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50% off BedStory Mattresses e.g. Queen Size $200 (RRP $400) Shipped @ au.bedstory.com


For example, King size of the mattress on above link is for $215 (+ free shipping) after the discount, and Queen size is for $200. The BedStory website is showing 3-14 days shipping time - I assume they must be sending via international courier.

There's a black fabric version of this mattress as well, which seems to have exactly the same specs, but the price is a bit dearer for King size which I compared with that of the white fabric version.

Interestingly, Amazon AU has this particular mattress - a slightly thicker version listed on a special price ($5 cheaper with shipping) at the moment as well but it is showing a much longer shipping time so it may make sense to order from BedStory website if you want it sooner, assuming that timelines shown on both are accurate. I personally don't mind 25.4cm (10 inch) vs 31cm thickness; in fact I reckon 25.4cm may be a bit lighter and firmer which is better for me.

There are limited reviews on Amazon AU but the US listing has many more reviews if you would like to check.

I reckon one can't go much wrong with this price and the reviews available on internet. Pretty good deal even compared to totally unbranded mattresses in the market.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2020.

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      • Hi what's the link for the Zzz atelier ultra firm?

        And how much you get it for?

    • Its like sleeping on a slab of concrete. Solely for back sleepers .

      • Ive always found concrete a bit too much; wake up sore.
        If it's a hot night, I can handle floor-boards, but I still often put a towel down before I lay on the floor boards.

        It needs to be softer than concrete, but somewhere near wood would be fine.

  • -1

    How does this compare with the Tempur?

    If I bought 28 of these and stack them up would they be as comfortable as a single Tempur?

  • +2

    I rate the lavendar foam mattress. Very comfortable.

    • Is it without springs ?

  • +2

    Seems like a great deal for a well reviewed mattress. Giving it a try, thanks OP.

  • I ordered the white from Amazon and it took less than a week to arrive, even though the shipping estimate said 7 weeks. Definitely on the soft side. For the price can't fault it and with decent sheets it's been fine. No complaints so far. Only had it a few weeks

    • I assume yours is a 12 inch (31 cm) one.. the one on their website is 10 inch (25.4 cm). Do you reckon any negatives with 10 inch one? As per my comment above, if anything, I reckon the thinner one will be more firm. Just curious to hear as you're already using the 12 inch one.

      • Yes I have the thicker one. No idea about the other one what difference it would make.

        I have a similar set up mattress in a box from tontine in terms of foam and spring and it's the same thickness but much firmer.

        I also had a mattress in a box from another company that was thinner and far too soft that I returned it.

        So in my experience thickness hasn't really always been the determining factor for softness but ymmv

  • +4

    I am over buying mattresses online. I am using ZINUS only FOR 3 months. Was ok at the beginning but Not a good mattress. Right side AND left side sagged. Me and my wife we both started having back pain. I bought it from amazon. Now I don’t mind to spend thousands for a good mattress but not buying these type of cheap mattress anyone.

    • +1

      The issue is that people complain the same stuff even for expensive mattresses. Not sure which brand has absolutely no complaints or even less complaints. I like Japanese futons but they are too pricey here. Other risk-free, simpler option is something like http://www.princemattress.com since you know what you're going to get.

      • -1

        Are you the rep for princemattress and zinus and this company?

        • +1

          Are you the rep for princemattress and zinus and this company?

          'and' looking for the 4th opportunity now, mate. Let me know if anything. :)

          Jokes apart, I have been looking for some value options lately and these are the ones I came across. I could throw a few more brands in my comment but only if they were relevant. Do you have any input?

          • @virhlpool: ah k too bad. wanted to know how shipping is so cheap. it cost me $78 to send a monitor the other day.

  • +1

    $200 shipped. Great price

  • Got one, Hopefully they honour 100 day trial policy in case it's not good

    • where on the site says 100 day trial? all i could see is the 30 day refund policy ..?

      ok so its on their main website but theres no information around this lol

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    has anyone bought from these guys and mattress any good quality?

  • -1

    "Limited stocks, end soon!"

    Go with zzz

  • Everyone has their own opinion and I will say for some its bad and for some its good. But I always prefer to check physically then can go for online.

  • -1

    So nobody has spoken about how comfortable it is to sleep on? Is this a popular/famous brand and model?

    • maybe no one has bought this mattress from this company before ? lol
      but seriously would like to gauge any feedback from those that have had bought from these guys

      • there's a lot of excitement here for something they haven't tried.

  • -1

    I bought two medium firm mattresses from Furnitures Galore 16 years ago for $350 each. They're so comfortable and have kept the firmness even today. I'm so impressed



  • +1

    I'm having slight buyer's remorse after reading this


    Note though, reviews were rated B before, there's just been a bunch of fake reviews lately, doesn't necessarily make it a bad product though.

    Also, I remember a while back researching and 32cm is supposedly way better for a mattress vs 25cm. Obviously materials count too

    For $200 not expecting much

  • +1

    I just took a risk on a Queen Emma original foam for $621. It’s in the top 2 recommended mattress’s by choice in their latest issue.

    • Let us know how it goes, been curious on the foam mattresses.

      • Will do. I got a lazy bed a few years ago but it started to sag. Hopefully this one lives up to the hype.

    • How’s the Emma going? Thinking of buying today…

      • I’ve been liking it so far but today I had a good 11 hr sleep in it and I’ve woken up with a sore back. Not sure if it’s the matttress or maybe my daughter putting her feet in my back.

      • Slept on it again and my back was fine. For the price I think it’s a well made mattress. The choice rating got me over the line.

  • Cheap mattresses always sag after awhile.
    I would say a few months if it's really crap or 1-2 years max if you are lucky.

    I personally would never buy these cheap mattresses other than for guest bedroom.

  • Guys, we are using Latex foam medium firmness from [IKEA]
    (https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/morgedal-latex-mattress-medium-...) for anyone looking for a replacement or alternative mattress.

    It costs around $799 for 180x200cm (Close to King size) if interested. Kids have been jumping on and off to the mattress and I think it's worth it. No sign of sagging.

    It has been 5 years now and we are pretty happy with the mattress with no issues so far. It is also good to buy an extra soft Latex for layering if required.

  • So where to buy king single mattress and/or bed frame?

  • Got one. Thanks!

  • I'm debating getting one for a spare room but can't decide between these two:

    BedStory Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress with Pocket Coil

    BedStory 25cm Natural Latex Hybrid Mattress, Individually Encased Pocket Coils Mattress

    Does anyone have an idea say between a 1 being most soft and 10 being most firm on what these might be.

    Wasted hours looking for decent reviews online and a lot are just referral/promotional junk.

    From my understanding the latex one will be more firm but other than that I'm clueless.

    • Read the 1-3 star reviews on Amazon.

      People are complaining that the latex hybrid doesn't actually expand properly to 25cm and is on the firm end of the scale.

      The memory foam mattress is on the soft side and there are complaints on Amazon about sagging and deformation.

    • Hi I want to buy https://au.bedstory.com/mattresses/bedstory-10-inch-latex-hy...

      I was reading some reviews and it says it doesn’t expand. Saying that if you read zzz atelier ultra firm reviews it also doesn’t expand.

      I am after a ultra firm mattress. I have the black label (replaced by zzz as previous had sagging) and due to shoulder problems I have to sleep on my back. Hence I need to upgrade to a king size bed so I am more comfortable and I need a firmer mattress

      Did you buy it?

  • Does anyone know when they post it out?

    • Usually between 3 and 5pm.

    • Mine took 1 week to post and received about a week later

      • Damn son I ordered this week hoping it would come next week because I only got a week off because I do FIFO 😭😭😭

  • I want to buy https://au.bedstory.com/mattresses/bedstory-10-inch-latex-hy...

    I was reading some reviews and it says it doesn’t expand. Saying that if you read zzz atelier ultra firm reviews it also doesn’t always expand.

    I am after a ultra firm mattress. I have the black label (replaced by zzz as previous had sagging) and due to shoulder problems I have to sleep on my back. Hence I need to upgrade to a king size bed so I am more comfortable and I need a firmer mattress

    I’m undecided between this bedstory and zzz. Zzz firm is at least $100 more. I don’t mind spending it, however if it’s the same as bedstory I would love to save the money.

    Zzz atelier mattresses are also made in China (box had some Chinese labels)

  • +2

    Got mine today (in Melbourne) but unfortunately won't be able to use it for 2 more weeks so won't be able to comment on initial quality.

    Box is pretty heavy though, was able to drag it in on my own, but a hand trolley would be very useful.

  • -1

    I cant get the reund even I paid full price!!!!!!!!!!!I didn't use the coupon

    • +1

      Why is that worth a neg for your incompetent actions lol

  • +1

    Mine also arrived today, located Brisbane. Also won't get to try it out until early Sept.

  • +2

    Just received my bed, took 2 weeks to get here. I am VERY happy with the quality and comfort.

  • Mine arrived today. Noticed slight water damage on the outside (ink has run slightly on the outside) - a bit concerned although it is not significant. I've sent them an email regarding the condition (have not opened it yet). Anyone else had this issue and opened it up yet??

    • +2

      Mine arrived this week too. Didn't look like Toll handled the box nicely but there is no damage to the mattress as such. I am very happy with the quality and value for money in general.

      I ordered the same hybrid mattress that's posted on this deal. It's slightly on the softer side due to the soft layer on the top but I like it that way. If someone is after a very firm mattress, then they may want to choose a different model from their website though mattress firmness is a very subjective matter.

      • How long did you leave it to expand?

        • I read online at a few places (not this brand in specific) and they say you can start using it on the same day while it still expands.. Used on the same day when I received.

        • only took mine 1-2 hours MAX

    • When did you guys placed the order?
      I bought it since 13th Aug, still haven't got any shipping updates or tracking number.

      • I didn't get any of those either, you'll probably get your mattress tomorrow or the next day as a guess

        • I didn't get any notification either - I'm Adelaide based, so it might depend upon where you are located and the cross border policies

      • Message them on FB, I found this was easiest and they always got back to me within 30 min - 10 hours

        • Which FB account did you message them on? I can only see the generic American one.

          • @BlitzR: should just be BedStory, no issues with that one.

      • Messaged them on FB already, we will see how it goes.
        Thanks for the help! @Tandako @rappy68 @miatoled

  • I tried mine last night (the hybrid one) I just let it expand for the entire day and in the evening it was fine. I also got the mattress topper. The mattress I'd rate between soft to firm and the topper is soft, combined it was really good but will take me a little bit to get used to the memory foam feeling. What I like though is you can tell the mattress has support, even if you were heavier you won't 'sink' on one side which is good. Btw the mattress we got was the 31cm height not the 25cm which I just assume will be a little firmer. Overall for the price I think it's awesome but I'll store the old one for a little bit just in case there's any issues but I doubt there will be. Interesting the promo is still going, I reckon it's one of those always on sale things just to make you hurry up and buy (which I did) but thankfully I'm not disappointed.

  • i need a king firm

    • Wait for the quarterly-ish sales of ZZZ Atelier's on Ebay.

      Best budget mattress in the medium-firm range.

      • +1

        thank you, i will keep an eye out for that.

  • Only Single and King available now :(

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