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[PC] Steam - 911 Operator Complete Bundle - $4.40 (was $47.45) - Steam


Pretty fun game and excellent value. The DLC add to the gameplay and vary it by introducing new elements.
Definitely worth it if you like this type of games.


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  • so, This Is The Police without the film noir

  • I played the vanilla game, and it was pretty good. Though wouldn't play through it again now with the DLC

    I imagine for someone new, the base game + DLC would be a bunch of fun for the price of a gourmet coffee.

  • Cheers Lysander! Grabbed a copy!

  • Important to note, that the bundle does NOT include 112 Operator as shown in the thumbnail. That is a completely seperate game by the same dev. (Which seems to be an upgraded 911 Operator with an extra campaign in Europe.)

    This bundle only includes:

    911 Operator Base game
    911 Operator - Special Resources DLC
    911 Operator - Every Life Matters DLC
    911 Operator - Search & Rescue DLC