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Laneige Water Bank Hydro Cream EX 50ml $30 + $6.95 Delivery (Free over $55 Spend) @ Lila Beauty


Laneige Water Bank Hydro Cream EX 50ml is on sale as our system had accidentally over-ordered for this product on our last order.

We have had a previous deal on this offer here. However as there is still excess stock, we have further reduced the price of this product to $30.

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  • Is this suitable for males? Is it anti-aging?

  • Is there a way to checkout as a guest?


      Hi, sorry there is no option to checkout as guest at the moment for our store. We do allow social logins (Facebook, Google) if you did not want to create an account using email.

  • Pimple patch sale again please


      Hi, the pimple patches are $4.50 at the moment. We also have free shipping for this product at our store.

      • So i take it as no sale then. Ta

      • Hi OP,
        I made an order just then for pimple stickers based on your comment. I paid and went through checkout and realised I got charged $6.95 for shipping. Was I meant to receive free shipping? Because I would’ve gone through ebay instead. My order number is #23856 and I’d greatly appreciate your help.

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          Sorry for the confusion. The pimple patches that are eligible for free shipping would be the Cosrx pimple patches.

          Sorry there was no clarification as the comment above was referring to these pimple patches (priced at $4.50).

          The Some By Mi ones are not in the free shipping collection which can be seen at the following link:


          In this case we will refund the shipping cost here but please note that if an item is not eligible for free shipping then you will not be able to see ‘free shipping’ as a shipping option at checkout (if you checkout just the Cosrx patches then this option will be visible).

          Please feel free to reach out again should you have any further queries, thank you :)

  • Hi, which step should I apply this on? my routine is washing, toner, moisturizer, mask.
    Thank you


      Hi, this product is a moisturizer so you would apply it at the moisturizer step.

      Also may I ask which mask you are referring to in your routine?

      If it is a face sheet mask then we would recommend applying this before the moisturizer.

      Alternatively if it is a sleeping mask then using this after a moisturizer is perfect :)

      • Hi, it is a paper face sheet mask. So I should use the mask before the Laneige Water Bank Hydro? Washing, toner, mask and then Laneige Water Bank Hydro as a moisturizer?


          Hi, yes those would be the recommended steps here

        • Moisturiser is the occlusive barrier, the mask is more like a serum. Serums before moisturiser

          If you put a moisturiser before the serum, serum can't penetrate as effectively because your moisturiser is blocking it

    • Usually after I do a mask I don't apply any more moisturiser unless my skin feels dry. I don't think you're supposed to do a mask every day? Isn't it once-a-week kind of thing?


        Hi, no you do not have to use a mask everyday. It is generally recommended for every other day (2-3 times a week is fine). Sorry I was referring to the order of products above. I just realized that the other user may have meant using a mask everyday now.

        In regards to whether you need to apply a moisturizer after using a face mask/serum, it may be dependent on the user. You can refer to this article for more information:


  • Hello OP, what age group do you recommend this product for?


      Hi, this product can be used for any age group. It is a general hydrating moisturizer which is more lightweight in texture than the 'Laneige Water Bank Moisture Cream Ex' so it would be more suitable for oily and combination skin types.

  • Hyaluronic Acid seems to be the whoopdedoo ingredient in most of these nowadays. Note they never say how much is in it, but there have been quite a few pots of this kind of stuff recently L'Oreal, Nuetrogena.

  • What % of Hyaluronic Acid and is this manufactured in korea?

  • Holy crap, that's cheap.
    It's $55 at iHerb atm excluding all the cashrewards, and sitewide sale discounts


      Yes it has been reduced quite heavily to clear the excess stock. We would rather turn this over and use the funds to purchase other products that are currently out of stock than to have it sitting in our inventory. Our usual price is $49 for this product for reference.

  • Thanks OP! This is the moisturiser I normally use, my favourite!!