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Surfshark VPN: 90% Cashback @ Cashrewards


Enjoy :)

Expires: Aug 15, 2020, 11:59:00 PM
Just $11* after cash back on 3 year plans

New Surfshark customers only.

You must click out from this offer on Cashrewards and then select 'Buy Now' from the Surfshark page in order to receive the discounted 36 month plan. If the coupon is not applied automatically, ensure you add it prior to checkout.

Prices are quoted in AUD, and may change depending on US dollar exchange rate.

Offer and increased cashback can be withdrawn at any time without notice.

The AUD amount that tracks to your Cashrewards account may differ to the paid amount due to international exchange rates. Your initial payment is converted to USD, then converted back to AUD when reported to us. The advertised Cashback rate is based on the reported amount, not the paid amount. Cashrewards has no control over this process.

Referenced $11 after cashback is a best estimate figure which depends entirely on current exchange rates and may vary due to the current volatile nature of world currencies. Cashback is calculated and paid on the advertised cost of the plan only (AUD $2.69 per month or approx AUD $97 for 3 years). It will not include any GST, taxes, credit card or PayPal surcharges.

From previous posts: Advice is to pay using a credit card (or debit card) and not PayPal.

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$10 for both referee and referrer ($20 Until 30/9/20), after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • any who subscribed already please confirm if Disney+ hotstar can be accessed using Indian proxy?

    • How much is Disney+ from India?

    • yes hotstar works. It does buffer at times,but mostly works fine .Have been using it for last one month.

      • Dies it work using the mobile app? I tried multiple settings with customer support on the line but nothing worked and the hotstar app detected the VPN each time.

        • It works for me on Android. Try clearing the cache and turning off your mobile location. Having said that, the Indian servers are pretty slow imo. You can watch stuff, but in lower quality and some occasional buffering.

    • Use getflix or smartdns.

    • doesn't work on iphone app.
      It says vpn detected.

      Just contacted their support team, they said server is down, we are trying to fix this, unfortunately no ETA.

  • How long does it take for cashback to be approved?

  • done, was waiting for it in the last 2 weeks, thanks

  • Does Netflix work with this? Ghost VPN doesn't seem to work anymore

    • Netflix seem to work for all countries

    • It was working for me until this weekend… :( can't access The Office. Logged out and back in, cleared the cache, reinstalled Netflix, still don't see it!

      • Yea I contacted them, they said they have been updating some servers in certain countries so been directed to US or UK. also they got a new update so I'm going to try that

        • Its really weird… I can see other US exclusive shows like Breaking Bad, just not the ONE show that I'm in the middle of watching… sigh
          Edit - the US servers are redirecting to Portugal.

  • Cashrewards link to Surfshark always goes via www.ojrq.net.
    ojrq.net is classed as potentially dangerous spyware/virus. My pi-hole is blocking me from this risky move.
    Is it Cashrewards or is it Surfshark that is playing loose with our net safety?

    • It's not a malicious link. ojrq.net belongs to Impact Radius who are the affiliate network Surfshark are using to pay out commission to their affiliate partners like Cashrewards. Pi-hole is doing what all adblockers do, blocking the tracking cookies that will track your purchase and allow Cashrewards to give you cashback.

      That's why all cashback sites recommend very clearly that you should have adblock disabled. Pi-hole is one of the more sophisticated and more sensitive adblockers out there.

  • Okay so I have been using it for about two months. I still haven't received my cashback yet although it has been tracked in CR. I've got it running on every device I have at home: linux server, windows pcs, android phones, mac laptop, smart tv, ps4. It is absolutely fantastic. Netflix videos work, Disney+ videos work. I've tried Italy and USA and they work perfectly.

    You can have it running on multiple devices with different IPs. The only downfall is you can only use the smart DNS feature from one IP address so use your home ISP's IP address when setting it up. It will basically mask your DNS servers as coming from the USA so you smart tv or ps4 will use this dns server and then pull content from the US. Its awesome for devices where you can't install the SS VPN Client.

    It has a multihop feature which will say jump from AU to Portugal to USA etc to make it even harder to track you.
    There is also a built in kill switch so if you drop VPN connection internet won't work until it reconnects, perfect for torrenting or whatever else you want to hide from.

    I've used their support once for my linux server as the client stopped working. They helped me out via chat in a few minutes and I was back online. Fantastic VPN service. I have recommended quite a few IT colleagues and they are quite happy with it. Unbeatable with the 90% cashback.

    On Windows you can also split tunnel so you can force apps to bypass VPN if you need to.

    I managed to sign up to F1 TV using a different country and a credit card workaround. I'm over the moon.

    I haven't compared it to Express VPN so if anyone who uses it cares to share their review that would be helpful.

  • Thanks, was waiting for a vpn deal since my PIA subscription recently expired. Speeds seem ok so far.

  • Tried these guys not long ago but couldn't get it to work on my Mibox or Amazon FireStick. As a matter of fact, tried so many VPN's on these devices and can get some to work but server speeds are dreadfully slow. Works quite good on my Android phone though. I don't get why this is?

  • The only server that Works on US Netflix is Chicago , the rest don’t . I am using just the app. Also seems to get blocked on prime.

  • How does it compare to nordvpn? I got the offer from CR for nordvpn. Is it worth getting both?

    • I'm on nord. 3 year term expiring in a couple of months. Thought I'd try surfshark to see how it fares.
      Right off the bat, surfshark won't let me log into their website whilst on nord vpn. Kind of inconvenient when all I wanted was to check out some instructions and server addresses.

  • paypal charged me $112.28au after the exchange rate.

    • In future ensure you let your bank do the conversion. FeePal charges a higher conversion rate plus a conversion fee.

    • There was an option to choose USD, which doesn't charge 10% VAT. I wasn't sure if that would disqualify cashback so I stuck with AUD.

  • Damn, just got a Surfshark subscription a couple of days ago.

  • I signed up and paid for the offer but nothing is appearing in My Rewards section. I followed the instructions (at least I thought I did)…

    • Typical Cashrewards. Took me a few weeks to beg them for the cash rewards.

    • +3 votes

      Tracking is not instant for Surfshark. Typically can take up to 72 hours to appear in your CR acct. Let us know how you go. Thanks.

      • Hi,

        Can a referral link be used as well?, since this post shows it.
        Or would that void/mess things up with CR?

        I'm guessing no stacking of codes.

  • I needed to use a Brazilian server to renew my Xbox Live subscription. Surfshark would not work as a Brazilian server. When I checked the geolocation, it said the server was in Oklahoma even though Surfshark settings said Brazil. I had to go back to using TunnelBear (free) to be able to renew my Xbox Live subscription via Brazilian code.

  • thanks op. will be using it to bypass ccp censorship

  • Is surfshark subscription something we can claim at taxation?

  • Does it work Amazon prime?

  • Does anyone know if you pay by credit card, is it a recurring payment? i.e. do you need to call them in 3 years time to cancel?

  • When I click through, there is no option of a 36 month plan - just 24 months with coupon "sharkstart" pre-applied. There doesn't appear any way to select 36 months or use the coupon "CASHREW3Y" as instructed.

    Has anybody had the same and/or resolved this? I note the "sharkstart" coupon isn't listed on Cashrewards and I wouldn't want my transaction to be ineligible for cashback because of this.

    EDIT: Resolved. Offer works. You must use the "Shop Offer" button next to the coupon rather than the "Shop now" link at the top of the Cashrewards page. That will take you to a different page displaying the 36 month plan with coupon "cashrew3y" applied.

  • Just thinking ahead. What happens after 3 years? How do I become a new customer on Surfshark? Do I have to create a new cash rewards account too?

  • I followed all the instructions here, got the CASHREW3Y from the link itself, then got a notification that my CR has been tracked a few hours after I signed up.
    Paid via CC.

  • Thanks for sharing.

    I just signed up under Australia and paid the 10% VAT (GST) just in case there were issues with Cashrewards… I figured 10% of about $9 is nothing vs losing over $100+ worth of cashback!

    I can now watch various free things from the USA which was normally geoblocked! The value of the entertainment is well worth the $3-4/yr for the VPN.

  • how much drop in bandwidth have you goes noticed while using surfshark ? As much as I value privacy/security, I would rather not take a hit to my internet speeds .

    • It honestly depends on the server as you maybe aware. But from my quick tests I was getting 45 mbps pre vpn, and around 30ish afterwards. Another thing to note is the connection is not as consistent during the speed tests and the speeds will fluctuate. So expect around a 10 mbps drop from your normal speed. FYI I connected to Surfshark using the "fastest server" option. It works fine during normal browsing and streaming, although 4K content may be a little slower to load. Hope this helps :)

  • Just a little post on how mine went. Feel free to share how yours went and how much the total cost was.

    Paid with Apple Pay, charged $98.44 (USD 69.99). Also I chose the pay in USD option to avoid the 10% VAT

    Cashrewards tracked within the hour.

    Amount 98.44- AUD 85.29 = 13.15 Total Cost for the 3 years.

    Happy to report the process went well :)

  • Thanks perhaps.

    Now I need to work out how to use CR correctly to make sure I do it right, never used before.
    I assume all extensions turned off, allow allow ALL cookies, what else do I need to do in Chrome/FireFox Priv/secrty settings apart from CR tips listed on their site?

    • You've hit the nail on the head! You just have to disable anything that could interfere with the cashback process, e.g adblockers. I personally used my iPhone and bog standard safari for this and in the normal browsing mode. Also do not have the surfshark added to cart before clicking through from Cashrewards and make sure to click 'Shop Offer'. Quick way to see if you got there correctly, is if the code is automatically applied on the surfshark website. From there just enter your email and method of payment. Note that you do not have to choose the pay 10% VAT option, and can pay in USD. Also try to avoid Paypal and check your if your payment method has any fees for international purchases/fee conversions. And thats it! Good luck and dont forget to ask @tightarse if you have any questions.

  • Thanks so much perhaps.
    Just wanted to make sure, didn't want to stuff it up, since it's a $98 cash back.

    Can your pay using bank account or MC/Visa without using PayPal?

    Have you used Nord?, still deciding which to go for.

    At what point would you enter a referral link?, as the code CASHREW3Y needs to be entered.

    • I was in the same boat and pretty nervous about getting the cashback.

      Yeah you can pay with Credit Card/Debit Card/Apple Pay/Google Pay/ Paypal/Amazon Pay or even Crypto. I paid with Apple Pay which was hooked up to my debit card (UP bank).

      I have not used Nord VPN before. Surfshark is my first paid VPN and I have used TunnelBear and Hotspot Shield before. But id say go with whichever ticks the boxes for you. Be mindful that Nord has been hacked before, although even Surfshark or any other VPN could be in the future. I'd recommend Surfshark, its really easy to use and is like a plug and play or set and forget thing. PM me if you have any questions about Surfshark or the app and I'll see if I can help.

      As for the refferal link, I dont think its possible to stack it or use it with this offer as you have to go straight through the Cashrewards site, and adding the referral might void your cashback. But you could certainly ask @tightarse about the Cashrewards side of things.

      Note : You have until 11.59 for the offer :)

  • Thanks again OP and perhaps.

    I heard about Nord & TunnelBear being hacked, cant recall when that was thou.
    I'll go with this instead of Nord.

    So up to 3 months before before cashback yeah.

    • Yep spot on! Mine is around 3 months. Others have said around 2 months, but on your Cashrewards transaction list you'll be able to see the exact date of when it will be approved. Hope this helps

  • This might help others to decide, about $29 difference in price between them.

    I did a quick look (comparison/reviews) into both, major points for each (info from links below);

    NordVPN + more servers & a bit faster/better streaming speeds/supports Vudu, Sky, and SHOWTIME/more P3P torrents /same security protocols/70 Double VPN connections, compared to Surfshark’s 13 (Multi Hop)/advanced kill switch & NordLynx protocol/++ Onion over VPN (Tor servers)/SOCKS5/CyberSec/WebRTC/based in Panama/full audit in 2018.

    Surfshark + simultaneous connections (devices) unlimited vs 6/a few more countries/Better average P2P speeds/same security protocols + Shadowsocks/kill switch/British Virgin Islands/partially audited (only browser extensions)/Whitelister/split tunneling/CleanWeb.

    NordVPN = more servers, higher speeds,Vudu/Sky/SHOWTIME/Onion over VPN/a lot more Double VPN & torrent servers/NordLynx/no data-retention laws claimed.
    Surfshark = unlimited devices/$29 cheaper/Shadowsocks/no data-retention laws claimed. Still rated highly overall thou.

    I wished Surfshark had Onion over VPN, but worth $29 more, plus more speed/servers? hard choice.

    I'm new to VPN's & setting up networks.
    Using data from Kogan mobile deals in 2nd phone via usb cable.

    These sites might be helpful - dated 2020:


    • Isn't the $29 irrelevant since with CR you end up paying $11 for both surfshark and nordvpn? (Ok, prob a couple $ more for nordvpn)

      • Yeah, I made a mistake that I just realized now, that the price p/m used in the Nord post was in US, opps.
        Mmm, maybe I should have gone with Nord for it's Tor feature/speed/servers, since there is little difference in price, damn insomnia.

        Ended up going with Surfshark, was hard to decide how useful the onion over VPN option with NordVPN would be, as I do want to start using & learning about TOR.

    • Disregard the $29 point in my post above (14/08/2020 - 16:59), I got it mixed up with USD in NordVPN post, so not much difference in price.

  • I thought it might be useful to someone who wants to use Cashrewards app. I used Cashrewards app to make the purchase and the process was very easy. Browse the surfshark offer under online offers and then click on copy and shop , you will see 3 year option is selected by default and the code is automatically applied. Then enter your email to register and select the payment method. It will show you the Aud amount and will be converted to USD. I selected card payment option and used my ING debit card as it doesn't have any international transaction charges. Paid Aud 98.12 and the transaction was tracked in couple of hours. Received confirmation email from cashrewards.

  • Just signed up with Surfshark, after clicking shop offer on Cash Rewards 90% off, directs to another page displaying the 36 month plan with coupon "cashrew3y" applied.

    On CashRewards site showed 90% off (shop offer), but once you proceed to payment on Surfshark, it shows as 83%, any idea why?
    Paid $98.12 [USD 69.99], so thinking its right?, going by other comments yes.

    • The save 83% percent is off the standard Surfshark price for a 3 year plan. You are paying $99, but saving 476.64 due to the promotion on the Surfshark side. So in effect you pay the $99 for Surfshark, and then from Cashrewards you will get back 90% of that. Has your transaction tracked on Cashrewards yet?, if so you will be able to see how much you saved and the estimated date.

      • Thanks yet again.

        All good, Cash Rewards shows as AUD94.66 and rewards balance/cashback savings as $85.19

        • No Worries! How are you finding Surfshark?

          • @perhaps: Still checking it out, so far easy to use.

            Whats odd is when I use the browser extension (FF) & connect to a server in it then go to their site to test the WebRTC leak it says it not protecting, but if I disconnect from it and then connect to a server within Pc client instead and run test again, it shows as protected.

            So if used via extension it cant protect WebRTC leaks? or could it be because I'm connected via usb tethering (mobile data)?

            Still thinking of the Tor over vpn feature that Nord has, might sign up with them also, then cancel 1 or the other??

            So much conflicting opinions on VPN's and their worth, particularly on YouTube.

  • I just asked Surfshark about the WebRTC issue, in chat which was a fast response, no waiting, very quick.
    They gave me a link to ipleak.net.

    Also asked about using the extension at the same time as Pc client using same location (synced) showing the different IP address in both, they advised;

    "It's best not to use both as they might interfere with each other." = so one or the other.

    And the benefit of using either is "VPN protects whole device and adds encryption;

    "Extension only hides IP without added encryption and protects only browser.
    Because of no encryption most of the time it has better speeds, so it's user preference which one to use in which situation.
    For a simple way you can just turn on app. If you feel like some streaming is slow or low quality you can use extension to have better results for that."

    Most people here would know this, but it might help someone else new to VPN's.

    Lastly, no time frame on or if Surfshark will offer Onion over vpn.

  • Quick update on my experience - weirdly, my purchase didn't track on Cashrewards. I've just submitted a claim after checking back a few weeks later.

    I went about it the same way as always, using Safari (not my everyday browser), no blocking extensions, all cookies enabled etc. I've never had a purchase not register in the past, so I'm not sure how this usually goes. Hopefully CR come good on their guarantee - otherwise I'm up for the full payment as I've missed the Surfshark refund period.

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