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Kogan CREE LED Zoomable Flashlight $12.99 Shipped @ Kogan


Zoom to focus your torch beam

The CREE LED Zoomable Flashlight comes complete with zooming ability! Use the zoom to focus your Flashlight beam as wide or as narrow as you need. Handy for finding your keys in the grass at the end of a long summer BBQ!

Amazingly long lifespan

The LED technology in the CREE LED Zoomable Flashlight makes it more energy efficient than other flashlights, giving it an amazingly long lifespan and saving you the hassle of constantly changing batteries.

Batteries not included

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    "…bright white LED light that will turn even the darkest nights into dazzling daylight!"

    Brightness 150lm

    The usual marketing bs but at least they are honest about the specs unlike eBay 90000000000 lumen zoomies

    • It's actually true. These cree leds are amazing.

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    These have always cost < $5 on ebay / aliexpress. What is kogan bringing to the table to make them worth twice that price?

    • Marketing.

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        Maybe delivery in under 6 months?

  • I have over a dozen of these all bought from AliExpress and ebay China for half the price. They're awesome.

  • I got one a few years ago in a Kogan mysterious box for $5. Quality is pretty good , very solid, and it is bright. The only downside for me is it needs 3 AAA batteries (i use rechargable) which makes it a bit heavy to hold. Sadly it was stolen from my car one night.

  • Hisss

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    Anyone can share a link to a reputable seller for a $5 one on ebay ?

  • These used to be cheap af. Although I think the lumens are still padded.

  • I bought this 5 years ago. Light itself it excellent. Solid metal durable. Great bright light. I had to add extra piece of metal between button and contact since it started playing up but still works great after that fix

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