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Apple Airpods 2 (Non-Wireless Case) $189, Apple Airpods Pro $309 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ The School Locker (OW Price Beat $293.55)


Email received showing the above prices. Says while stocks last

Pro https://theschoollocker.com.au/airpods-pro

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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    Should be able to price beat with Officeworks for $293.55.

    Op, also should include $7.80 for delivery or free C&C

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    I think buying kids the wireless earphones with a joined wire between the earbuds is better.

    Kids in my extended family have been bugging me for airpods but I told them you're all irresponsible and will lose them. ONe of them still managed to misplace his soundpeats one in his gym bag which went in the wash with the rest of his clothes. kids….

    I quite like this one:

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      I think it's less about what's better than the status of owning an Apple product.

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        They ain't flexing them soundpeats at school.

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      Bought my daughters AirPods for Christmas. I reckon it is the best present I ever bought them, particularly for lockdowns. Unobtrusive, able to conduct the school lessons in line (our kids’ school ran normal timetable via MS Teams), even in line dance lessons. It was weird hearing a tap class without also hearing the music.

      • I live in NSW, so kids are out and about, free mingling and losing things.

        Wait until they lose an airpod.

        • I meant back a few months ago. In Qld it is very much business as usual.

          And they are sensible teenagers. I wouldn’t buy them for kiddies.

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          Not all kids are the same. My kid is such a careful kid, he has not lose anything since year 2. I am talking about he brought iPad as BYOD to school in the past and now laptop to high school.

          I got him airpods and then upgraded to the Airpod Pros, he never lose it and that’s why he deserved the upgrade.

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          That’s ridiculous… it’s just a trading name, anyone can buy there,
          You should rebut the OW staff by pointing them to the fact that OFFICEworks doesn’t just sell to business do they?

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    Can these be used on a Windows 10 PC?

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      Yes, as long as you have Bluetooth on you PC.

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      Depends. Audio works OK but if you want audio and mic, it's not great. It's a Windows 10 issue. There's a workaround but involved purchasing a jabra link adaptor.

  • Great price

  • Good price. Need to drive to OW., looks like over the phone not working on weekends

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    Watch out for the smash and grab at school!

    • Haha as a pre-service teacher, I am concerned

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        Get cornered by a 13 year old "Hand over your AirPods Mr. RobBoss"

    • 💯

  • Are these prices available to everyone or is it limited to students? Bit confused because 'School Locker".

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      Available to everyone.

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      Yes. Its just a rebranded HN.

      • LoL, true

  • Does the price beat for the Apple Airpods (Non-Wireless Case) work with https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/apple-airp... ??

    • should do, SKU code matches.

  • Thanks, ordered!

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    Why do people still get the Airpods 2? for $80-120 dollars more, you get so much more.

    • Genuinely interested, what’s you recommend?

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        Oh I meant the Airpods Pro haha. Of course the WF-1000XM3 is also a great option for its sound quality (only downside being that it is not water resistant).

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        having used both AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro, would recommend the Pros
        they are worth it for around <$300 but not RRP

        here's why:
        - sits tight in your ear, wont fall out
        - very comfortable for long periods of time - had an issue with Airpods 2 that hurt my ear when wearing for too long
        (tip: use larger size earbuds on the Pros so you don't have to push them in too much)
        - better sound and microphone quality
        - noise cancellation and transparency (aka ambient sound) modes
        - more functions - you can press the stem once, twice, thrice and hold to change between modes
        (standard AirPods only allow double tap)
        - wireless charging (good feature but I personally don't use it)
        - comes with USB-C to Lightning cable so faster charging

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          I'd disagree with the comfort part. Airpods 2 hand down is the best if you do video conferencing often. The airpods pro has the silicon eartips so it still hurts your ear after about an hour or two of talking. But yeah, sound quality wise airpods 2 is rubbish, though I would still have both

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            @ln28909: I think you're using the wrong size earbuds. initially, I used the medium ones which fit fine, but started to hurt a while after using them. I adjusted to large, took about a week to get used to and I can wear them for hours with no issues.

            • @skido: The only that does not fall out of my ear is the small size, so that's not much of an option for me

              • @ln28909: have you tried the in-ear test on iPhones? if medium gives you a good seal, would def recommend trying that and push it in a bit more, takes a bit of time to get used to but definitely worth it and feels way more comfortable in the long-run. I experienced the same with the large tips at first (falls out slightly) but now its all good

                • @skido: Yeah I think it gave me a green tick with the small size, alright I'll try again with the medium and see how it goes

        • same, owning both pairs, the pro is soo much better. And yes, $300ish is what I went for as well.

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            @RobBoss: Also, the noise cancellation and in ear design would lower the chance of hearing damage

        • I can't agree on that. The most comfortable for me are AirPods 2. I even have Jabra Elite 65T but still I prefer AirPods 2.

  • Anyone managed to pricematch at OW? Can you upload a receipt, please?

    • As far as I know, neither JB-HiFi nor the good guys match that price. I'd say the chance of they beating this price is slim. Let me know otherwise

      • Why don't they price match? Which part of their policy does it not align with?

        • +1

          Called and emailed the sales several times each time a different reason. Grey imports, warranty been different, not a local store, not able to price match apple products, price too close to the cost etc. Whole bunch of reasons. I am very upset now. Never had this amount of trouble getting a freaking price match. I am in Victoria BTW, I wonder if that had anything to do with all these trouble given the current situation.

          • @Seekii: If your so upset that JB won’t price match, won’t don’t you just buy the deal from the advertised company?

        • I just called JB Hifi Marion (SA) and said it was an Australian website. They asked me the price and when I told them $309 they said they couldn’t match it because it was way less than what they get them in for. Anyone else had any luck with JB?

      • Call the dedicated OW pricematch line, and report back here?

        • Didn't try, nearest OW is >5km from home. Need to comply with the law. Probably they can do the price match.

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      I just picked up one from OW Liverpool, price matched to $293.55
      But I don’t know how to upload the receipt, no options to
      Message me with ur email, and will send it to you if you want (not a stalker)

      • Can you upload the receipt, please ?, because I went to OW Glebe they don’t do price matched and I called OW Lewisham ( David - staff answered ) he said they don’t do it.

    • +1

      Just picked one up in OW underwood. It looks like someone already bought earlier as the attendant was pretty quick and no questions asked.

      • Can you upload the receipt, please ?, because I went to OW Glebe they don’t do price matched and I called OW Lewisham ( David - staff answered ) he said they don’t do it.

        • I picked one today from OW Minchinbury. Price Match.

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    Thanks OP got from School Locker!

    • Is School Locker a trustworthy company ? Thanks

    • I did the same, have you had any confirmation of them being shipped?

      • I also ordered from The School Locker on Sunday night but still haven't gotten any shipping confirmation yet and it is still stuck on 'processing.' When did you ordered yours?

        • I ordered Saturday afternoon. Have sent them an email enquiring but heard nothing back.

          • @d1matt: Idk, they did say that the dispatch may take longer due to COVID. So I'm just gonna give them a few more days, maybe until the end of this week. Keep me updated about your order progress if anything changes.

  • Price matched at Officeworks Five Dock in person.

    • -2

      do you have a photo of the receipt?

      • +1

        Go for it. Just picked one up from OW underwood for $293.55

        • hi can i get a copy of your receipt. thanks

        • Thanks mate, I just got it at OW Underwood for $293.55 too. Missed the previous deal with Mediaform as they rejected at the counter and over the phone too. Glad i got it this deal and cheaper than previous deals too.

    • Can you upload the receipt, please ?, because I went to OW Glebe they don’t do price matched and I called OW Lewisham ( David - staff answered ) he said they don’t do it.

    • Can you send me the receipt pls? Thanks in advance

  • Price matched at Officeworks Punchbowl in person. Super quick and easy.

    • -3

      do you mind to upload the receipt here?

    • Can you upload the receipt, please ?, because I went to OW Glebe they don’t do price matched and I called OW Lewisham ( David - staff answered ) he said they don’t do it.

    • can i get a copy of your receipt? Thanks

  • Got in north sydney, some other guy did the work I just said I want it too

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    Mediaform are $331 posted to SA. These are $340 posted to SA. Just a heads up for anyone in SA. I price matched mediaform. They staff seem all over it. Cost $314 all up. Im stoked with the purchase. Cheers OP

  • Price matched with Officeworks Chatswood for Airpods 2 for $179 easy peasy ..thanks OP

    • Can you upload the receipt, please ?, because I went to OW Glebe they don’t do price matched and I called OW Lewisham ( David - staff answered ) he said they don’t do it.

  • Still trying to find the bottom to invest in AirPod Pro’s…

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    Are these Australian Stock?

    • did ya find

      • Nah no clue - was interested re: warranty info

  • I lost my airpod pro charging case recently. To get a new case, I need to pay $155 (I even have Applecare+ but it doesn't cover lost!). Also I can't get another case until the lockdown is over (in Vic), since all apple stores are now closed and they don't mail out charging case (I already rang them and asked) and no apple authorised repairer stock them. I am thinking of buy this (for $309, and keep the old aipod pro buds for spare ). Is this agood idea?

    • I would wait for the charging case. Keep in mind that the battery health will diminish overtime. So maybe not a good idea to use two pair, unless you are really going to get the most out of it.

  • +1

    price matched with JB-HIFI. now going to collect from Chadstone store!

    • Can you give me your receipt, thanks

    • Hi, could you please send me a copy or upload your receipt please? I have a JB voucher I want to use. Thanks

    • Hi sed89, can I have a copy of your receipt? Please!? I really need to buy these! :)

  • Thanks for posting this.

  • Thanks. Price matched to $300.06 (after postage fee) in person at Officeworks East Perth

    • Can I have a copy of your receipt please? Thanks.

      • Happy to, not sure how to send pictures over Obz though?

    • Hi can i also get a copy of your receipt please. Thanks.

  • I price beat my AirPods in May at OW from a previous School Locker Deal, no issues at all. And now I'm claiming Price Protection Insurance on 28 degrees because this price is cheaper. I'll only get $9 back but hey better than nothing :D