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[PC] Steam-LEGO sale e.g. Avengers|Batman games|Hobbit|LOTR|Harry Potter $7.23 each/Super Villains|Undercover $14.23 each-Steam


LEGO sale on Steam. Most games are discounted. LEGO games don't seem.to go lower than $7.23 on Steam.
Occasionally Fanatical.has pick n mix bundles who work out slightly cheaper but these pricer are pretty good prices for LEGO games.


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  • My kids absolutely love LEGO worlds. It’s like minecraft that 5 year olds can play.
    Should put that in the description: $12.88 LEGO Worlds

    • dude, thanks for your enthusiastic feedback, you've likely made my ISO time easier now with the kids!! ta

  • Pretty much all the LEGO games are among the very best family couch co-op games on PC.

    Pretty much only Rayman Legends/Origins and Nintendo games via Dolphin and Cemu are in the same league.

  • Waiting for the free one like last time

  • We need a new LEGO game ASAP! Surprised we haven't even got a new LEGO Marvel game announced yet.

    There's the new Skywalker Saga coming out, but to be honest, I enjoyed The Incredibles and Marvel Superheros 2 more than the last LEGO Star Wars game.

    • After Skywalker Saga, I vote for LEGO to make a full Disney animation and/or Pixar game.

      Lego Incredibles had a few Pixar characters, it was great. A whole lot more of that please.