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45% off Dudios Zeus Air Earbuds $19.99 Post + (Free $39+/Prime) @ Dudios AMR Amazon


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Dudios Zeus Air Wireless Earbuds Was $35.99 Now $19.99
HiFi Stereo Sound w/ No Latency
Auto Pairing & 4 Hours Playtime
Stereo Call Technology
One Button Control & Voice Assistant
Can Connect Both Earbuds to 2 Devices

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  • +1

    Get these (the TWS) in the last deal for $20 and worth the price IMO. Decent sound (not overly tinny like others I've tried), more than okay battery life and pretty comfy.

  • still shows as $35.99 to me. no discount. Is there a discount code?

    • it gets reduced at the checkout

      Promotion(s) Applied: -$16.00

      • Thanks got one

      • only allows discount on one pair

  • +2

    They are really good

  • +1

    No idea if these are any good, and I don't need another set like this but wanting some wired BT ones to wear under my motorcycle helmet - so checked out the Dudios offering - discount ends up being even higher on these in the checkout ($18.00 off so they come down to $17.99).

    Giving them a shot. Cheers OP for sharing the deal.


    • +1

      Back to say - these just arrived and for the price I am very impressed. The sound quality is great (though I am no expert) and the packaging was really nice and I wasnt expecting inclusions of accessories including clips and a little zip up soft pouch to store them in. I just hope they are good enough quality to last!

  • hi rep, hwo are these different to those on offer last week?

    It feels like the offer last week on the zeus tws is a better earphone for the same price?

    Any more of the same deal as last week :)

    • Just to add to this: I would also like to know the difference between these and the TWS. There is a comparison chart for most of the models but the TWS seems to have been omitted from it.

    • +3

      According to this reviewer (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YkHQQvzM68), he likes the Shuttles more than the Airs.

      I will be ordering the Shuttle if they are the same price, ordering them now. :-)

      • I have both, and prefer the Shuttles. Will get another pair if at the same price but showing $30.09 for me.

        • +1

          You need to use the other little link from the other listing. I think you're looking at the other listing?

          I just ordered them at $20.

          • @appxl: Thanks, got another pair

          • @appxl: I messed up and bought the shuttles for $30. D'oh!

            They've arrived today. Is there any way to get the left to pair with my phone singularly?

            I generally wear one bluetooth headphone at a time and alternate while the other charges.

  • These ones are great for the price, a good place to start for anyone wanting to try TWS or for those who keep losing theirs.

  • Are these any good for calls and talking ?

    • +1

      I have a pair. They are decent. No complains from the other side of the call.

  • Any one know, this work with phone google Pixel ?

    • +1

      These work with my wife's Pixel 3.

    • +1

      They're bluetooth, they should work with everything

  • +2

    Bought a pair of these during the last promotion. These are a bargain at this price. Work well, decent sound and good battery life. Great value.

  • I've taken a punt on these, I had a previous cheap pair with over ear loops which have served me well for 18 months or so, but they're about to die. Hopefully I can convince these to stay in while bike riding and running.

  • I can recommend these at this price..I've got a pair and the sound is perfectly decent, for $20 they are a steal.

  • Cashrewards says not eligible on electronics… Am I missing something?

  • Are these actually the same as the good ol' qcy t2S/C or are the internals different? I have been getting qcy for a few years when they break (about 2 year life on them with daily use, which I would say is pretty good) but those are usually around $25

  • Got these a week ago and boy are these good of what? They are a great deal for $19.99. easy to pair and they pair straight up after taking out of box. Don't think twice just get em. You pretty much can't go wrong for $19.99.

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