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[PC] Steam - Hollow Knight - $8.75 (was $17.50) - Steam


Great price for this very highly rated, fantastic game. You will definitely get your money's worth.


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    DO IT!

    • I did it!
      was playing on a "family member's" account, but its such a good game I bought it for myself.

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    Great Game.
    Great Soundtrack.
    Aussie Developers.

    Doooo it!

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      We all need to chill out to the sounds of Greenpath during these trying times.

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    This would be the best $8 you've ever spent if you haven't played it. Yes it's decently hard, but worth the challenge.

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    Best thing to come out of Adelaide ever.

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    Amazing game!!

  • +2

    Fantastic and all DLC was freely released.

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    One of my favourite games. It's pretty difficult, but that's half the fun.

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    Currently working my way through this game on Switch. Bought it on sale a long time ago but was initially put off by some of the mechanics. Revisited and now completely in love. What an amazing game. Absolute steal at this price! Don't hesitate.

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      In the same boat right now. What an epic game!

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      Yeah I ragequit at one of the boss fights on Switch but came back, beat it on the first try and ended up finishing the game 106%, it's cemented itself as one of my favourite games of all time.

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      Is a shame that the switch controllers are terrible for this game. I actually bought an 8bitdo so I could have a proper d-pad.

  • Everyone around here knows them by now right?

  • For 17.99 it's still well worth the money. I'd pay $25 for the Silk Song.

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      Didn't neg you but where do you find Salt and Santuary at similar price? $25.95 on Steam.

      • Bought salt and sanctuary a few weeks ago in steam sale, I think it was 7 or 8 bucks. Check isthereanydeal to see historical prices.

        There's also some website that does a steam price history graph but I forget the url.

    • I'm not a metroidvania guy and I almost quit after 3 hours as well.

      So glad I pushed through because wow, what an amazing game.

  • Bought and thanks OP!

  • This is a really great game with a lot of love. I never finished it as I got over the traversing to areas you've been to multiple times. I know there's a taxi and you have movement abilities to get there faster but it just didn't gel for me. I gladly support Australian developers and I will definitely buy the sequel.

  • It's so good I own it on PC and PS4. If you don't have it, buy this game immediately. If only to support the Australian developers. For this price it is ridiculously good value for money. Speak to all NPC's, read everything and piece together the story from the surroundings. There's also some really great lore videos on youtube as well.

    • Is it better on PS4 or pc? (with keyboard)

      • I'd say you gotta have a controller either way. I just went with the second purchase on the PS4 so I could sit on the couch.

        • Thanks, yeah I played Ori on pc with keyboard and it was hard to control.

          Will go for ps4.

      • Plays better with a gamepad imo

  • +2

    I went to buy it… the horror…. I already have it. I installed it, I will play it next.

  • +3

    Great game. Though if you have a Switch, I'd highly recommend buying it there. The Switch is perfect for Indies like this.

  • +2

    HK was a game that I would have been absolutely fine spending $60 on it, at under $10 its a god damn steal

  • …but is hornet void?

  • Bought it just for the developers.

    Might give it a go.

  • can you use a PS4 controller on Steam on this game?

    • +1

      FWIW, I use an xbox360 controller with no issues in Steam.

      • I googled around and I think a PS4 controller will work

  • Would you guys say I should get this on PC and use an Xbox controller or buy it on switch? I played Ori on PC with a xbox controller and loved it, so I'm keen to play Hollow Knight if its half as good as I heard.

    • I think that it comes down to preference and where you want to play it. I've got the Switch version and have no experience with it on PC. I mainly play docked with a Switch Pro Controller so can't comment on the handheld nature of it on Switch but I'm sure it's fine. If you want to play on the go or handheld just lazing around somewhere then obviously the Switch version would advantage you.

      I don't know if there are any differences in content between the PC & Switch versions, I am led to believe all DLC is in both.

      At the moment, within this deal, it's 50% on PC whereas it's still $17.50 on Switch according to Deku Deals. So could save yourself $8.75 by picking up on PC.

  • Great game, played on switch. Highly recommend!

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