Ideas for revenge that won’t get me in trouble?

So someone screwed me over a bit. They owe me money and are now ignoring me. Without getting into too much details, I know their address (it is interstate) and their phone number.

I would like to annoy them as much as I can without doing anything illegal (unethical is even better).

Suggestions please?

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  • how much trouble /money did you lose?

  • bikies ?

    closing in 3…2…1

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    Send them a very unpleasant Hallmark card with the following enclosed:

    "Your humble detractors cordially request that you drop dead at your earliest possible convenience."

    Ensure you use the cheapest possible envelopes with that substandard adhesive that doesn't allow you to unseal the envelope without ripping it apart, for added inconvenience.


    also register mobile number with as many sales shit you can find

  • Sell your $400 debt to a local chapter of a biker gang for $50. Give them the address and number and tell them it'll be the easiest $350 they have ever made in their lives, assuming their club isn't selling amphetamines.

  • Another lesson to add to your list young Padawan. If your so pissed, why don't you get a solicitor to write a nice letter to return the owing money or you will take civil action in court. Only give out the money you can lose to start with. Move on. Many stories on this site with similar scenerios. Personal loan, service, or purchase(GT, FBM) that have gone wrong.

    No doubt the friend might have their own side of the story. Popcorn

    • No doubt the friend might have their own side of the story.

      Lol. No.

      Many people have this sense of 'entitlement' to other people's money, and simply can't grasp the concept that they should promptly return any money they borrow.

      If pressed, the "friend" will say one of these things:

      1) He'll claim that OP already has a lot of money, and doesn't need the $400, while he himself is so poor & needs it so much.


      2) He'll claim that, yes, he will return it … eventually … some day … soon. (Of course, in reality, this day will never arrive.)

      • This is true and i will take it further, i have noticed a lot of people will also not value your items or products that you have purchased as much as if they had purchased it themselves. Aka in costco / grocery style lets say you bought a bunch of chocolates in bulk or lets say you spent a lot of money on a sound system etc. When it comes to them using it or looking after it etc, they just dont place the same value on it, especially if they find out you got a discount on the item…

      • Don't forget the ever popular:

        (3) He was fully prepared to pay it back, had every intention, but now that OP has been such a bastard about it he's ruined any chance of that happening.

        Probably my favorite of the excuses, as it allows them to maintain the illusion that they are a good person, and the non-payment of debt is the fault of the bad person (aka..You!)

    • It isn’t exactly a debt and it isn’t a friend. It was a task I completed for someone. And yes, I sent them a letter of demand and taking legal action, however I want to satisfy myself a bit more. Anyway, why do you even sound more pissed than me?

  • Tell them that you told on them to Ozbargain about that $400 they owe, and that now, not only are they going to return that $400, but also they have to stay in at lunchtime for the rest of the week and their name will be recorded in the black book.

  • Create a new account on gumtree with a disposable email address.

    Post a Hilux for sale at 1/4 price of whatever the cheapest you found. Put his phone number in the ad. Done.

    • Exactly what I was about to say. Something too good to be true, set as "Free to first person to collect it" and leave it at that

    • Sounds great. They don’t verify phone numbers on gumtree though? Will definitely try it.

      • The only downside is you can't witness the carnage. However you can get an idea by how many email get sent to your email address and the view count.

    • Can confirm this works. Years ago I posted an ad with my friends number the morning of Justin Biebers first concert in Australia saying he had two tickets to sell at face value. It blew up his phone for hours.

    • I love it, slight twist recommendation or potential phase 2. Do a second listing with the fake email, and in the listing state you will only respond to emails. Then setup an auto response on the email to say the car is still available and can be inspected at 7pm tonight and give them his address. He will have dozens of people rocking up to his house at 7pm each night.

    • Pretty sure they send an SMS verification now.

      Just signup with email. Anyone messages, just reply via Gumtree with "call me xxxx xxx xxx to discuss".

    • or Craigslist offering cheap "services"

    • ^ This and add "only call before 8am or after 10pm"

    • Post it as his now ex. It's his Hilux, in your name, you just want it gone after he cheated on you.

    • Why not the car in his driveway, if you can spot it on Google map, and Test-Drives Welcome.

    • or an escort service on Locanto!

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      Lol. This one is great. For anyone not clicking on the article.

      "her ex decided to get her back by plastering her mobile number on posters around Cairns, challenging people to phone up and do their best impression of Star Wars character Chewbacca"

  • Did you lose this money through a gumtree scam? If you did it's probably not the address of the scammer so you'd be getting revenge on an innocent person.

  • Write their phone number on a toilet block known to be frequented by certain types.

  • write the address on public toilet wall

  • You could introduce him to my ex?

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    subscribe them to every marketing list you see online. tick the box (if any) for call backs….including overseas ones and the countries with different languages…

    try and get their email address and do that same - subscribe them on any and every site you come across…

  • This can only end badly, for both parties.

    I'll keep an eye out for the A Current Affair segment on 2 childish idiots clashing over an old debt.

  • Send em a turd?

  • need more details on how and why you lost the $400… then we can help you dish out the appropriate punishment.

    for all we know.. you could have given your friend the money as a gift and you decided you want the money back and your friend is avoiding you because you are the jerk.

    • Was going to ask the same thing… gave friend $400, friendship breakdown over something else… “well, I want my $400 back…”

    • It was a task that I completed for someone then had to move back to QLD before lockdown. Now they are avoiding payment because I am too far to go kick their arse myself.
      I am also taking legal action but the system is too frustrating and the best end result would be getting my money back. I won’t get my wasted effort and time back so I thought I might as well make the effort worth it.

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    Take a couple of deep breaths and reflect on this saying: Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.

    Good luck mate.

  • Print out some windowed envelopes with things like the p0rnhub logo and other socially questionable and morally offensive businesses and put in bold/caps “OVERDUE RENEWAL NOTICE” and post it to them at home and to their work. Sure, it’s not a free option and it works better if you can see their/coworker’s reaction.

    And I was going to say the same as mentioned above, send snide, trivial demanding letters to neighbours asking them to control something pedantic like how loud they are breathing or the length of their showers. Be super passive aggressive. A nice, fake, cease and desist letter should work a treat.

  • Have an affair with their mum

  • Everytime they post or brag about discrtionary spending, bring up the debt.

    Everytime a mutual friend talks about this guy, ask with concern how the friend is doing and drop hints he owes money.

    "Oh, how's X doing? Is he getting by?"

    "Yeah, why?"

    "Oh. Lots of shady characters trying to get their money back. I provided a small loan, he looked like he really needed it. He is avoiding me now, but I thought better not hound him. Wouldn't want to be in his position. Hope he is okay."

    • Surely that is taking it a little too far. Save that for people that have screwed you over in a really major way.

  • Shit on their doorstep

    • … in a paper bag, light it with a match, ring door bell, hide.

      Bonus points for a night time attack with a shorted link fitting in the outside porch light.

  • can confirm

    sent this to an ex manager

  • If you have proof of the loan/debt then take him to small claims.

    That will be really annoying, and you might even get your money back.

  • I came up with a few ideas when someone stole my bike and I found out their address - I never actually followed through because I found out the guy moved, and these probably won't work for you because you don't have easy access to their property

    • if they have a front gate chain it up - you can get cheap bike locks from a $2 shop. Keep on doing this sporadically
    • mail the neighbours, send a letter to every nearby address letting them know a scumbag lives next door
    • place this ad on gumtree - 'free fridge, pickup from <address> after 10pm tonight, need gone asap - I won't be able to check my Gumtree messages, just come anytime between 10pm and 1am and knock loudly (i'll be awake but might be up the other end of the house)'

    and more dubious steps that may involve a police officer having a chat with you if caught.

    • glue in keyholes
    • dump rotten eggs/manure on doorstep
    • glue paper and stuff to their fence
    • So many evil ideas that I like. If I could be there, I would just go see them with a couple of mates and get my money.
      Re your gumtree idea, I’m just not keen on making other innocent people waste their time and be in awkward situations, but an ad with their phone number and email will do the trick.

      • yeah, a better approach would be to say your shift ends at midnight and to call after that to organise a time for pickup

  • I accidentally once provided my email address to what I thought was a bonafide Netflix survey - I know not to do these surveys, but it looked legit in every way and covered most of the things that would be red flags, but there was one minor detail I picked up too late on.

    After that, my email was spammed to the point that I shut it down.

    Once I realised how annoying being spammed was, and having a neighbour from hell that would also spam me for everything he saw wrong in the world, I completed that same survey with his details. Everytime I see a shady 'win a free holiday by completing survey' or something that I know will result in spam, either email or mail or phone, I fill it out on their behalf. :)