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Ubiquiti Unifi Dream Machine Pro (UDM-PRO) $687.65 Delivered @ Computer Alliance eBay (Afterpay Required)


Have been looking at one of these for a while and have not seen them for sub $700 yet.

Looks like a reasonable deal and the cheapest I've seen thus far as long as you don't mind Afterpay.


  • All-in-one 1U rack appliance for small to medium sized businesses
  • Combines new UniFi OS with 8-port switch and security gateway
  • UniFi Protect video surveillance NVR with off-the-shelf 3.5" HDD support
  • 8-port Gigabit Switch with 1 Gbps RJ45 and 10G SFP+ LAN
  • Enterprise-class IPS/IDS, DPI, and Wi-Fi AI capabilities
  • Powered by fast 1.7 GHz quad-core processor

Dream Machine Pro

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    If you aren't sure what it is, maybe its not something you were/are interested in. Perhaps researching the items you want to buy and looking for their lowest price on OzBargain might be a better idea than commenting on everything you don't understand. I'm guessing that's a long list. Can't wait to see your next post on shoelaces.

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      If I post shoelaces, you can be sure it will include "shoelaces" in the title, not just "Grafton 80cm brown model XJ203 (pro version) $2".


    Good price but correct me if i am wrong, so i believe this will show some advantages only if you have a full house ubiquitu gears to hook up to this box. I have to admit that on that point it's good and convenient because you can control everything using this centralised GUI and ubiquiti's managed APs are really affordable to home usage.

    However, if you use it as a NAT device plus some L3 security features, will it make any difference comparing to a second hand fortigate 60D from ebay?

    Well i have to admit that again having SFP+ port is really a plus

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      Yeah lots of Pros and Cons. I'm holding out in the hope they make a version of it with POE (which it should have included in the first place).

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        Oh misread. You want the ports on this to output poe! I expect this will be connected into switches (or possibly a server as it's designed for smaller setups) so I can understand why they didn't include it.


          Big investment to add another $500+ for a Ubiquiti 16P/24P POE switch. Ideal setup would be rack-mountable, high throughput, with 8 POE ports to drive my two APs and a few USW Flex Mini's around the house, also to connect to a Hik/Dahua NVR. Not interested in the camera side of things with Ubiquiti, as they are ridiculously expensive when compared to Dahua and Hikvision.

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      Yeah correct. For me, this will be combining a Cloud Key Gen 2 and USG-PRO with one device. I also get the benefit of another 8 switch ports.

      It will also handle my gig connection (one of the very few blessed with FTTP!) with all of the IPS/IDS turned on, where as the current USG-PRO will only do around 350mbit.


    Hmmm, been holding out on a new UXG pro…… This or wait….


    ordered - got a ubiquiti eco system the USG doesn't cut it with IPS. aaand its OOS now…


      Nice I think you got the last one. All 3 appear to be sold.


    Can someone please outline the key differences/benefits of this one over the “Standard” dream machine, number of ports aside?

    With this model we get close to enterprise gear territory from a cost perspective.

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      Off the top of my head:

      • Rack mounted
      • Far more throughput with everything turned on
      • 3.5" HDD storage
      • 10 gig SFP ports

      The standard though does also have a wifi AP built in so may be better suited if you don't already have more enterprise gear.

      Good Reddit article comparing the 2:

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      UDM Pro
      No built in access point.
      3.5Gbps IDS/IPS throughput.
      4GB DDR4 RAM.
      Redundant power with 1 RPS DC input.
      3.5" hard drive bay for UniFi Protect.
      Touch screen.

      Built in dual band 802.11ac 4x4 wave 2 access point.
      850Mbps IDS/IPS throughput (if you turn off IDS: around 950Mbps throughput).
      2GB DDR RAM.

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      Adding to what the others have mentioned, the big differences in my mind are

      • form factor. UDM can go anywhere in a house
      • UDM has an access point, this doesn’t
      • more ports here
      • this supporting a HDD, as noted above, means it supports Unifi Protect and this can be used as a network video recorder (NVR) for a security system
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    Slightly more ($704.18) & plenty of stock by the looks, from here:


      shows as $828.45 is there a coupon?


        Coupon: PIN4TECH


          thats who i bought it off last discount. Unfortunately stock only just arrived. So mine is coming in tomorrow according to tracking.