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Keter 270L Outdoor Storage Box $49.89 @ Bunnings


Price reduced down from $68 to match ALDI

Keter 270L Outdoor Storage Box is both incredibly functional and durable. It is constructed with polypropylene and is UV stabilized and weatherproof making it the perfect solution for outdoor storage.

  • 1170x450x575mm
  • Polypropulene construction
  • 270L capacity
  • Weatherproof / UV stabilized
  • Maximum load 220kg
  • 1 Year Warranty

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  • +22

    i thought it was Synology NAS for a moment

    • same :)

  • +2

    Also coming to Aldi this Saturday, same product for 10c cheaper at Bunnings :)

    • Where did you see this? Would you mind linking

      • It's in the brochure

      • why else do you think bunnings would drop their prices?

  • +8

    I bought it years ago when it was $39. It's cheap flimsy plastic and became a haven for spiders

    • +1

      Useful for storing fire wood?

  • +9

    Be sure to read the reviews on this - I have a few of these, and the plastic is thin, the hinges break easily, and there is no way to keep the lid closed (no latch or clips), so the lid can never really close properly.

    • +1

      Seconded - I have 2 and they're fine for the price, but I would not describe them as "both incredibly functional and durable".

      • +2

        Agree totally.

        I use mine for pool towel storage. It is slowly disintegrating and once it becomes unusable I will buy another.

        if you are looking for tough and robust this is not for you.

  • +6

    Support Aldi

    • +4

      Support ALDI as long as you can get in the middle aisle early on Saturday morning and win the lottery of getting the product you want…

  • Does anyone know if this is brown, or grey? Or brownish-grey? Or greyish-brown? Hard to tell from the photo.

    • it's a faded brown

      • Thanks! Saves me having to go and look at it, since we're after a grey one. :)

      • It's a faded grey

  • +1

    I got a 390L they are fantastic. can almost sleep inside it

  • big enough for kids bikes?

    • yes, kids and their bikes

    • +1

      Are your kids ants? This thing is small.

      • Maybe he shrunk them?

  • +3

    Cheers to Aldi, otherwise prices from Bunnings will always remain higher

  • Any recommedations like this for road bike storage?

  • I was keen on these, but am pretty sure I read that internal storage rating was only 30 kg.

  • +1

    All Gold Coast out of stock :( Cannot buy online.

  • Got one last time. Fine for this price to store kids toys etc to keep them out of the sun

  • I don’t think you can store anything classified as Keter in that, maybe Euclid only.

    • Keter is crown in Hebrew.

  • thought this was a 7 bay NAS for $50 :(

  • Had two of these, be mindful they are very flimsy, bu something better quality will be my advice

  • +1

    Well that sucks… no delivery and the only Bunnings that has stock is 9.7kms away… if they had a "meet halfway" delivery service.

  • +2

    Just be careful, i managed to rip one panel in half when i accidentally joined two panels together incorrectly and tried to separate.

    The plastic is very thin.

    If you put too much in, the contents will push the plastic out making the lid impossible to shut too.

    Good if you have limited stuff that needs storing and you are very careful

    Bad for bulkier items and oafs.

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