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QLD Dreamworld Locals Annual Pass for $99 (12 Months of Entry Dreamworld, Whitewater World and SkyPoint)


Dreamworld and WhiteWater World are re-opening on 16 September!

For a limited time only, buy a Locals Annual Pass for only $99* (usually $139) including 12 months entry to Dreamworld and SkyPoint and entry to WhiteWater World during its’ new seasonal opening, PLUS more. Don’t miss out on this limited time offer and start making new theme park memories: http://shop.dreamworld.com.au/

Dreamworld and WhiteWater World are COVID Safe, learn more here: https://www.dreamworld.com.au/news/park-updates/

*Conditions apply, see website for details.

Our Locals Annual Pass includes the following value:

12 months of entry to Dreamworld
12 months of entry to SkyPoint Observation Deck
Entry to WhiteWater World throughout its' seasonal operation
1 entry to Dreamworld's Happy Halloween event
1 entry to ice skating during Dreamworld's Winterfest event
A bonus Photo Pass valued at $99
Food, beverage and merchandise discounts

Terms and Conditions
Locals Annual Pass entitles bearer to unlimited entry to Dreamworld and SkyPoint Observation Deck for 12 months from date of purchase, and to WhiteWater World during its seasonal opening for 12 months from date of purchase. Valid for QLD & NTH NSW (2450 - 2490) residents only. Offer valid online only, gate price $109. Children under 3 years are entitled to free admission in Dreamworld, WhiteWater World & SkyPoint Observation Deck.

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    12 months of Entry Drewamworld

    Drewamworld world sounds interesting… I like the new name…

    • Thanks, have updated

  • "#movieworld"

  • +7

    Due to their gross negligence, I wouldn’t give Dreamworld 99 cents of my money, never mind $99.00

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    Does this come with life insurance?

  • -1

    I see zero possibility that a theme park is a safe or smart place to visit during a pandemic. Especially one in the NSW border bubble.

    • +2

      Being near the border doesn't make a difference though, especially considering it's closed

      • Northern NSW people can cross the boarder and travel south past Dreamworld.

        • I think that is only if you live on the border, and need special pass to do so

          • @asa79: Correct. But there’s nothing stopping people on the border seeing others who live in others parts of NSW.

    • +1

      I’ve been to Sea World and Movie World so far, they couldn’t have any more precautionary measures in place. Safer than any supermarket, shopping centre, hotel, restaurant, coffee shop etc. from what I saw. But yeah, if you’re more vulnerable, I wouldn’t be going to any of those places.

      • -3

        1) In a super market you’re in and out in about 30 minutes. Most people spend all day at a theme park.
        2) At a super market you line up once at the register. At a theme park you line up with every ride.
        3) At a supermarket you can social distance. At a theme park you are force to sit next to people on rides (who are probably screaming and sending droplets into the air).
        4) At a supermarket you don’t touch anything besides a trolly. At a theme park you touch rides continually. Eg. holding on during rides.
        5) At a supermarket you don’t sit down on anything so your clothes aren’t likely to be contaminated. At a theme park you sit on rides that have been sat on by countless other people.
        6) Getting food is essential. Going to a theme park is not.

        Btw, everyone can die from COVID, and if it doesn’t kill you…you can pass it onto someone else who is vulnerable. But guessing you don’t care about others? So long as you get to go on rides right?

        • +2

          Guess you haven't been to a shopping centre in a while the crowds there would be worse

        • +2

          Lol, ok we’re going to argue about this? Sure, why not, I’m only taking a dump.

          1) Indoor environment, recycled air, close proximity to people, touching multiple surfaces (e.g. trolley, basket, display items).

          2) And you’d know this if you actually had first hand experience, but you don’t, but the queuing procedures are far more strict and enforced by multiple staff at the theme parks.

          3) Yet again, you would know this if you had first hand experience, but you’re just making guesses. Any ride that requires you to sit close to someone (other than a friend or relative) has the seat left vacant in order to create a greater distance between others. Some rides are operating at 50% capacity to accomodate this.

          4) Each contact surface of every ride is disinfected by staff between every single operation.

          5) See above.

          6) You can order groceries online and opt for home delivery or contactless pick up. Living life is essential. Staying at home is an option for everyone.

          I take you haven’t actually been to any of the parks since they reopened and observed the procedures they have in place? I see far more people/area in the grocery stores I go to than the theme parks. Walking around any of my local shopping centres you wouldn’t even think Covid is a thing any more, certainly not the case for the theme parks.

    • +1

      Sea World re-opened in June and there has been zero reported cases of COVID linked to the park. How is that possible if there’s “zero possibility” that a theme park is a safe place to visit during a pandemic?

  • +1

    RedWater world?

  • +1

    I have no issues with the safety there however, I went there last year for the first time in about 10 years and can't remember the last time I was so disappointed in a theme park,
    honestly, the quality of the attractions was poor and now they have closed the tower of terror, I can't see any attraction that would make me want to visit.

    For $60 more, you can get a village roadshow pass giving you access to Movie World, Sea World and wet n wild which in my opinion offers better value given Movie World has a better range of rides and looks less run down, while Wet n wild is bigger and has more rides and Sea World is great for kids.

  • -3

    I wish they would get their acts together and have one pass to all the theme parks rather than have 2 separate passes.

    • What? Do you mean dreamworld parks and movieworld/seaworld/wet&wild? Separate companies. How should they 'get their acts together' to service you better?

    • Why not just buy both

  • Just got an email today saying they are reopening 16th Sep and any valid passes have had the expiration date extended. we got about an extra 8 months on ours. Mind you being in Vic means it will expire before we are allowed out of the state. Movie world may have better rides, if you want to queue up for over an hour to get on it

    • +1

      "Where our Parks re-open and interstate/international border restrictions remain in place, ticket and pass validity will be further extended by any additional days that the QLD borders remain closed for guests located interstate and internationally. "

  • Worth noting according to the terms the 12 months start from purchase.

    • Updated

      • +1

        Dreamworld themselves have now updated the terms, makes sense that it starts from the park's reopening now.

        "Locals Annual Passes purchased prior to 16 September 2020 will have 12 months of validity from 16 September 2020.

        Tickets are valid for 12 months from date of purchase unless otherwise specified. All tickets are non-transferable, not redeemable for cash. Tickets cannot be on-sold to another party or third party for re-sale to customers."

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    I'm not scared of getting covid, just being turned into a flapjack!

  • How many of the thrill rides are actually currently operating? Genuine question

    • +1

      0 as the park is closed.

    • secured loan, so they would be paying interest probably lower then most people pay on loans

  • RACQ Members can now get a bonus $20 F/B voucher.