[Price Error] Gerni Pressure Washer 115.3 with Accessory || $30 Delivered @ Shopzero

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As title says. Cheap price for a branded pressure washer with accessories and free shipping.

Mod: Confirmed price error. Users were sent a generic $20 off coupon (now expired). See comments.

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    received an email saying it's out of stock, sure, they didnt wanna lose money

  • Made 2 orders on $20 items for free with the same code … not 2 bad 🤣

    • What did you get?

    • How did you manage that? I keep getting told I need to exceed atleast $10

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    And that $20 voucher smells fishy.. nothing else is worth buying really.

    Maybe they planned all this given their bad reputation.

    What a waste of time!

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      This is the first thing I thought as soon as I saw the cancellation and voucher this morning. Clickbait!

  • Got cancellation email with $20 credit. Waste of time.

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    Spent 20 minutes trying to find something without massively inflated price. Finally found a couple but you can't buy them anyway as Paypal is now removed


  • I'm getting this when trying to use the $20 code.

    "Your coupon was already used.
    It may only be used 1000 time(s)."

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    Knew it from the beginning that's it's a no deal.
    They have prices jacked up for everything, there was no way they would offer. iMHO, it's a stunt to bring the traffic

  • No cancellation email yet. Hopefully there is another $20 voucher just around the corner.

  • this mob is the dodgiest store ever. should be banned here IMO

  • I haven’t found any refund on my PayPal yet for the cancellation, will wait another 2 days before opening a dispute
    Has anyone else got a refund on PayPal for their cancellation?

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      EDIT: Got my refund but took a day to come through PayPal

  • less than quarter of a day to use $20 coupon.

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    Anyones refund comen through yet? My email said it would get proccessed yesterday. I paid via paypal.
    My conspiracy theorist side of me says lets just charge 1000 customers $30 for nothing and earn interest on 30k before refunding it back!

    • Bahaha yeh the PayPal fees with be so soo sooooo much more then any interest they could possibly incur

      • No fees for refunds

        • I think PayPal still keeps the 30c fixed commison but refund the % of the amount, changed in Oct but also recently changed again in the UK to keep both fees, so could happen here next and probably has if you read the new agreement

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            Earlier this year, we notified you that we were updating our User Agreement to change our refund policy. We want to let you know that the policy change is going into effect beginning on 11 October 2019.

            In line with industry practice, and according to our updated policy, we will not charge a fee to process refunds, but the fees from the original transaction will not be returned. This policy will not apply to duplicate transactions, voids and most disputed transactions. You can review the PayPal User Agreement for more information on our return policies.

            • @HomeAlone: Why tag me? I know this, the merchant loses out

              • @Dezeption: Based on what you said it sounded like you didn't know…

                I think PayPal still keeps the 30c fixed commison but refund the % of the amount

                PayPal keeps everything. They do NOT refund the % amount.

                • @HomeAlone: I said probably has changed to keep it all, I didn't bother to read the new agreement

                  • @Dezeption: In other words… you didn't know, but now you do. You're welcome :)

                    • @HomeAlone: I didn't care tho, still don't. So you didn't do anything and I didn't thank you for anything, so you're welcome for me giving you this time. Your reply was pointlessly targeted at me

            • @HomeAlone: Horrible !!

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    Can’t believe the price and that I missed it!

    • …missed what exactly?

      • The deal. Which really wasn’t a deal

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          …so you missed out on nothing? and you cant believe you missed it?? ok….

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            @franco cozzo: Isn't there something called FOMO. It's real apparently.

  • Meanwhile I can vouch for the Karcher K4. Only $482 and they have a service centre at total tools hoppers crossing.

    Good performance and can actually be repaired unlike Gerni.

    They have a Gerni service centre too and apparently they have over 40 units where spare parts can't be obtained or the parts have to be ordered in bulk so they sit there for months.

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    Laybyland Pty Ltd issued a $30.00 AUD refund

    • Received my refund, PayPal as well

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    no email just a refund, another bs site to avoid

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    refund received - this kind of selling should be banned

    • -1

      …for a lot users, trying to exploit price errors is one of the main features of being here

      • bargain or price error, once an item is out of stock, shouldn't an online platform either stop taking orders or backorder, rather looking like it's trying to just build its database and not ever fulfill the advertised product. Similar to bait n switch tactics.

        • …looking at that website objectively, why would any sane consumer even contemplate purchasing form that shonky mob?

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            @franco cozzo: so then if they seem "shonky" as website surely they could be banned from here

  • Got refund finally and the shop provides the promo code of SZSORRY17, but have to shop min $150!

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