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Apple iPhone 11 64GB $1099 | 128GB $1179 | 256GB $1349 @ JB Hi-Fi


Shoot 4K video, beautiful portraits and sweeping landscapes with the all-new dual-camera system. Capture your best low-light photos with Night mode. See true-to-life colour in your photos, videos and games on the 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display. Experience unprecedented performance with A13 Bionic for gaming, augmented reality and photography. Do more and charge less with all-day battery life. And worry less with water resistance up to 2 metres for 30 minutes.

  • Includes 1 year of Apple TV+.

Extra 5% off with Officeworks Price Beat.

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  • If I were in the market and could hold off for another 4-6 weeks it’d save at least another $100

  • If you can wait I’d hang out for the iPhone 12. $100 isn’t a big saving. Might see this model dropping further or likely for not much more you'll be able to grab a 5G iPhone 12. Decent chance they’ll have some models available in Oct.

  • Clearing out now. Getting ready for “all new” iPhone 12 now 🙄

    • Where are the suckers that will clear our stock for only $100 off

    • Amazing. Fabulous. Wait…

      Just search "fabulous synonym" in google and all some of those terms will be used to describe that 12th i phone.

      But hang on,

      They have used all such terms already during the release of i phone 1/2 to 11 already…

      what now??? may be repeat :)

  • Its also available on JBHifi Telstra Plan for $399 upfront on $99 plan, in case someone needs a plan. Also S20+ available for $199 upfront on $99 plan. Other phones like iPhone 11 Pro, Oppo X2 Pro, Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra, Realme X3 etc also available on plan. Check JBHifi website:


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    Remembers to pick up Ultimate gift cards before heading to JB Hi-Fi.

  • True ozbargaining apple fan would just buy the 12 on 28degrees and price protect as needed for the next 365 days after.

  • Hope they have OLED on the new ones, LCD on. A phone more than $1000 is ridiculous

    • A phone more than $1000 is ridiculous

      And what next? Milk for more than $1.20 is ridiculous as well? You have been in isolation for too long

      • I meant LCD on a phone more than $1000 is ridiculous. It should really be OLED

        • Had XS and XR, screen is not an issue, both fantastic

        • I mean there are Android phones that cost over $1k and are made of plastic and only have OS updates for 2 years. So pick your wins

        • Rumours I've seen to date suggest the entire model lineup will have OLED, leaving just the SE as an LCD model. No reason that tech can't begin making its way into lower end iPhone models, noting the non pro will still be mid range so far as Apples lineup goes and the iPhone X that first shipped with OLED on an Apple device is now 3 years begins us, and OLED wasn't new then.

          Not saying it's a given the device won't have LCD, but its not going to surprise me if the new models do.

      • Upvote for you. Recently I went to Woolies and saw A2 Milk $5.30 for 2 liters. I was shocked 😳

      • Edit: Responded to the wrong post

  • mum bought from apple store just 5 days ago for $1199 with the shopback making it $1133.6. She broke her iphone 6s plus screen, should I tell her to get a refund from Apple Store and buy it from OW with 5% price beating JB Hi-fi?

    • Yes

    • she ended up returning the iphone 11 for a refund today and fixed the 6s plus screen. she's gonna wait for iphone 12 or keep using the current one until it dies after battery replacement.

  • Price has gone up by $100 now.