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Thorzt Sugar-Free "Solo Shot" 50x 3g Mixed Pack $19.95 + Delivery @ Moemic Hydration


One of the two official Australian distributors for Thorzt, www.moemichydration.com.au (redirects to whsafe.store), is offering heavily discounted stock due to close "Best Before" dates. The package I received today has a Best Before of September 2020.

Posted link is for a 50 pack of THORZT "Solo Shots" 5 flavor which contains the following:

  • Wild Berry
  • Lemon Lime
  • Blue Lemonade
  • Orange
  • Tropical

Many other items are on similar sale price, so I assume they have varying imminent best before dates. Please contact vendor directly for specific information.

Note their website says nothing about expiry dates, however I received 3x of these packs today along with an email explaining why they were on sale.

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  • These usually go for $40-$50 a pack so this is a great value.

    • it is now on offer for $14.95 + shipping

  • Would be good if the website showed the nutritional table of the products.

    • Hi , nutritional breakdown has been uploaded as an image on our online store

  • A+ for service! Ordered two packs.
    Going to try these in sparkling water.

    • thanks for feedback, it is great with cold water.