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Glencairn Whisky Glass 2-for-$15 (Was $10.99 Each) @ Dan Murphy’s [Free Membership Required]


Anyone who is serious about whisky knows these glasses are among the best ways to enjoy it. Dan is letting his My Dan’s friends pick up two at a great price. One for you and one for the person you’re trying to introduce to drinking whisky properly.

Limited stock on the shelf at the Launceston, Tas, store, but the staff tell me there’s more out the back.

Edit: I forgot to mention that My Dan’s membership is free. Staff are happy to sign you up in-store or it can be done online.

Edit 2: It's been reported as out of stock, but check your local Dan's anyway as most stores have plenty on hand, even if the shelf out the front is bare. The 'out of stock' may be online only.

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Dan Murphy's

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  • … and I drink whiskey from my coffee mug.

  • You gotta drink neat, if you're using this glass.

    • Neat for the first few shots then get little wobbly and messy.

      Looks like would be good for cognacs too. Shall visit my local store to get a pair

      Ozbargained, thanks OP.

    • So no to cola mixed? How big is the glass anyway?

      • 175 ml, intended to hold only 50 ml - to appreciate the whiskey

        It's a snifter style glass, specially designed for tasting.
        A standard glass used in competitions, so the shape of the glass doesn't affect the qualities of the whiskey. That way different whiskeys can be compared.

  • perfect mine broke the other day

  • Add an ice block and a tablespoon of water!

  • +6 votes

    are these for reading or long distance?

  • Do it for Dan

  • Not trying to diss this deal, but to say these glasses are among the best ways to enjoy whisky is just a marketing ploy. I'd stand corrected if anyone can point me to some scientific evidence.

    • Just do a search.
      These are the standard glass used in competitions. Shape of the glass is accepted as influencing the characteristics of whiskeys. So using a standard glass helps eliminate most other factors when used for competition tasting.

      Now that can be different to enjoying whiskey, which is a very personal experience & depend on the whiskey.

      Reviews indicate people do think it improves their experience. (14 reviews on Dans - all 5 star) Those are not scientific, just subjective. Very popular in past Deals.

      • I accept that the shape of glasses may play a part in how your whisky might taste, but is there any consensus that this is the best shape?

        • Again - lots about this online.

          The small amount of alcohol (50ml) in a larger (175ml) snifter style glass (short, wide bowl for appreciation of the whisky’s colour & to view the leg, narrow top to put your nose into - captures the aromas) - as in photo, makes this the award winning standard in whiskey glasses.

          You'll find lots of references to it helping the whiskey breath, & appreciate the nose, finish, etc with this style of glass.

          Promoted as the Glass for whisky, developed by the whisky industry for the whisky industry. It's the shape that was used in labs by the whisky industry. But that's for testing, not appreciation.

          I don't drink enough really good & different whiskeys to justify the rare use of this glass. I use a small snifter style glass I had. Tempted at this price.

          • @the INFIDEL: In general whiskey is a leisure drink too. You drink it because it's fun. Some nice crystal will only improve the experience. The shape of the glass may marginally improve the taste but I already have a few of these glasses and my untrained tongue doesn't notice the difference. The whiskey does look nicer in a proper glass and it does elevate the whole experience. It's kinda like drinking coca cola out of a coca cola glass? Not an objectively better experience but some might find a little satisfaction in that

            • @Arty.R: The question was about if the experience is changed by the shape of this glass.

              It's all very subjective.
              Many things can influence the experience, like drinking in a great setting, in good company, or from a good glass. I mainly drink good whiskey on my overseas travels. Makes it more memorable (& cheaper).

              Have a few suitable but cheap snifter glasses from local whiskey tasting events, so use those. Good enough for the cheaper drops.

              After reading your comment, I should search the house. I have boxes of good crystal up to 100 years old, inherited from family. It's never been unpacked…

              • @the INFIDEL: I think its more about if you don't have any type of Whisky glass and only a bog standard e.g. water 375ml tumblers. Its kind of nice to have a glass to enjoy.

                Crystal (in my opinion only) absolutely makes a difference to drinks whether it be Wine, Orange Juice or Whisky/Whiskey (if Irish).
                Try swirl a nice whisky around certain glass for a good ole sniff and its hard to do in certain glass types OR even sloshes outside the glass. For $7.50 per glass or $10.99 a pop, its nice to have a decent Whisky glass. Not a big Whisky drinker but when I do I like to sniff, swirl, quaff and try understand WTF it is I am about to gulp down :-)

                In my case, I actually like a "Baileys" wide style glass for drinking Whisky. Allows my nose to get into the glass when drinking it BUT will give this a bash.

      • An outcome of a sufficient collection of subjective opinions is scientific.
        That's my opinion. :D

    • Your comment also illustrates why I didn’t say it’s THE best way to enjoy whisky. It’s a subjective experience so everyone is different. It’s not for me to tell you how you should be enjoying it. :)

      • Some people just want to drink their whiskey straight from the bottle and wake up in a playground after the sprinklers come on.

    • Have had a scotch and coke out of an old peanut butter jar once, worked ok

  • Cheers OP. Used WISH GC for a further 5% off.

  • delivery only….

  • Same price as when I bought them as a gift in May 18.

  • Thanks OP - ordered with a bottle of Slane.

    • How do you like Slane? It’s one Irish whiskey that I really like, along with Tullamore DEW.

      • Love Slane. It ticks my boxes in terms of taste and smoothness. Have you ventured towards Writer's Tears?

        • Soz, only just saw this comment. I haven't tried Writer's Tears, but I've heard a lot about it. I did try Redbreast expecting to be bowled over by it…and came away mildly disappointed. It just didn't suit me. It's too bad Powers isn't widely available here, it's made in the same distillery as Jameson but it's about 5 x smoother IMO. It's also hella cheap in Ireland, too. :)

          • @Chazzozz: Can confirm that Redbreast has a stronger peaty/tobacco taste that leaves a heavy sour end taste. Have a bottle on the go but it's still sitting there which says a lot. Powers is a great drop - always looking for a bottle on special. If you like Powers, then Writer's Tears will impress.

            • @MarkWAau: The Red Breast in my cupboard definitely does not leave "a heavy sour end taste".
              I'd would have said the opposite and just taste tested it (in the name of science of course) to confirm my suspicions…funny how Whiskeys taste different to different people :-)

  • Purchased 4 glasses. Forgot cashback on the first order. Whoops. Thanks OP!

    • I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it…I only got 8 cents cashback on each glass. ;)

  • Only like 25% off. Are these rarely on sale?

  • I really like drinking desert wines out of these as well. Downing some Malvasia from one as we type.

  • damn… missed out.

    • Did you try local stores for pickup?

      Reported Deal as Not sold out!
      Online shows over 10 per store available at 3 local Dans in Brisbane.

      People report Deals as Sold Out when their local store is sold out, forgetting about the rest of Australia might have stock!

  • Still in stock in Ballarat, just picked mine up.

  • Great glasses. Recommended.

  • Och, I do nay a mind a wee dram or two so worth a wee test indeed, Slàinte mhath.

  • Thanks Op! Still available at Forest Hill VIC and picked up earlier today.

  • Picked mine up from Bulleen. Cheers OP!

  • Thanks OP. Picking up 2.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered 2 for pickup at DM Innaloo in WA

  • Thanks OP. Also ordered 2. I have one but would be good to have two for my friends to use when they drink with me. From SOR DM in WA.

  • Just picked up a pair, on the box says Crystal Glass, although no where else does it specify the type of Crystal… Most "Crystal" glass I've seen before state Lead Free on the packaging but these don't.

    Anyone about to confirm it is in fact lead free?

    • Does the crystal contain lead?
      Unless stated in the product description, our glassware is lead free. (my emphasis)

      Any decanters which do contain lead are all treated to prevent any effects of lead into the liquid and complies with all international safety limits and standards.


  • Does anyone know if it’s dishwasher safe? I couldn’t find anything mentioned on the box.

  • Any of you who are looking to buy 6 of these glasses, you can pick them up just for few dollars more from this small business in Melbourne CBD when they are open on Wednesday and Friday. Delivery is not worth it though.


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