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Graeme Base Books $5.99 @ ALDI (i.e. Animalia)


A fantastical alliterative journey through the animal kingdom with thousands of alphabetically arranged images and ideas to discover along the way, from An Armoured Armadillo through Great Green Gorillas to Zany Zebra’s Zigzagging in Zinc Zeppelins.

Eye to Eye
Imagine you could soar high in the sky with an eagle or dive into the deep with a majestic blue whale.
Come eye to eye with some of nature’s most impressive creatures as Graeme Base takes you on a richly illustrated journey of imagination and possibility.

The Last King of Angkor Wat
A timeless fable full of adventure and beauty from a much-loved storyteller.

Tiger, Gibbon, Water Buffalo and Gecko are sitting amongst the ruins of ancient Angkor Wat, wondering which of them would have made the best king. The appearance of a mysterious visitor leads them to discover their true selves in a race to distant hilltop.

The Eleventh Hour
When Horace the Elephant turns eleven he celebrates in grand style by inviting his friends to a splendid party. There are games, fine music, and the promise of a magnificent feast to come. But little does Horace know that when the time comes for the birthday banquet, a most curious mystery will be revealed. None of the eleven animals is above suspicion when the clock strikes The Eleventh Hour.

The fish that live in the pond beneath the dragon-moon are happy. They know the moon will keep them safe. But it was not always like this … There was a time when they looked to the skies with fear.

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