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Spend $50, Get 500g of Single Origin for Free @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters


Spend $50 at the Inglewood Coffee Roasters online store, enter the code, and receive either 500g of espresso, or 500g of filter, for free!

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Inglewood Coffee Roasters
Inglewood Coffee Roasters


  • Often great deals with Inglewood, and I love their coffee, but this isn't one isn't quite as awesome in my opinion as it means ordering at least 1.5 kg of coffee (1kg paid for and 500g free).

    Personally the rate I'd need to get through coffee for the bonus 500g to still be considered fresh roasted is insane in lock down times.

  • If you go the single origins, then you can get 2 x 250 g bags for $50, and then get the 500 g freebie. But point taken: I drink filter, but didn't want to be stuck with 1 kg of the same single origin (which would last me a month) in case I didn't like it, which would be the case given they only have 1 filter coffee at any time.

  • Ah damn, I just missed out on this and ordered 1kg of Single Origin 2 days ago :(

    Great coffee, really rate the Spirit of Peace (Columbia)

  • I can't get the coupon to work. Is showing as applied but -$0.00 I have $150 worth of coffee in my cart

  • Do you have the Aeropress in stock OP? Or just the Go?

  • Hey OP, what's this week's Inglewood deal? Seems the email notifications don't come thru successfully on Tuesdays about new deals.