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Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO920 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner + Free Replacement Kit $659 Delivered @ Ecovacs Amazon AU


Hi all! Been wanting one of these for ages and found what appears a really good one for quite cheap. It's able to mop and sweep at the same time, or just sweep/mop!

To get the deal you have to activate the promotions, make sure you do both so you get the replacement kit for free and it'll all come down to $659.00. Great deal IMO. Great reviews. Have a look yourself.

Just make sure you use BOTH promotions, they stack.

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  • what is advantage over a roborock 2nd generation for $499?

    • Huh, just looked at it. Great for the price, a lot cheaper than what I posted. However, I prefer black instead of white (in robots) lol. But if people don't care, look take a look at roborock 2nd gen. Seems pretty good and a lot cheaper lol

    • can you link me the roborock 2nd gen for 499$ ?

      Also what is the best one on the market atm? is it Roborock?

    • Looking forward to $499 2nd gen

  • If you don't need Accessory Replacement Kit, The DEEBOT OZMO 920 is $589 Delivered from their eBay Store

    • Wow, thanks for showing me this. A lot cheaper, I did bad I guess with this post. Do you have this robot by any chance and you reckon the accessory replacement kit is necessary? I'd say eventually it would be. But thanks for showing this, not to late to cancel amazon order :D

      • Rule number 1: always check ozbargain first

        From some of the comments there you shoulf consider a s5max instead. I to believe its the better smarter one, plus it comes in black too

        • There have been some who post here with a good deal in hope of someone doing homework to find a cheaper better one. Not saying that is what OP did, but it happened to a friend of a friend of mine once…

          • @Scorn: That isn't what I did at all sorry :( I just thought the promotion to take $240 off a $900 vacuum/mop robot cleaner was good. But apparently there are better options, so people if you're not interested in my deal (which I'm still ordering) listen to these other guys who have better deals. Sorry that I let you down.

            • @Bayco: Not at all. Thanks for posting the deal. I am a future customer of a similar vacuum, and look to deals like this for feedback and advice on whats good.

      • I had the Roborock S50 2nd then got the Deebot 920 for $599 with bonus accessories.

        Yes the accessories will be needed eventually, consumables like filters, mops and brushes dont last forever.

        • Which one did you find better?

          • @Hellcrusher2903: The Roborock app was a bit better, more features but the Deebot app is still pretty solid and does everything i want. The build quality of the Deebot is better, the plastics, brushes, and components all feel like they are made to a higher quality then the Roborock.

            Cleaning is also better on the Deebot, it has 2 side brushes and the suction seems better. I have the Deebot setup with Alexa for voice control, have all the rooms divided and mapped and it runs on a schedule each night doing various rooms depending on the day of the week. It just works, i only need to remember to empty the bin and do a maintenance clean every few weeks of the moving parts and filters.

            Roborock i had heaps of issues that others were encountering too, the fix was simple (one line of code in their app update) but Roborock were hopeless to deal with and didnt care so i got rid of it.

          • @Hellcrusher2903: accessories are very cheap from
            Banggood like $3

    • They’ve changed ebay price to $899 !!!

  • Xiaomi Mi still going strong after daily use for 4yrs. Will upgrade when it dies. It was so cheap too around $350

  • The guys behind Ecovacs Deebot Australian distribution are very dishonest: they advertised 920 on ebay for $589 “or best offer” but when I made an offer they’ve changed the ‘buy now’ price to $899 and made a counteroffer for $589. VERY DODGY!