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35% off Meguiar's range eg. Wash & Wax $20.79, Ultimate Compound $19.49, Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Polish $18.84 each @ Repco


Good discounts off Meguiar's products at Repco at the moment.

Wash and Wax 1.42L car wash - $20.79
Ultimate Compound $19.79
Ultimate Polish $18.84

I've used the Compound and Polish and found it fantastic to bring cars paintwork back to perfect shine with minimal effort. It's a fantastic product and easy to use in that it won't easily do damage to paintwork. I use a random orbital polisher to easily work the compound into the oxidised paint.

Finish off with the Ultimate Liquid Wax for that amazing beading look.

Victorian customers enjoy free shipping over $50 use code: FREESHIP50

Get your car looking great again during ISO!!

Also don't forget to think about a trickle charger like CTEK MXS 5.0 if you're not driving much at the moment. I've got one permanently on my car as I'm working from home, cost me just under $100, but I don't have to worry about battery going flat and shortening its life from infrequent driving! Perfect investment.

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  • Has anyone purchased the DA polisher $162.50 and can vouch for it ?

  • guys are these better than Bowdens own,

    I am looking to buy a foam cannon and some foam stuff for cleaning
    then something to polish seal and wax.. sorry no clue just seen some youtube videos but can someone with some experience recommend

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      I don't think there is a good equivalent of compound and polish from Bowden's Own. The Ultimate Compound and Polish are essentially retail version of their professional line.

      What you need to do:
      1. Wash the car;
      2. Chemical decontamination (iron remover e.g. Bowden's Own Three Way or Autoglym Magma);
      3. Physical decontamination (clay bar and soapy water, no need for specific clay bar lube);
      4. Compound with DA polisher;
      5. Polish with DA polisher;
      6. Isopropyl alcohol wipe to degrease;
      7. Since you have put in the effort to do all the above, you might as well ceramic coat the car;

      Lots of Youtube videos as you said, a local one is Car Craft Auto Detailing. He has tons of videos on how to do all the above.

      • are you able to recommend the products for each and if its Meguiar or Bowdens ,, either way,, thanks a lot in advance

        i do know the steps just do not know the products as there are 3-4 choices in each. … :(

          1. Wash the car; - any car wash (preferably one without any wax infused)
          2. Chemical decontamination (iron remover e.g. Bowden's Own Three Way or Autoglym Magma); - not sure if Meguiars has any chemical decon. product off the top off my head
          3. Physical decontamination (clay bar and soapy water, no need for specific clay bar lube); - Meguiars and Bowdens both sell clay bars, the standard one will do
          4. Compound with DA polisher; - Meguiars Ultimate Compound or Bowdens Paint Cleanse and Restore
          5. Polish with DA polisher; - Meguiars Ultimate Polish or Bowdens Paint Cleanse and Restore
          6. Isopropyl alcohol wipe to degrease; - any brand of Methylated spirits
          7. Since you have put in the effort to do all the above, you might as well ceramic coat the car; - Neither Meguiars or Bowdens sell proper ceramic coating in Australia. Have a look at buying CQuartz UK 3.0 online, this is apparently one of the easier coats.
    • I rate Bowen's Own better than Meguiar's.

      Snow foam - eBay cheapie cannon or MJJC + Bowdens Snow Job

      Seal and wax - Turtle Wax Seal n Shine, Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax or Bowden's Wet Dream.

      Only thing I'd buy from Meguiar's is their Gold Class wash and Ultimate Compound.

    • I prefer Duragloss personally, but harder to find than Bowdens or Meguires.

      If you really want to learn how to do it properly, I would recommend taking the detailing course offered by CarCareProducts.com.au. They'll go through the different products, what they do and how to use them.

      I'm not affiliated with them, I'm just a car enthusiast who took the course from them in the past and am willing to vouch for them.

  • I'm looking for car wash shampoo, can't tell the different between these (which one should I go with):
    1. Meguiar's Ultimate Wash N Wax 1.42Ltr ($20.79)
    2. Meguiar's Gold Class Shampoo & Conditioner 1.89Ltr ($22.09)
    3. Meguiar's Next Generation Car Wash 1.89L ($21.44)
    Can anyone comment please?

    • They all do the same thing. Just get the cheapest.

    • Used to use Gold Class then started using the Ultimate Wash N Wax (I think that's the yellow one?). More shiny :)

    • Its just marketing. They all do the same thing.

    • Gold Class is my preference as a jack of all trades good wash and works with as snow foam too, I have used all of them however.
      If I recall correctly…
      1 - Is best to use as a wash if your car is coated with their organic waxes which use Carnauba Wax.
      2 - Is a Neutral jack of all trades wash that can be used with any coatings, very soapy and you can use it with your snow foam cannon.
      3 - Is best to use as a wash with if your car is coated with their synthetic waxes, inc ultimate and their new ceramic lines.

  • The problem is that my car looking too shiny in the garage collecting dust as you can’t drive anywhere.

  • Yeah agree with OP that this battery charger is handy to maintain the life of the battery if you don’t drive your car often during the lockdown period.

  • In case you're wondering, the Hybrid Ceramic Wax is the best spray wax you can find in a large retail store. It gives amazing results, just ensure you apply it dry (not wet) for the best results.

  • Any recommendations for a soft top (fabric I think - mx5) cleaner and protectant?

    • buy some all purpose cleaner (megs sell it) and use a brush spray on and work it in and rinse. Then use a exterior fabric protectant to protect it 303, sunbrella type product.

  • Agree with OP's suggestion of a CTEK battery charger. I bought a different one from supercheap years ago and when my battery went quite flat, it just wouldn't charge it, or gave an error saying the battery was faulty. I actually bought a new battery for my car for $300, and then a similar thing happened to my motorbike battery but that battery was only 10 months old and still in warranty, so I took it back to Battery World and they tested it and said it was completely fine. So then I realised my charger was rubbish and took it back and bought a CTEK instead. Now even that original car battery I replaced still works. I keep it as a spare.

    TLDR: Buy CTEK for a battery charger.

    BUT don't buy at Repco at their current prices. The 5 AMP model is a good size to buy and it can be had for not much over $100. Maybe $120ish. Don't pay $208 at Repco right now. They can be had on ebay for a lot cheaper any time, or Repco even have them on dramatically reduced prices on sale probably a couple times a year usually.

  • https://www.repco.com.au/en/car-care-panel/car-care/wax/megu...

    Hybrid ceramic wax for $30 is a bargain!!

    Great product, very easy to apply and keeps my paint very slippery and shiny.

    • I am thinking to buy that too.
      How often do you need to apply? Would it last 2-3 months?

      • Have the same questions too. Given that there's so much body panel to cover, wonder how many times of spray you can get out of the bottle

      • Turtle Wax Seal n Shine is cheaper and has rave reviews. I am very impressed by it, lasts at least 3 months with incredible shine and slickness. I put a coating of Bowdens Lazy Wax over the top as well, and every couple of washes I use Auto Glym Polar Seal (pressure wash sealant).

        • 473ml for $28 isn’t cheaper than 768ml for $31 from the face of it unless it needs less amount to achieve the same result.

          • @wtfnodeal: I only paid $17 for the bottle. No idea if it lasts longer as never tried the Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic, but all the professional detailers rave about it. You definitely don't need to use very much at all.

            • @nubzy: Paaaaaaaaaan the organiser loves the stuff (Turtle Wax Seal n Shine)

              • @bluedez_man: Pan is paid by Turtle Wax, don't trust his reviews.

                • @vipergtsr: Why the neg? Is there anything factually incorrect about what I said about Paaaaaaaaaan the organiser?

                  • @bluedez_man: Yes, don't trust detailer's who are sponsored by brands. If you look up other reputable detailer's on YouTube, the HCW and other spray waxes are far superior.

                    • @vipergtsr: Yes and did I say one was better than the other? NO. Get a life man

                      • @bluedez_man: You mentioned that Pan loves the stuff, I was simply pointing out there's a REASON why he loves the stuff, and it's not the quality.

                        • @vipergtsr: Well excuse me…..lets get things straight: Comment I responded to was about some youtubers etc loving it where I say a guy who refers to himself as Paaaaaaaan the organiser (You obviously don't see why I keep referring to him that way so I'll make it simple for you; He refers to himself that way) Paaaaaaaan the organiser loves it. The fact he refers to himself that way is a little funny and yes he spruikes the product a lot.
                          You point out he gets paid for it. OK, point given……but in no shape or form was I providing advice or anything else that says one product is better than the other NOR the quality. Again, did I say anything factually incorrect - NO. Yet here you are, keyboard warrior who has not provided any deals or posts to this forum deciding to sledge people with negative comments. So no, you are not simply pointing out something, you are acting like your statements are so important that it requires you to self justify about CAR PRODUCTS. I'm sure there are bigger things to fry in life? I know I have better things to do than argue about this and so I am leaving it here.

                          • @bluedez_man: You're hilarious, you get so worked up about someone disagreeing with you. Time to get off the internet mate. Also, no shit, everyone knows that's how he refers to himself.

                              • @bluedez_man: No need to keyboard fight with the vipeegtsr dude. With what he's insinuated, he's very well placed himself in a very good spot for libel and defamation. Unless, of course, he could prove that Paaan (the annoying organizer) actually received sponsorship money from TW.

                                • @Jojo-Ma: You mean when he literally has a video of himself at their headquarters from a few months ago? It even says in the video description "Full disclosure: This is a sponsored video." Just stating facts here.

                                  Edit: actually, it says in all of his Turtle Wax videos that they are sponsored. There you go. "Full disclosure: This video is sponsored by Turtle Wax."

          • @wtfnodeal: Why are you comparing Megs with 35% off and 🐢 Wax on RRP?

      • I've done a recoat every 3 months with mine and has been going well.

      • It depends how much rain your car gets and how often you wash your car.

        But given to apply it it's literally spray on and hose off then dry with a cloth, its no biggie at all.

      • It depends how often you drive your car, but generally it will last 3-6 months.

  • Hybrid Ceramic Wax is a good buy.
    Been using it for a while and easy to apply.

  • Guys, any recommendation for wheel cleaner?

    • The spray wheel cleaner works great. I would recommend it for $20. My rims end up sparkling with no scrubbing required. Spray on, wait 5 then hose off.

  • Currently i use the gold class wash and then the liquid wax, really happy with it and it seems to stay clean for around 3 months..
    Is there another step i can add to take it the extra mile?

  • Did any one knew Meguiar's Supreme Shine Drying Towel - AX1000 good enough for drying 1 big car?

    • I have this. It's so much better than the chamois. But for a big car, it is a little bit short as once the towel gets all wet, it becomes ineffective. But with the chamois, it will continue to dry without issue.

  • For those buying the snow canon, make sure you can get an adapter for your pressure washer. I had an older Aldi but had to get a new Gerni.
    And a leaf blower can do most of the drying.