610 would do a decent sized room, it’ll just need to be on longer. Two 610’s would be quite versatile in a larger house.

        • More info here from the distributor page:

          as the name says "Ionmax ION612 Desiccant Dehumidifier"

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      Damprid is literally 100 times more expensive before long. I am not joking.

      • Thanks.

    • I've used DampRid for 3 years and refills. This year I got the bigger version (ION632)
      There's no comparison, DampRid is passive and extracts so little water, we often have to dry the windows in the morning (and window stills). The dehumidifier is fantastic. I'm getting this for a smaller room too.

      • Thanks. I wanted to get the comparison

  • I bought one about 2 weeks ago - it is amazing and can highly recommend being based in Melbourne my place can get very damp

    It can fill up the 2.5L in 6-8 hours
    Low noise is actually low - you could sleep with it

    I tried a compressor unit - way too noisy it's like a fridge sound non stop and the unit itself was huge
    I also have tried the smaller ones that are under $150 on amazon it was doing about 300ml a day - I would not bother with them as they just don't make a difference. If price is an issue there is a Ionmax 610

    • 2.5L

      The spec sheet says 2L - but is it actually 2.5L in practice?

      • oh maybe it's 2 and not 2.5 then

    • I’m also based in melb and think my place is very dry. According to this humidity-meter I have, it sits around 50%. I have constantly dry skin which I think is due to the low humidity. We don’t have the heater on all the time. Could it just be the house itself?

  • This seems to be on comparable specs for cheaper:

  • Have this one too.

    It's definately great quality and value compared to similar competitors

  • FWIW - I bought the 610 model from an eBay store a few months ago and it developed a rattling noise - dealt directly with Andatec the manufacturer regarding the warranty and they arranged for free return and repair which went seamlessly. Very easy to deal with and a great machine too - amazing how much water it can get out of the air in our bedroom…

  • Hi! I've got 2 rooms that have damp issues at both ends of the house. House I'm estimating 50sqm.

    Should I get a bigger 632 and run it in the middle of the house? I'm thinking it'll get expensive to run 2x smaller ones.

    Thanks for the advice / feedback!

    • A unit in the middle of the house will struggle a bit unless you've got good air circulation from both humid ends.

      • In that case, does it make sense to only have 1 running, and move it to whichever room we're in? Does this need to be run 24/7 to be effective?


        • Depends on how humid your house is.
          Most of the moisture generated inside the house comes from kitchen, bathrooms or human breath.
          If none of those are in one end of your house, then you probably won't need to run a dehumidifier 24/7 in that area and can also use it elsewhere.

        • Does depend on how much moisture you letting in. If you open external doors and windows a lot. I'd say go for one machine and move it from room to room. I reckon you'd be ok with just one of this model.

    • I got 2, (smaller 7L and larger one 10L) and my apartment is 66m2. If i had to pick, ill easily go for 2 smaller ones. The 1 larger one won't work well for the entire house as you want to target the main areas (ie both ends of the house you).

      Plus the 7L weighs a lot less than a 10L model so moving it around is 1000x easier. Believe me.

      • My apartment is 70ish and I just got one for the bedroom. There is a window that takes up the whole wall and it leaks heaps of water onto the sill and the floor. Bought the 612 so hopefully it resolves the issue.

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    Thanks OP, just bought one and am looking forward to using it!

  • We got a dehlonghi compressor dehumidifier at TGG on Wednesday and put in the bathroom. It has collected about 4.5L so far.

    Bought this one for the bedroom at the other side of the house that gets cold, measured at 13 degrees, and saw these desiccant ones work better in cold temps. Checked my emails and saw I had a “We miss you” voucher for $25. Worked out to be $344.

  • For those who own this already, if you lose power to the unit and turn it back on does it start up again with the same settings? Or do you have to press the buttons on the top again?

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    Got mine a few days ago due to mold buildup and windows getting wet on the inside of my bedroom. Works like a dream and every night the water container fills up almost to the brim. I just turn it on when I go to bed and then off in the morning and it is super quiet on low.

  • purchased, thanks.