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Tp-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug HS100 $9.95 @ Australia Post (In-Store Only)


Noticed this on clearance at AusPost store Croydon VIC. I got the last one there but assume it’s on clearance at other stores.

Mod Note: Stock are limited, please contact Australia Post to check stock levels. Clearances appears to be nationwide.

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  • shit,I spent $25 for this,very reliable, TP-Link Kasa app is much better than Xiaomi Home.

  • works with tuya - smart life app?

    • Unfortunately NO. Otherwise we'd be able to re-flash with Tasmota or similar.
      They work well with Home Assistant though - direct local control without cloud.

  • I think TP-Link is releasing new model very soon, so everyone is clearing old stock. Looking at US site it looks new models are much slimmer and smaller.

    • What other places are clearing ?

      Hopefully somewhere that’ll post. I’d like some more but wont be driving melb for bargains at the moment.

      • Centrecom had them for $9 recently. Most other big brand stores (jb, OW, GG, BL) have them for $25. Mwave selling them @ $19. Soon there will be more clearance.

        • I thought $25 was RRP? It shouldn’t be any more than that really.

          I see there’s different versions of HS100 already and that the one I got from PO is v1, So maybe this and other low prices were clearing out old versions, not the product entirely.

    • I think TP-Link is releasing new model very soon, so everyone is clearing old stock.

      Thanks for the heads-up.

      I think it's better to wait for the slim model. The width of the current model is a really big design flaw.

  • Managed to price match at Bunnings

  • Just bought last 2 Garden City, Brisbane.
    Other post offices in area show stock.
    Could also price match @OW ($25)

    • Which other post offices have stock?

      • Carindale PO only searched nearby, & rang Garden City to put 1 aside. Arriving there, they found another & suggested other clearance items! So likely at other Australia Post.

        Only remember Capalaba showed 1, but may be easier to price match & save 50c @OW or Bunnings.
        Stock levels may be inaccurate!

  • Has anybody got an online link or clearer photo that I can show to Officeworks?

  • For those in Sydney, I bought the last 2 from QVB. They told me that Bondi and Broadway both have 2 left.