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[PC] STEAM - Middle Earth: Shadow of War $10.99 (80% off)


Noticed this game on sale while browsing my Steam wish list.
I quite enjoyed the first game and these reviews are very positive.
According to ISAD, this is the historical low.

The Definitive edition is $16.99 so this may be better value if you're keen for the expansion.

Also, you can play the demo for free in the link if you want to try before you buy.

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    Also $4.95 at EB Games.

    No stock near me, but maybe stock near other people.


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    Great game. Highly recommend it.

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    Definitely worth playing if you enjoyed the first game. It is effectively an extension of the first game, but with a lot more content. I am currently sitting at 35 hours playtime and am about 80% through the main story, and 60% through all the collectibles/side missions (and this does not include the DLC stories).

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    You could also get the xbox game pass for PC for $1 (the first month) and give this game a shot. It’s included.

  • How come I have Shadow of War in my inventory without buying? Is it also free-to-play for a limited time?

    • Yes, as I said in my description.

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