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Slush Puppie Machine Frozen Drink Maker $104.49 Delivered @ IWOOT


"Perfect for parties, gatherings and any kind of celebration. Your friends will never want to leave once they catch sight of this dreamy blue slushy machine, based closely on the original design.

This new and improved Slush Puppie® Machine still features the iconic, authentic branding, blue colours and the unforgettable pooch at the front, still reeling us in. It looks, feels and most importantly tastes like those ones back in the day – slushy maker goals.

To get your Slush Puppy Machine churning out that slushie-goodness simply turn it on, add your syrup drink mix and leave it to settle for around 25 minutes. Then add ice and salt (not for taste) that’ll help freeze it and in less than thirty minutes, you’ll have your fab slushie treats.

We can all remember pestering our parents for another one but now, you can make as many as you want. You can create iced coffee, frozen cocktails, fruit slushy or use the official Slush Puppie syrup to replicate the real thing. Your taste buds aren’t ready!

Everyone remembers the iconic Slush Puppie. These bad boys dominated almost everyone’s childhood and for good reason – they’re fantastic. These majestic icy creations used to give us all multi-coloured tongues and almighty brainfreeze (if you drank it as quick as us). Slush puppy machines really symbolise our time as kids and now you can re-live it all.

It’s going to be coloured tongues all around."

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  • +5

    Add ice? Don't real slush puppy machines freeze the liquid for you.

    • +4

      The "real" ones cost several thousand surprisingly.

      • Yeah, where do I get one of them for $100. I bet I'd use it every day.

  • and after bedtime… Daiquiris all round!!

  • +4

    Quick google search and this is a few $ cheaper plus an Aus site.

    • +1

      Aus site but not necessarily Aus stock. I've had an unrelated order sitting in customs after being shipped from the UK for a while now, not unexpected given everything.

  • No gathering or parties in Melbourne. Another appliance I would use once. Looks ok, but reviews seem sus. ImO

  • More useless crap that I need to buy. Where do you get the best/cheapest syrup for this?

  • +1

    you missed:

    Free Cola Syrup! Code - COLA
    Get a FREE bottle of Cola Slush Puppie syrup when you buy the Slush Puppie machine! Simply add the Slush Puppie machine to your basket and use CODE - COLA for your free gift to apply.

  • Probably better off putting the money towards a good blender that can do the same and much more, but with zero nostalgia value of course.

  • +2

    Seems way over priced. I’ve got a Kmart version of this (add ice and cooking salt) and it gets used once every two years. Seriously way too much effort to make a slushie (30 mins). Save your $100 and get one from Maccas for $1.

    • But slush puppies arn't the same as slushies/slurpies/frozen coke. I think maybe this device doesn't make true slush puppies?

  • As Davemac mentioned waste of money. I threw mine out. Need heaps of ice and salt. Better off buying already made.

  • +1

    On eBay for $80 odd imported…and was previously on sale for $15, lol. Even then: the product isn't of considerable value - it will not keep your drink cold for long given that barrel needs to be frozen with ice and salt.

    • Link?

  • Thank you OzBargain for tempering my impulsiveness.

  • +1

    No to mention it comes with a UK plug. Easily fixed but still extra time/money.

    • thanks, I was wondering about that

  • +1

    That's a lot of work for 1 litre

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