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Tp-Link Smart Wi-Fi Plug HS100 $9.95 @ Australia Post (In-Store Only)


Noticed this on clearance at AusPost store Croydon VIC. I got the last one there but assume it’s on clearance at other stores.

Mod Note: Stock are limited, please contact Australia Post to check stock levels. Clearances appears to be nationwide.

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  • shit,I spent $25 for this,very reliable, TP-Link Kasa app is much better than Xiaomi Home.

  • works with tuya - smart life app?

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      Unfortunately NO. Otherwise we'd be able to re-flash with Tasmota or similar.
      They work well with Home Assistant though - direct local control without cloud.

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    I think TP-Link is releasing new model very soon, so everyone is clearing old stock. Looking at US site it looks new models are much slimmer and smaller.

    • What other places are clearing ?

      Hopefully somewhere that’ll post. I’d like some more but wont be driving melb for bargains at the moment.

      • Centrecom had them for $9 recently. Most other big brand stores (jb, OW, GG, BL) have them for $25. Mwave selling them @ $19. Soon there will be more clearance.

        • I thought $25 was RRP? It shouldn’t be any more than that really.

          I see there’s different versions of HS100 already and that the one I got from PO is v1, So maybe this and other low prices were clearing out old versions, not the product entirely.

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            @watts: I believe they are getting rid of HS series and the new series are called KP. One of the main complaint for HS series was they were too wide and when used in a double socket the adjacent socket couldn't be used. KP series seems to have overcome that. They will look similar to the these (but with AU plug of-course). https://www.tp-link.com/en/home-networking/smart-plug/kp105/

            The RRP for HS100 was $39, you would see quite a few stores are still selling them for $39 as per this link https://www.staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=tp-link%20...

            • @jumanjii: Wow. $39 is a crazy price.

              I even thought $25 was high which is why I’ve bought the $17.50 Arlec ones from Bunnings in the past.

              Those arlec ones are a lot narrower too. Not narrow enough to get two in a double GPO but at least you can fit a standard plug beside it.

            • @jumanjii: Thanks for the info. I can't wait for the new one.

    • I think TP-Link is releasing new model very soon, so everyone is clearing old stock.

      Thanks for the heads-up.

      I think it's better to wait for the slim model. The width of the current model is a really big design flaw.

  • Managed to price match at Bunnings

  • Just bought last 2 Garden City, Brisbane.
    Other post offices in area show stock.
    Could also price match @OW ($25)

    • Which other post offices have stock?

      • Carindale PO only searched nearby, & rang Garden City to put 1 aside. Arriving there, they found another & suggested other clearance items! So likely at other Australia Post.

        Only remember Capalaba showed 1, but may be easier to price match & save 50c @OW or Bunnings.
        Stock levels may be inaccurate!

  • Has anybody got an online link or clearer photo that I can show to Officeworks?

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      Actually I just remembered that OW don't do a price beat on clearance products.

    • And AP doesn't list clearance items online - need to contact store.

  • For those in Sydney, I bought the last 2 from QVB. They told me that Bondi and Broadway both have 2 left.

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