Parcels Constantly Getting Delivered to Similar Address

Hello everyone,

Pretty unique situation but my parcels are constantly getting incorrectly delivered to a very similar address. I have made up the following addresses but this is what is happening:

I live in 5 Melbourne Road, Port Melbourne South and my parcels are getting constantly delivered to 5 Melbourne Street, Port Melbourne.

Is this anything I can do to ensure that they come to my address. I think the issue is caused by the fact that if you start typing the address the wrong address comes up first and is very similar.

I know these are getting delivered to the wrong address because sometimes we get their mail and pass it on and vice versa but obviously want to avoid all of this altogether!!

Any help would be appreciated.


Edit: Same postcode


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    You are just going to have to move

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      To the other address right…?

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        To the other address right… ?

        No. Because of all the OzBargain Pizza's OP is going to be "ordering".

        /s … don't do that.

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      It is what it is

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        It will magically disappear.

    • @elgrande No, because half the mail to the other address ends up at the op address 😁

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    Talk to your local PO and ask what they can do about it, that would be my first step.

    If that didn't work lodge a complaint with the relevant APO department.

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      Don't take this to the LPO. They've nothing to do with the parcel deliveries. Contact AP directly and have them chase the depot.

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      Local PO isnt the place. Find out location of Distribution Centre as this is their responsibility. Austpost should have a complaints link on website. I know as i had something similar.

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      Lodge a complaint and all related parcels will end up in the bin. Lol

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    if you move to melbourne road, your parcel is going to go to Melbourne Street.

    Cover all your bases. buy both Melbourne street and Melbourne road house

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      Cover all your bases. buy both Melbourne street and Melbourne road house

      How do you know OP is a boomer?

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        Put their address on the internet

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      Build some houses and hotels there too so when the other players land on it they have to pay rent.

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        Watch out for street repairs!

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    Are the parcels delivered by courier or via the postal service?
    If it is via courier, complain to them.

    • Both :'(

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    Maybe use a parcel locker? Least you’ll get your parcels and it’s free

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      An actual solution for once no way

    • Hopefully this works but I've had several times parcels have been bounced to the post OFFICE as the lockers were full (even BC! - before covid) (or possibly driver was lazy and dumped a bunch of stuff to the post office).
      Despite having tracking numbers and app is logged in for push notifications and frequently checked, driver did not notify so no notification received for pick up.
      The recipient's notification is the driver's responsibility we learnt from the post office. Annoying and never received a bunch of stuff which ended up returned to sender by post office when not picked up

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    5 Melbourne Street, Port Melbourne.

    HI neighbour. It's me from number 7.

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      Haha one should never post their address on the internet!

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      Hey cutie. This is the fat old bloke from number 3. When are you going to stop ignoring me?

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      Are you having the same issue with 7 Melbourne Road?

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    Do you want us to sign a petition for you to change the name of a street or suburb?

    Short of this you need to somehow stop using the address.

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      I will sign if it's renamed to Ozbargain Avenue

      • Only if we can rename the suburb to CheapCheapLah.

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    Just add a line in the address to say NOTE: NOT 5 Melbourne STREET

    I have had to do similar with UberEATS/Deliveroo etc but one in ten still get it wrong (they obviously do not read the instructions at all) and I have to chase after the deliveries. Or I'll get a call to say they can't find my home. Annoying but better than nothing.

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      They always deliver food to my neighbour's
      door unless I wait for them at the curb even I add specially in the notes after the first time.

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    few weeks ago i got a knock on the door, there's a guy saying he's here to pick up a hot water system.. im like wtf you on about. He shows me the message, and i go "mate right address, wrong suburb. Like totally wrong." As in theres a south east address and then there's a north west address. He wanted the North West address… couldn't believe he drove to a completely opposite side of Melbourne

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      Craigieburn and Cranbourne?

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        hampton and hampton park
        narre warren and nunawading

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          If I didn't know better I would think that Hampton is the poorer cousin of Hampton Park.

      • More like mentone and melton

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    man thats annoying, very bad planning

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    Put south in front of port melbourne

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      Yes! Like the rest of Australia. Stupid Melbourne and it's backwards geographical indicators.

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    Subdivide your house so you can put 5a in the address. There won't be a 5a on the other address so that may help them get it right

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    At a minimum I'd use the custom option when putting in addresses and put the ROAD or STREET in all caps so at least its legible and easier to read/be picked up.
    Then maybe talk to local post office as they may be able to make changes on their side? I kind of would of thought the post code helps for problems like this, but maybe it isn't?

    Honestly though, I found most of my problems disappeared when I just started delivering to parcel lockers/PO boxes but that means you'll have to be lucky to have one close by.

    • This sounds promising, will start capitalising the differences!

      Same post code unfortunately

  • I assume same postcode?

    • Same postcode

    • Post code is not used in most cases, I know because I have talked to Aus post about it as I have had like 6 parcels delivered to the same address as me but in another suburb this year so far.

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    Have you tried contacting the person at the other address to see if they want to swap houses?

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      Happens on both sides, will need to buy them out and decide how to divide my time living between the properties

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        will need to buy them out

        I think that is the easier option, rather than having to sort it out with Aussie Post…

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          buy the post office! and all couriers
          inception style (buying the airline)

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    I would put in a complaint with the organisation that is delivering your items.

  • Same thing here, nothing you can do,

    I have called AP several times about the postie getting it wrong. They always just say sorry and we’ll give them feedback etc, but keep stuffing it up.

    Over the years I’ve personally delivered someone else’s post a dozen times, but nothing in return. Just many missing online orders which the retail fights me over.

    Online shopping isn’t made for everyone/address.

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    I think one of the worst address in melbourne is Lygon street.

    It goes from 1 lygon street carlton, then on the same stretch, it ends at brunswick road, then starts 1 lygon street again (brunswick east)

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      did you miss the bit where they said they used a fake address for the purpose of the post?

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        Now you know some people don't read.

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        Yes, I did.

        Then OP should contact their Council to get their street number changed.
        This would be a problem for emergency services too - wouldn't want them getting confused.

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      Are you OP's Postie?

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    Apply for a mypost account - then you can pick up your deliveries @ nominated post offices nearby or wherever convenient

    Good luck 📫

  • The delivery person is not directly at fault although likely to be lazy and just dump your mail at the wrong address even if they do notice it. The mail is presorted for delivery by street back at the distribution centre. It used to happen to me where I used to live. My address (fictitious but the street names are correct) was 753 Witt St, my suburb and my mail often used to end up at 753 River Rd, my suburb and I used to often get their mail. AusPost either couldn't or wouldn't sort it out so we met up one day over a coffee and just decided to fix it ourselves. We used to drop off the mail into the correct address when we went past. That worked OK for many years.

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    We are in a similar situation - we constantly get their mail and parcels and vice versa. Luckily for us they are only 2 streets away so we are constantly doing an in person swap. this has been made worse by Covid as couriers just leave parcels by the front door and it's not until you get an email confirmation stating parcel has been delivered that we realise it has been mis-delivered (again). Suffice to say we know the other house really well now … as this has been going on for 14 years!!!

    Good Luck in finding a solution

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    I have the exact same problem.

    The issue is that these postal workers are NOT intelligent… the minimal requirement is to at least push something in a letter box.

    You NEED to change all your address details, e.g. on eBay, on PayPal, Bank Details, Electricity, etc, to EMPHASISE the particular "ROAD" affixed to your address.

    You inform people who are sending items, to EMPHASISE the ROAD.

    You contact Australia Post directly, and highlight the issue. It is NOT a SERVICE if your mail is NOT DELIVERED to you correctly.

    They then speak with the postie to have them assure they READ and deliver to the correct address.

    I dread any international parcel having to run the gauntlet as it reaches our girt…. they get kicked around, tossed, left in the rain, bent and shoved in the letterbox… what a pathetic service.

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      ‘Girt’ is one of my favourite words. Pity the only time I hear it is before an AFL grand final.

  • I would suggest you use a free Australia Post parcel locker for your deliveries or get a post office box

    • Not every thing can go there

      I couldn't get Amazon - booze bud sent to the depot and star track wouldn't take it there either

      Probably more secure to leave it on the floor of a unit block on a busy highway was there thinking

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    Become a sovereign citizen and take over the other address by claiming you have asthma.

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    You can report it to google maps and they will fix it.

    I had the same issue. You type in 5 Melbourne road… And google maps gives you the click-bar with the only option being "5 Melbourne Road SuburbX". When my address is "5 Melbourne Road SuburbY". Google didnt even show mine as an option. It didnt help that that SuburbX address is only about 5mins away from my address.

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    Get a PO Box. That’s what i did. $130 pa

    Won’t work for all deliveries but it’ll fix most

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    Can you put a sticker on your letterbox?

    This is: 5 Melbourne ROAD

    NOT: 5 Melbourne STREET


    And make one for your suburb - neighbour which is the opposite.

  • Get a high number PO Box like 895, make sure the other suburb doesnt have that same PO box number.

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    I was always under the impression that street names couldn't be the same within the same postcode to avoid this confusion. Even if it had a different street suffix.

    Does his mail ever come to you?
    Maybe you can get to know the person who lives at the other house and keep in touch.

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    I believe each state has body in charge of naming streets that also have the power to rename streets. I'm not sure who it is in Victoria but in SA the local council has the authority to assigning new names and also changing a current name.

    SA Example:

    You should consider contacting your local council about pointing you in the right direction. Based on what you think the issue is I imagine at least a few of your neighbours must be experiencing a similar issue so if you have the support of many you might have good grounds to get the name change approved.

    But to be honest the easier option might be to move.

  • See if council will change the street names?

  • Did you create auspost - mypost digital account sometime in the past? Some settings in there could be changing your address everytime

  • Can you set up a mail redirection on the other address? Not sure if you can without proof u used to live there, and it costs money. But cheaper than buying the place ;)

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    I can't help the OP, but I live in a suburb of Melbourne, and there's a town in NSW with the same name. Thankfully the same street name as mine doesn't exist in the NSW town.

    That didn't stop Startrack Express from delivering it to the NSW town (name of person signing for it didn't match mine either). What was also funny was they had a missed delivery, so the driver made the same mistake twice! Wrong person, wrong street, wrong state.

    Startrack denied there was a problem and closed the case, even though the above was clearly documented on their tracking system.

    Luckily the package was retrieved a week later (by Startrack) and eventually made its way to me

  • Get a PO Box. I get my parcels sent a lot of the time to the post office. Alternatively get letters sent to your work?

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      "Alternatively get letters sent to your work?"

      Clearly not living in Melbourne right now hey :( lol

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    Get a parcel locker.
    Free, sign up on Auspost website. Choose a parcel locker nearest to your home or workplace, most are installed outside Woolworths supermarkets. Get deliveries sent to your new parcel locker address provided during signup. A notification or a text will alert you when a parcel for you has been placed in the locker, collect it anytime, 24hr access.

  • Your situation isn't all that unique, I know several people with the same issue, hell I regularly get parcels and letters for a similiar named street and they regularly get mine. In fact I have 2 sitting on the kitchen counter I need to drop off when I go out shopping today. I gave up complaining as it makes no difference, live with it, for anything critical send to a parcel locker or work or realise you may get a couple of days added from it going to wrong address. Luckily for me the other address also just drops them off.

  • Maybe put sign on you letter box saying

    This is NOT 5 Melbourne Street, Port Melbourne

    We are 5 Melbourne Road, Port Melbourne South

    Underline the words not, street and road.

  • Good luck. I had this issue. Numerous complaints with Oz Post went no where.

    The best you can do is make all letters email communication, get a Post locker for parcels and/or ship your stuff to a friend or family’s house.

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    I do delivery and first rule is ALWAYS CHECK THE ADDRESS to match every single letter…

  • Look up the correct naming convention of your suburb from Australia Post and update your address details to match Australia post.I live in Keysborough yet people like to distinguish Keysborough old from the Keysborough new when in essence is the same bloody suburb.

  • Install an Italian art piece in the front of the house. On the address you can then write..

    5 Melbourne Rd, House with the Dick.

  • Looks like the guys in dispatch are not doing their jobs properly, throwing wrong parcels into wrong routes just cause they aren't paying proper attention to the suburbs/postcode.

  • Be friend the family at 5 Melbourne St :)

  • This is a long term problem. Perhaps to insert (NOT STREET)

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    Joe blogs
    5 Melbourne ROAD.
    SUBURB VIC 1234

  • Thanks everyone for their help and the laughs, even those who got upset at an internet post thinking I faked it haha.

    I have lodged a complaint with Auspost and will begin emphasising the ROAD and the SOUTH in the address. I will also try and get some help with google to see what they can do because lots of couriers get it wrong too.

    If the above fails, I will begin using parcel lockers but im hoping it won't!

    Changing street names and moving is a bit too much for this little inconvenience currently.

  • my aunt lives at 5 melbourne court (actually have to drive into the ct)
    but sometimes they deliver to the neighbour on corner home which is 5 somethingelse street.

  • Get a free parcel locker. Problem solved.

  • if upto me; i’d move unless i own it.

  • It is going to be right 50% of the time.

    AusPost (probably 33% of the time).

  • I had the opposite problem, someone who lived in a unit up the street Forgot the slash in their address And parcels ended up at my house, initially though someone was trying to carry out a fraud but after I received their second nbn box I found them through linkd in and asked them to use their right address.

  • This is not ideal and something needs to change - most probably the property address or a street name. You need to contact the Victorian Land Planning/Registry offices as they are the only people who can do something about it. Between the 2 of them they should be able to sort it out. I am in a different state but the titles office changed our address to a different street.