expired Free NIV and NLT for YouVersion Bible App (Starts Oct 30- Ends Nov 1)


For all those out there with a smart phone, YouVersion is giving out the NIV and NLT for 48 hours for free. These bibles are paid bibles however free for 48 hrs.

This freebie starts on 12:00 AM October 30 through 11:59 PM Central Time U.S. (GMT -5) October 31

Australian time:

In NSW, Victoria and Tasmania we are currently 16 hours ahead of Chicago.
So in our timezone the Bibles are available from 4PM October 30 to 3.59 PM Nov 1.
In Queensland the Bibles are available from 3PM October 30 to 2.59 PM Nov 1.
In SA the Bibles are available from 3.30 PM October 30 to 3.29 PM Nov 1.
In WA the Bibles are available from 1 PM October 30 to 12.59 PM Nov 1.

So just download YouVersion, create a account, and wait till October 30 to download your free bibles :)

Link by 'theblake'
The actual App in the market is called "Bible" and developer is Lifechurch.tv

Post by 'twig'
Just a word of advice, last time I grabbed this for free the format changed after an update and you lose the freebie. Don't update the app!


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    +1 for listing australian times. Kudos!


    Couldnt find it in the market, but by going to http://youversion.com/download makes it easy.
    The actual App in the market is called "Bible" and developer is Lifechurch.tv

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      Where does this app need permission to read phone state, identity and sensitive log data?
      Makes one wonder if the developer Lifechruch's mission is the giving of the message of life or the control of the life of others.

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        From the description of the Android app:


        The Bible App requests access to your phone calls in order to pause audio playback if you're listening to a Bible when a phone call comes in.

        The Bible App requests read/write access to your SD card because that's where Bibles are downloaded and stored if you choose to do so.

        The Bible App requests access to system log data because, new in this release, is the ability to submit support requests from within the app. If you go to the new Help section on the main page, and then 'Contact Support', it will launch an email client with a log file attached. That file will allow YouVersion to help you more quickly by giving us necessary information for troubleshooting issues like force closes, sign in, download, etc. We filter out everything except general system crashes and Bible App information.

        The Bible App requests access to your account list to help the sign up process go more smoothly. If you choose to sign up with an account connected to your device, you can skip the verify step.

        As much as I like YouVersion on my Android phone, I think like all evolving software, it's getting really too bloated. I just want an e-reader like application with a good search, but hey they integrate with all the online accounts, Facebook/Twitter links, etc, just like any other Android/iOS apps.


    i thought they always free?? ?


      NIV is copyrighted by Zondervan. A company owned by a News Corp division.

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        News just in… Matthew, Mark, Luke and John might are suing newscorp at the supreme court for copyright infringement. Lawyers on behalf of the group "2MLJ" are stating they were the original writers and newscorp should forfeit 90% of all royalties earned as a result of blatant plagiarism.


      poor taste comment there frewer.

      good deal, however i just walk around with a photocopied edition of a bible i borrowed at the library.

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    I couldn't neg this even if I wanted to. :-)

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    NIV is free to stream, but you can't download for offline viewing.

    Awesome find :)


    Thanks OP


    Can we get the source?

    I know "eternity.biz" is an Australia website, but it would be good if there's a link to the correct source from YouVersion. Definitely not on YouVersion's blog, and last time NIV was free, their blog had the info.

    Edit: Anyway. Sent them an email and see whether there's an official link.


      I only saw it on the website I listed however if you google there are a few sites that says its free as well.


      This site also lists it as free, but yes its a little strange its not on the blog this time round

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      Okay. Got a word from Ben @ YouVersion:

      We have heard from quite a few people about losing their downloaded translations recently due to phone problems or OS upgrades etc. As you know, most versions in the Bible App are available to download anytime. However, a few are not, so we reached out to our friends at Biblica, Zondervan, and Tyndale, and they have graciously allowed us to offer the New International Version (NIV) and the New Living Translation (NLT) for a limited time.

      For just 48 hours next weekend—from 12:00 AM October 30 through 11:59 PM Central Time U.S. (GMT -5) October 31—you’ll once again be able to download the NIV and the NLT for offline use. (When you download a version, that means you can read it in the Bible App even when you’re offline—that is, when you can’t connect to your service provider or to the Internet.) Special thanks go to Biblica and Zondervan for making the NIV available, and to Tyndale for the NLT.

      So yes it's genuine. Thanks @aznsniper :)


    donno is it just me or is there something wrong with charging for a copy of the bible… guess they arent charging for the bible persay but the delivery method…

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      The bible is free to use online, but offline cost money

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      As someone who has struggled with both Hebrew and Greek i can safely say that the people who translate the bible from the original manuscripts are nothing short of geniuses…altho i cant say i know how much money paid goes to whom or where - in principle however, translation work requires are TON of work, Bible or not


    Nice! thanks op!!


    I just got an SGS2 like a few days ago and downloaded this app. Do I just need to download the app again to get the offline content?

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    Just a word of advice, last time I grabbed this for free the format changed after an update and you lose the freebie.

    Don't update the app!


    Good find, I use this app nearly every week…

    I use NKJV though, hope they add that to the free list!

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    Please keep on topic.

    Posts Anti OR Pro that can start flame wars on Religion, Handset, Providers, Computers etc are not on any more. Move on.

    • And no I am not religious - just a mod moderating
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      those religious people where there proprietary hand sets using their dodgy providers…I'd like to give them a peice of my mind!

      …also computers are bad MKAY!

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      amen ;)

      (to mod comment that is)

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      And sorry for past transgressions too. Been very guilty of getting on my soapbox (high horse) and being offensively defensive when it comes to some comments. Well done Mods.


    An offline NIV would be awesome. Number of times I have been forced into KJV or something cause I couldn't get my net to connect properly.


      live bible also offer niv, too. but it doesnt say download. you can sync the whole niv when you read. Basically, it is offline niv.

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    Thanks OP, but this isn't just for "Christians out there with a smart phone", it's for all! :)


    awesome freebie. thanks


    Great! I forgot to d/l last time it was free.


    great find, thanks


    There is a free bible app from lifechurch.tv at the moment. Is this the NIV one we are talking about?


    Fantastic find….now I dont have to take book with me…

    I will read bible eventhou I am not religious….


    darn it I totally missed it. Would someone please upload the bible somewhere?

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