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Turtle Wax Hyb Seal N' Shine 473mL $18.19 (Was $25.99) @ Supercheap Auto


Bought one to try based on the great reviews.

Turtle Wax Hybrid Seal N Shine wax is the fastest way to seal in months of protection and shine. Its Super Hydrophobic Technology makes the paint surface extremely difficult to wet.

Turtle Wax Hybrid Seal N Shine wax is easy to apply. Make sure the vehicle has been freshly cleaned. For best results paint should be free of contaminants and oxidisation before applying Hybrid Seal N Shine wax. Clay bar or polish first if required. Use on a cool, dry vehicle surface out of direct sunlight. Shake bottle well and spray Hybrid Seal N Shine wax on a panel at a time. Spread with a damp microfibre cloth and wipe off. You can also rinse off any excess with water.

Turtle Wax Hybrid Seal N Shine can be used on exterior glass, plastic and wheels.

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    I believe there is a new verison out in the US market with UV protection. This is probably still the old version but works just fine. I agree with online reviews that this is one of the better spray on sealants.

    One side effect is the fragrance seems to be a magnet for insects. The next day my car (parked outside) was covered literally with hundreds of them.

  • I am using this, the amazing hydrophobic properties will last about 2 washes/weeks outdoors before it starts to fade. Once that's gone it'll still bead for another 6-8 weeks, but will start to get water marks.
    Given how easy it is to apply, i just top it up every 4 weeks when I wash. My car is parked outside 24/7. I'm keen to try the US ICE version but too expensive to get here for my tight Ozbargain arse.

  • I find that when I apply this for the first time it attract more dust than usual. Then after 1-2 wash and using only Bowden's drying aids (Afterglow or Boss Gloss) it's not as bad.

    It's good for it's price, but there are better sealants around.

    Reviews from Car Craft Auto Detailing based on the Aus version of Seal n Shine:



  • I use Maguiars' Hybrid Caremic Wax and they work brilliantly, never tried this, has anyone tried and some comment on this please?

    • How is the Meguiars ? I have CarPro Reload for my car's ceramic coating. Only tried once and it works the charm but 13 bucks a bottle of 100ml isn't very cheap :P

      • It works like magic, I use it on my motorbike because I can't use wax paste as rubbing the paste will lift the edge of the decal on the fairings. Super easy to apply and you'll get the water beading effect straightaway, and it shines under the sun. I use it every second wash but it'll last about 5 washes. I bought it when Repco was doing 35% off, I paid about $30

    • Seal N Shine is rated better than Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax in several side by side bonnet tests on YouTube

      • I think that the HCW wins overall but SNS comes in a very close 2nd. However the price of SNS wins it for me. Can't really argue when SNS satisfies the fast, cheap and good "unicorn". Usually, it's pick 2 out of the 3 but SNS achieves all 3 IMO.

  • Highly recommend, best bang for your buck spray protection around, especially at this price. Can't believe I would say that about a Turtle Wax product!

  • this stuff is really good. You can even use it the bathroom, on your wall tiles and shower screen!

  • Wax and Dry is my go-to for lazy protecting.

    Any more effort than that, and im going to use a paste.

  • I found Gyeon Wet Coat is a great sealant with silicone dioxide content, good durability and hydrophobic properties.


    4L bottle - $110
    $27.50 / Litre

  • For the price I think SNS is great stuff. My car was still beading water after 2 months. I'd say a lot of it has to do with the prep. At least clay your car, and polish if you can before applying the sealant to maximise the longevity and performance. Then it can be used as a top up on subsequent washes. It also works great on windows and sunroofs.

    • I second this. You need to remove surface contaminants before you apply to provide the best interface to bind with. I've been lazy in the past and applied after washing without claying or polishing and it hasn't lasted 2 weeks.

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