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50% off 2017 Mitolo Jester Mclaren Vale Shiraz: 12 Bottles for $138 ($11.50/bt) incl Delivery @ Vinomofo Black Market


I have it on good authority that this Black Market deal is the Mitolo Jester 2017 shiraz. This vintage gets a decent rating of 3.8 on Vivino, making this a great mid-week quaffer.

$22.99 at Dan Murphy's, so 50% off through Vinomofo. Comes down to $9.40/btl if you use a referral from the grey box below. Further 7% off for new customers through ShopBack/Cashrewards, 3.5% for existing customers.

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  • Way too many good deals at the moment

  • -1

    I think the black market deals are not allowed to be posted as deals.

    Has been the case for several years now afaik.

    Maybe a forums post?

    • Ahh I wasn't aware of that, I'll report the post. Thanks for the heads up.

      Edit: It looks like there were some posted back in 2017, I wonder what changed.

      • There were heaps back in 2014/2015 ish.

        I recall it being an issue with saying this is what bottle you say it is. Unfortunately "good authority" is not enough. So technically nobody is responsible to guarantee that this is the bottle you will get if you buy etc.

        It might have potentially also come from vinomofo themselves not actually being able to advertise the bottle origin.

        The reality is I've personally also "guessed" a few bottles correctly with minimal sleuthing hahaha. I've always been a supporter.

        • In this case its more than good authority, but I do understand the issue. There's always free returns if you're not happy with what you receive from Vinomofo as well, so I'm a little surprised the mods don't allow these to stay.

          • @TheWineFamily: Maybe they will allow it after all these years haha.

          • +1

            @TheWineFamily: I agree that it should be allowed if the wine has been identified. If it's rough speculation maybe not.

            • +2

              @thestig: Its been a few hours since I posted this, so it looks like the mods may be allowing it.

              Edit: Just received a response from the mods, and they have confirmed that Black market deals are allowed.

  • +2

    Can confirm it's 2017 Mitolo Jester Mclaren Vale Shiraz, I received a case this week.

    • Have you cracked one open yet?

      • +2

        I have, but YMMV because I don't usually drink straight Shiraz - I prefer Cab Sauv and Cabernet blends.
        To my taste, there's a bit of fruit and a bit of sharpness - probably what VM refer to as "lingering liveliness". Definitely a bit of length. Certainly not unpleasant.
        I was looking for something that didn't have much/any oak up front but still tastes good, because my tipple of preference right now is… mulled wine. It fits the bill - I'd definitely call it a quaffer. Definitely drinkable without added spice.

        • +1

          I bought it on your mini review .
          As described , Quite enjoyable .

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