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Galax GeForce RTX 2080Ti White (1-Click OC) 11G $1599 + Delivery @ Shopping Express


It's cheap for a 2080 Ti, but with RTX 3000 on the horizon buyer's remorse is going to kick you in the guts. Don't buy it unless it's going to pay itself off or you just have lots of cash to splash, but then why are you on this site?

It also comes with Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition.

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  • If the 3080 drops in at $2500 this actually might be cheap.

    • NVIDIA wouldn't release cards with worse price to performance than their new ones, that would be self-sabotage. You'd have to compare it with like a 3060/3070 if the 3080 is $2500.

      • hmm, 1080ti successor

        • Oh jee… I never thought about that. Unless they create some new AI features and/or greatly improve ray tracing performance RTX 3000 is screwed. Even then I still wonder why the 2080 and 2080 Super sold with their lackluster ray tracing performance and no DLSS 2.0 at launch.

          • @Rajeh: Hardware comes before software. It's disappointing that DLSS 2.0 wasn't the original implementation (the way they described DLSS originally, I thought it was), but we're here now.

            Still yet to see mesh shaders in action, and then there's full-scale foveated rendering for VR, which requires a headset with eye tracking.

            RTX 3000 cards should have 3-4x faster raytracing (thus no penalty with existing RT implementations, increased RT fidelity possible), and lower DLSS latency, perhaps enough to unlock smooth performance for 1080p 360Hz, 1440p 240Hz and future monitors of higher refresh rates and resolutions (think 4k 240, 1440p 360).

            I'm still firmly of the belief that this next generation is so good, you'll see more people upgrade from Turing that you would typically expect to see.

            • @jasswolf: I also think nvidia will release a driver improving RT performance for the 2000 series though to try and stop people upgrading to big Navi . There is definitely more performance they’re keeping at bay

              • @piston3461: They're really not: 10 gigarays is a reference to maximum theoretical primary ray performance of a 2080 Ti, but scenes have light bounces, and secondary rays will interact with multiple parts of the scene and thus there is data that needs to tap into the shaders and memory. Practical numbers are far lower as a result, though you do see hybrid solutions and variable rate ray tracing as well to better focus what performance there is on key elements in a scene.

                It's possible mesh shaders might free bandwidth and memory on the GPU to deliver better performance, but don't expect miracles. They're not being held back though, it's an issue of DX12 adoption and then developer implementation. DX12 Ultimate has been here for a few months now, so we're just waiting for utilisation.

      • That's exactly what they did with the 20 series though?

    • They would of done this if AMD didn't have something coming out around the same time too that's going to be competitive.. nvidia doesn't want to price themselves out of the market.

      • There's also next gen consoles, with some considering them for their performance compared to building a rig.

    • If it costs that much then I am going back to the Xbox 360

  • Honestly worth it for Rainbow Six.

  • I have an RTX2070, could sell it and offset the costs.

    Very tempted. Never bought galax before though

  • I literally just sold my RTX 2080 Super for $1350 and purchased a 1650 Super to game on until the 3000 series comes out.

    I might have to buy this now..

    • +11 votes

      Damn you got $1350 for it?

    • wtf 2080 super did you have?

      didn't though 2080 supers would get much other $1000 tbh
      i have a Aorus 2080 super and was thinking of doing the exact same thing even with the same card lol

  • Lol and people say nvidia won't dare raise prices but ppl are willing to pay that much for second hand super…

    • Y'know I think r/ayymd might be right to an extent. There is a thing called an nvidiot, but not every NVIDIA buyer is an nvidiot. /s

    • $1500 OPPO phones exist too, I guess there are fools

      Or $4000 'foldable' phones

  • For someone who wants a 2070 super now, why would I wait for the 3070?

  • When does the 3xxx series come in? I've got a regular GTX 1080, and i've been waiting for an upgrade.

    • Reveal is set for September, but release and availability will be sometime in Q4. This is only for the 3070+ cards though, 3060- will be Q1 2021 from what I've heard.

  • This has been at this price for a few weeks at SE. Been tempted, but as the OP states, if the new series drops at a similar price, I'd be kicking myself… or does it drop at $2k+ and Nvidia sucker us all.

  • damn, Galax makes some of the ugliest looking cards

  • How is a graphics card going to pay itself off? Crypto mining?

  • I'd buy it if i didnt have my 1080ti. Fantastic card and I just cant see it differing too much (<20%) from the 3080ti. 2nd hand 2080ti will probably be higher or equal to this price ecause people bought it for so much.

    • Gosh it still amazes me that the "Ti" cards were better values, now the 2080 Ti is 50% more expensive than the Super for only 20-25% gains.

  • Is it worth getting a RTX card now or waiting until more games support ray tracing?

  • I think I’ll wait for the 3080ti, still rocking a 1080ti.

    • I think I will go to sleep wake up when im 169 and buy the fastest gpu card then die the next day loll.

      • Wait. 2080ti came out in September 2018, almost two year old tech.

        • Eww I need the stuff that some nerd is just making up in their mind right now not this two year old tech that's boomer outdated.

  • Hard to find a reason to upgrade my 1080Ti. Such a capable card.

  • bought it on sunday still on pick status still not shipped should i contact them?

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